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23 Pieces Of Decor That Are Straight-Up Extra AF

They are doing THE MOST.

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1. A rug for anyone who feels the need to bring their love of the great outdoors into their home, minus the bugs and dirt.

Promising Review: "Very beautiful! My daughter loves it for her room. Very soft and great quality!" —Adam and Monica

Get it from Amazon for $33.99.


9. A cork light bottle stopper that will scream "LOOK HOW EXTRA I AM!" at the party you host.

Promising Review: "These are really fun lights to put in a wine bottle, or something with a narrow neck like a wine bottle. They stay lit for quite a few hours and don't take that long to recharge. Great fun!!" —Nancy

Get a pack of eight from Amazon for $39.99.

11. A dish rack/desk organizer inspired by the movie Inception, because just plain ol' organization is overrated.

Promising Review: "If you like architectural models, here's one you can keep on your desk, and find useful as well as beautiful." —RiteNow

Get it from Lumens for $100 (available in two colors).


15. While we are on the important subject, a shower curtain of a cat eating pizza will certainly become the taco the town.

I am so, so sorry.

Promising Review: "Wash your sins, and the grime of your bleak existence, away behind a curtain of feline supremacy. A cat double fisting pizza and tacos? Come on. Submit yourself. Resistance is futile. Low price. Soft material. Quick delivery. Life changing." —Tara Vanflower

Get it from Amazon for $11.50 (available in five styles).


16. A paperweight so extra, you won't be able to bear it.

Promising Review: " I didn't expect to be so enamored with it considering it's a foot, but it's really, really nice. It's much more impressive in person, if that's at all possible. I wasn't expecting the weight! It's quite hefty! It gives it a real sense of value." —TTFFF

Get it from Saks for $350.

18. A garden gnome that you just know the creator of had way too much fun designing (don't blame him tho).

Promising Review: "This is probably the best thing ever for anyone's garden. I mainly bought it, because it seems like every other house has some sort of gnome on our street. I wanted to step out of the norm, and when I came across this, I knew this piece would be perfect." —Dallas

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


22. An oversized DIY wall clock, just in case a normal clock, or your phone, won't quite cut it when you need to know what time it is.

Promising Review: "My fiancé and I bought this clock with very high hopes, and it came out perfectly!! We couldn't be happier!" —Brianna Vinton

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.