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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up In Brisbane

We've got 99 problems, but bad weather ain't one.

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1. You looked forward to strawberry sundaes at the Ekka each year, and they're still the best thing ever.

2. Amazons really WAS just too much fun for one day.

Michael Sharp / Via

3. You thought it was ~Tops~ when the Myer Centre got a dragon rollercoaster.

4. And you definitely went on at least one school excursion to the Planetarium.

5. When you were little, you'd go on dates with Mum to the original Shingle Inn and drink Mint Juleps. Fancy.

6. You had your 12th, 13th, and 14th birthday parties at Stafford Skate Centre.

7. You missed the pretty CBD view at Mt Cootha 'cause you were too busy making out.

8. And you spent your teenage summers drinking endless Slurpees.

9. You've fallen asleep on the City Cat... more than once.

10. Friday's on a Thursday was a religion during uni.

11. You lasted six seconds on the mechanical bull at The Jube.

12. The sight of jacarandas still make you think of uni exam time.

That smell will always send you into a cold sweat.

13. You still snigger when you drive past this statue.

14. You really dgaf about AFL. State of Origin is all that matters.

15. And you either love maroon, or have developed a life-long aversion.

16. You still reminisce about the glory days when they tried out Daylight Savings in QLD.

17. You never need any of the winter coats you've ever bought.

18. You know there's no need for boots – sandals are appropriate all year round.

19. And you also know there's no such thing as waterproof mascara in 97% humidity. / Via

20. Speaking of humidity... you can very much relate to this bunny.

21. And if you were around for it, you know that Expo '88 was the best thing that ever happened in Brisvegas.