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Justin Bieber Chipped His Tooth And Compared Himself To Jim Carrey In "Dumb And Dumber"

"fuck sake first my guy justin bieber had conjunctivitis and now he's only gone n chipped his tooth."

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Remember when Justin Bieber had conjunctivitis and posted it on Instagram?

Well earlier today, Bieber shared a photo of himself at the dentist.

He shared a close up photo of his chipped tooth so we could all assess the damage to his perfect teeth.

And he compared it to this photo of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.

Instagram: @justinbieber

Beliebers have thanked him for this update.

first episode of Justin Bieber's story: his conjunctivitis second episode: he chipped his tooth. thank you for s…

And are entertained by his health updates.

If you missed out on keeping up with Justin: - conjunctivitis on his left eye - chipped his tooth opposite from Jim


A concept: Justin Bieber telling the world numerous times that he chipped his tooth and has conjunctivitis

But concerned too.

fuck sake first my guy justin bieber had conjunctivitis and now he's only gone n chipped his tooth

Justin chipped his tooth and I'm so heartbroken by it 😂🤕

first the conjunctivitis now the tooth pray for justin


And mostly, they want to know how he chipped it.

How on earth did justin manage to chip his tooth? 😂 @justinbieber

I hope Justin tells us how he chipped his tooth. I feel like we need answers now we've been brought into the procedure 😂

And they have their suspicions.

Thinking of all the ways Justin's tooth could have got chipped. He wasn't hanging out with Ed again today was he be…

reasons why justin could've chipped his tooth: