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    23 Pieces Of Decor That Are Straight-Up Extra AF

    They are doing THE MOST.

    1. A rug for anyone who feels the need to bring their love of the great outdoors into their home, minus the bugs and dirt.

    2. A rhinestone peace-sign sculpture that'll add some much-needed bedazzle to your life, even if other people can't understand it.

    3. A shoe pot, because regular pots just won't suffice for your beloved plants.

    4. A desk plaque that definitely won't make you that obnoxious person in the office.

    5. A mohawk lollipop holder, just in case holding a Tootsie Pop until you get to its center is too much work for you.

    6. A set of pillowcases with sassy sayings that will reaffirm you're truly just over everything. Like, whatever.

    7. Or, a reversible sequin throw pillow cover to complete your extra AF bedroom aesthetic.

    8. A sign to ensure anyone who visits your apartment knows you fuckin' smoke.

    9. A cork light bottle stopper that will scream "LOOK HOW EXTRA I AM!" at the party you host.

    10. A martini candle, because a piece of decor that doesn't have anything to do with martinis has no place in my home. (Kidding, maybe.)

    11. A dish rack/desk organizer inspired by the movie Inception, because just plain ol' organization is overrated.

    12. A figurine for those who desire to wake up in the morning greeted by royalty.

    13. A pair of hand curtain tiebacks, because just regular curtain tiebacks aren't creepy enough.

    14. A duvet cover that will totally steal a pizza your heart.

    15. While we are on the important subject, a shower curtain of a cat eating pizza will certainly become the taco the town.

    16. A paperweight so extra, you won't be able to bear it.

    17. A neon font lamp that really isn't all that necessary to decorate your living space with, but you'll do it anyways, because it looks cool.

    18. A garden gnome that you just know the creator of had way too much fun designing (don't blame him tho).

    19. A map wallpaper mural if your goal is to show your house guests how ~worldly~ you really are.

    20. A fancy and fun AF fish bowl that will revolutionize the way society keeps their pet fish.

    21. A duck door stopper that you should buy for the sole reason that it's adorable.

    22. An oversized DIY wall clock, just in case a normal clock, or your phone, won't quite cut it when you need to know what time it is.

    23. And a door mat with a phrase that may make you recall one of the most iconic movies of our time.

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