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Rihanna Conquered The Fashion World And Now She's Ready To Take Over Beauty

Her hustle is truly unmatched!

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Rihanna exceeded expectations when she launched her Fenty x Puma collaboration:

And she's been keeping her fans laced in the prettiest/ edgiest fragrances since 2011:

Parlux Fragrances / Via Instagram: @perfumesbyriri, Parlux Fragrances / Via, Parlux Fragrances / Via, Parlux Fragrances / Via

Literally smelled like heaven in a bottle.


We can't forget her work with River Island:

Or her collaborations with Manolo Blahnik, Armani, Dior, and Stance.

BACKGRID, Manolo Blahnik / Via, Jennifer Lopez / Via

Those denim boots were so fabulous, I almost started drooling when I first saw them.

And if that wasn't enough, Rihanna launched her luxury jewelry line with Chopard in May.

Throw in endless philanthropic work, along with her various acting projects and you've got a work ethic that will make you re-think your entire life.


Hold up, wait a minute. Y'all thought she was finished? NOPE! Rihanna's conquered music, fashion, perfume, and jewelry, so what could possibly be left?

MAKEUP! The 29-year-old icon is gearing up for the Fall 2017 release of her line Fenty Beauty. The "new generation of beauty," as she calls it.

The line will be released under LVMH-owned Kendo Brands, which is a branch under Sephora that highlights indie brands like Kat Von D cosmetics.

Fans have been waiting for Rihanna to drop a beauty line for the longest, so they're already preparing to empty their wallets:

@rihanna @fentybeauty IM READYYYYY!!!😫😂 #FentyBeauty


Even the ones who know nothing about makeup are excited:

me when I buy up all the #FentyBeauty products even tho idk how to use make up

And even though we'll be crying staring at our bank statements the next day, it'll all be worth it:

Me walking into Sephora to shamelessly spend all of my money on #FentyBeauty