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Posted on Jun 1, 2017

21 Tweets That Are Basically Your Man Crush Monday During Ramadan

"Your mcm vanishes in Ramadan because he is a shaitaan"

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1. Your MCM's has interesting life hacks like a way to avoid standing during Taraweeh...

Your mcm fakes a leg injury before Ramadan so he doesn't have to stand during taraweeh

2. .. and accidentally sipping water while fasting.

Your mcm pretends to forget he was fasting so he can sneak a sip of water

3. Or making wudu.

Your mcm lowkey drinks water while he's making wudu when he's fasting during Ramadan

4. Listening to acappella versions of songs to keep it halal.

Your MCM listens to the acappella version of songs during Ramadan cause they think it's halal

5. Cancelling his gym subscription because ramadan is all the fitness he needs.

Your MCM thinks Ramadan is a fitness plan πŸ™„πŸ™„

6. Getting ~extra~ time for suhoor.

Ur mcm mutes the fajr adhan so he has more time to eat

7. But even before ramadan your MCM was getting in that extra work.

your mcm trying to DM as many girls as he can before Ramadan starts

8. Saving halal memes to slide into the DMs.

your mcm is getting ready for Ramadan by saving these pics in his drafts

9. And using Ramadan Mubarak as a conversation starter for his wcw.

Ur mcm uses "Ramadan Mubarak" to hit on girls

10. Your MCM doesn't even believe in Ramadan but he still cut you off.

Your MCM said not to contact him during Ramadan, he's not even Muslim...

11. Or goes on a 'break'.

Your mcm and his girl almost hit that one year mark but had to break during Ramadan smhhh cheesed

12. or he just disappears because reasons.

Your mcm vanishes in Ramadan because he is a shaitaan

13. Your MCM is committed to helping out this ramadan.

Ur mcm tweets "subhanallah I don't understand guys who don't help their moms in Ramadan" when he's been on vimto du…

14. And makes sure that everyone knows it.

Your mcm tweets "May Allah bless our sisters and mothers with Jannah for being in the kitchen during Ramadan" from the comfort of the sofa

15. Your MCM feels some type of way seeing muslim women eat when they're on their period.

your mcm wants to pursue a career in medicine but can't handle seeing hijabi women eat while on their periods in Ramadhan

16. And it's a sight to see.

"YoUR wCw EaTs iN PuBLiC WHeN sHe'S On HeR PeRioD DuRinG RAMaDaN"

17. Your MCM watches you from a distance and tells you in the DMs.

your mcm lowers his gaze when he walks past the sisters section after taraweeh then DMs his wcw "lol i saw u today"

18. Your MCM wants everyone to know he's praying taraweeh.

Ur mcm sits at the back of the masjid during taraweeh and puts up a snap w the caption "Taraweeh vibes ✨"

19. Or uses it as an excuse to grab a fillet-o-fish meal.

Your MCM says he's going taraweeh on Ramadan but links up with his boys in McDonald's kmt

20. And his ramadan breath is not fresh.

Your mcm has ramadan breath all year round

21. He doesn't fast but he plans his Eid 30 days in advance.

Your MCM doesn't fast during Ramadan but is already thinking about his motives for Eid β˜•οΈπŸΈ

But it doesn't mean WCW's are getting away with things either.

Your WCW is lip syncing al Fatiha on Snapchat now cos it's Ramadan


ur wcw said no fried foods this Ramadan yet she got enough samosas on her plate to recreate the pyramids of Giza, it's me, i'm ur wcw

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