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June 21, 2017

We Want To See Your Funniest Photobombs

*poses for cute picture and the dog ruins it*

Muslims Mourn Teen Girl's Brutal Beating Death After Leaving Mosque In Virginia

Nabra Hassanen, 17, was fatally beaten with a baseball bat after leaving a Virginia mosque in what police say was a fit of road rage. But local Muslims fear more was behind the motive.

This Group Wants To Carry Fake Severed Heads And Coffins At Toronto's Pride Parade

The ICHR, the group JDL members planned to march with, denies inviting them.

17 Estrenos de Netflix de julio que sí valen la pena

Desde Mundo Jurásico hasta la historia del fundador de McDonald's.

This Woman Didn't Get Help For Postnatal Depression – Because She Didn't Know She Had It

A survey by the National Childbirth Trust has shown that nearly half of women surveyed struggled to access mental health support after giving birth.

If You Can Make It Through This Quiz, You Might Just Survive The Apocalypse

Warning: this is much harder than you think it will be.

Flash Briefing For June 22, 2017

Here are the top entertainment stories today.

One-Pan Taco Macaroni And Cheese


Centrelink's Controversial Debt Recovery Program Should Be Suspended, A Report Says

"Urgent action needs to be taken by the Government before more harm is done."

STF tem dois votos favoráveis à segurança das delações premiadas e por Fachin como relator do caso JBS

Corte suspende sessão e retomará julgamento na quinta. A tendência é de manutenção de Edson Fachin na relatoria do caso JBS e pela garantia de segurança para as delações premiadas.

ISIS Destroyed An 845-Year-Old Mosque In Mosul

The Great Mosque of al-Nuri was an iconic landmark — and the place where radical leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared ISIS to be a new caliphate in 2014.

Si tienes un amigo que vive lejos entenderás perfecto esta carne asada por WhatsApp

Ni la distancia puede separar a la gente que se quiere.

A Former Vanderbilt Football Player Says He Was Bullied Into Participating In A Campus Rape

Brandon Banks testified that he endured months-long ridicule from his teammates.

How A Japanese Reality TV Show About Nothing Became A Global Hit

I started watching Terrace House to learn about my motherland and found an international audience that was doing the same.

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Might Be More Obsessed With "The Bachelorette" Than You

"Oh man, oh man, I’m so happy Paradise is back! I’m telling you, I was worried. I was concerned.”

Summer Just Got A Lot Better 'Cause "Star Wars: Rogue One" Is Coming To Netflix

In case you missed the biggest movie of 2016, you'll now be able to stream it at home.

These Stuffed Brownie Truffles Are Literally Dreamy

And there's 4 different ways you can stuff them!

This Woman Had To Get Divorced Just For Her Gender To Be Acknowledged

"It was heartbreaking, but to live my life fully as a woman, I had to have that amendment on my birth certificate."

Saudi Arabia's Next King Is Going To Be A Millennial, So That's Going To Be Weird

A shuffle in the Saudi royal succession has placed Mohammed bin Salman — who is only 31 — next in line to the throne.

This Boy Wrote His Older Brother A Father's Day Card After Their Dad Left And It's So Pure

"It's all about being thankful for what you have, not what you don't have or what you've lost."

There's Now A Ken Doll With A Man Bun And Twitter Did Not Hold Back

"Man-bun Ken doll just interrupted me to tell me that Bernie would have won."

¿Podrías sobrevivir una semana con el salario mínimo?

Intenta llegar hasta el final de este quiz sin pasarte del presupuesto.

Aprenda a fazer um organizador de tupperware

E deixe sua gaveta muito mais organizada.

Tillerson And Mattis Say China Needs To Do More Than “Try” On North Korea

The secretaries of state and defense had tougher words than their boss following a meeting with their Chinese counterparts in Washington on Wednesday.

幼い娘の宿題を助けるため夜間学校で英語を学んだ父親 17年後、娘は夢を叶えた




Tyson Will Test Gas As A Gentler Way To Slaughter Chickens

"Controlled atmosphere stunning" essentially puts birds to sleep via a lack of oxygen, and one of the world's biggest meat producers is testing it out.

Philando Castile Shooting Video Shows Girl Begging Mom To Also Not "Get Shooted" By Police

Video released by Minnesota investigators show Diamond Reynold's 4-year-old daughter comforting her after they were placed in the back of a police car.

Rihanna Slid Into A Fan's DMs To Give Some Solid Heartbreak Advice That Everyone Can Use

"You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful!"

Carly Rae Jepsen Just Wants To Have Fun — Thank God

The singer's one-night-only concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra last Saturday was full of boundless joy.

I Went To Find Myself After Feeling Betrayed By God

I've always been deeply sexual and deeply religious. Traveling through my many selves taught me that those two don't have to be incompatible.

Criaram camisetas com a cara da Cuca e deu ruim com os brasileiros

Não bastasse os gringos importarem o meme, agora resolveram ganhar dinheiro com ele.

Embrace Your Inner Colorful Goth

But do *you* know what vaporwave is?

I Style Dead People

Even in death, everyone is striving for that perfect no-makeup makeup look.

13 Sätze, die wirklich bei der RTL Bachelorette Folge 2 gefallen sind

"Bei uns ist Chemie da, ne? Trink schnell Wein."

The Wall Street Journal Just Fired A Top Correspondent For Ethical Violations

Jay Solomon was sacked just before the Associated Press reported he had been involved in a potential deal with an Iranian-born businessman.

Last Month Was The Deadliest In Mexico In 20 Years

There were 2,186 homicides in May, or three every hour — more than at any point since records began to be kept in 1997.

The "To The Bone" Trailer Has Started A Complicated Discussion About Eating Disorders

The movie, which debuts on Netflix next month, stars Lily Collins as a 20-year-old woman with anorexia.

Slice & Bake Rainbow Cookies

Teach the kids colors with this yummy treat!

O elenco de "Orange Is The New Black" na série x na vida real

As diferenças podem ser impressionantes!

If Disney Songs Were Written By Millennials

"I'll Make A Meme Out Of You"

A Runaway Bus Scarily Rolled Down A Street In Brooklyn And New Yorkers Still Got Jokes

"On the bright side: Unlike the subways, at least the bus is moving."

Este test de colores revelará una verdad profunda sobre ti

Todo lo que tienes que hacer es responder cinco preguntas sencillas.

Facebook's Notifications Are Out Of Control

Click, click, click, tap, tap, tap, share, share, share.

Canada's Top Soldier Privately Doubted A Scathing Report On Sexual Misconduct, Documents Show

Then-chief of the defence staff Tom Lawson publicly called the report's findings "disturbing."

19 Hidden Horrors Of Parenting No One Tells You About

Each alone is no big deal, but together they're like a thousand tiny cuts.

This Is What Happened At The "Day Of Rage" Protest

"It's clear that our government has a careless disregard for human life," one protester told BuzzFeed News.

Você é um amigo péssimo?

Você já marcou amigo em foto em que só você ficou bem?

Quão trouxa você é?

Muito, um pouco ou nada?

31 Perfect Pets Who Made Their Humans’ Lives So Much Better

"He's the reason I get out of bed. Why I take my meds. Why I stay alive."

Google Maps Now Includes Over 3,000 Indigenous Lands In Canada

The project took seven years to complete, according to the company.

The Mars Curiosity Rover Can Now Decide By Itself What To Shoot With Lasers, And It's Going Swimmingly

No more waiting for human scientists to get into the office on Monday morning and tell it what to do.

Aubrey Plaza Says Her Ideal Way To Die Is By Suffocation, In The Most Aubrey Plaza Interview Ever

"I feel like you get squeezed and then I think your body falls asleep and you die peacefully."

Choose A Night Out And We'll Give You A TV Show Bar To Go To

Hand me the booze, and watch me get fabulous.

28 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

Don't look at this list if you're trying to save money.

A filha da "Daya" também está em "OITNB" e elas são praticamente gêmeas

A semelhança é incrível. (AVISO: spoilers à frente!)

The Police Officer Stabbing At The Flint Airport Is Being Investigated As An Act Of Terrorism

The attacker was identified as Amor Ftouhi, a Canadian who entered the US on June 16 before arriving at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, officials said.

4 Easy-To-Make Fruit Animals Your Kids Will Love

Adorable, yet totally doable!

This Video Of Britney Spears Meeting Thai Children Will Melt Your Already Rotting Heart

This video made me believe in being nice to children again, too.

What Happened To Black Lives Matter?

Donald Trump’s election and presidency has inspired the biggest outpouring of liberal activism in more than a decade. But Black Lives Matter seems less visible than a year ago. After a meteoric rise to prominence, the movement is struggling mightily with sharp disputes over direction and leadership.

A Bunch Of CIA Contractors Got Fired For Stealing Snacks From Vending Machines

The CIA contractors shared a vending machine hack to steal more than $3,000 in snacks.

Como a quarta-feira virou um dia D para as delações premiadas no STF

Corte irá decidir se Edson Fachin deve ser mantido como relator do caso JBS e se acordos de delação poderão ser revistos após firmados e homologados pelo Judiciário.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Froyo Cookie Sandwiches

Just a little bit of a lighter treat for summer!

Solve A Mystery And We'll Tell You What Scooby-Doo Character You Are

You'd get the result you wanted, if it weren't for those meddling kids!

The SNP Has Just Reintroduced Tail Docking For Puppies In Scotland

"Tail docking involves severing through bone, nerve, muscle, and connective tissue when pups are less than 5 days old," said the Dogs Trust.

Gunman Who Shot At GOP Congressmen Had "An Anger Management Problem," FBI Says

James Hodgkinson's attack on GOP congressmen during their baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, appeared to be "spontaneous," with no link to terrorism, the FBI said.

Owl City Has Finally Answered An Age-Old Question About The Song "Fireflies"

"Does each firefly hug you 1,000 times or do only a tenth of the bugs give you a hug?"

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on makeup, kitchen gadgets, a game your kids will love, and more!

What's The Most Comfortable Pair Of Heels You Actually Wear?

Wanted: Heels that won't kill your feet.

Literally Just A Bunch Of Next Level Gender Inclusive Bathroom Signs

Nothing about going to the bathroom is cute...except for these signs.

What Do You Want To Know About Liam Payne?

Submit your questions here!

People Are Concerned There's Not Very Much In This Year's Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech suggests the government plans to spend the next two years working on Brexit and very little else.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Having A Third Child Via A Surrogate

North and Saint are going to have another sibling!

Corporate Landlords Signed Up To List Thousands Of Apartments On Airbnb

The property owners have signed up to list 4,000 apartments through a new platform enabling "short-term rental services for an entire building."

17 Frases que todos los hombres gay aaaaaaaman escuchar

De verdad, entre más las dicen, mejor.

Yes, You Totally Can Make Homemade Potato Chips In The Microwave

All the flavor of homemade kettle chips and none of the accidentally-covering-my-entire-kitchen-in-grease nonsense.

19 Historias sobre tampones que te horrorizarán

"Tuve que sacar mi tampón usado del culo de mi perro".

18 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Attending A Wedding

Whatever you do, don't lock your knees.

This Teen Captured The Exact, Blissfully Badass Moment Her Mom Found Out She Was Cancer-Free

"I had zero intention of ringing [the bell], I wanted to punch it off the wall."

Qual é o seu alinhamento moral?

Confie em Gygax. Ele pode enxergar sua alma.

The ACLU Is Suing DC Police Over Inauguration Day Arrests

The lawsuit accuses police of violating the constitutional rights of protesters, journalists, and legal observers.

24 Things That'll Tell Pests To GTFO Of Your Home And Yard

Some pests can be pretty darn cute cute.... but not when they're in your home.

10 razões para você ver as "Divinas Divas" no cinema

O documentário de Leandra Leal sobre travestis e transexuais pioneiras do teatro brasileiro estreia nesta quinta-feira (22).

The Funniest Scottish Tweets Of 2017: Mid-Year Edition

It’s only June and we’ve already peaked.

17 Of The Hottest Sneakers Of The Summer

A little heat for Summer 2017.

Flash Briefing For June 21, 2017

Here's the news today.

14 unrealistische Dinge, die in jedem Schwulen- oder Lesbenporno vorkommen

Was sollen die langen Fingernägel und das fehlende Gleitmittel?

This Is Why The Tube Gets So Goddamn Hot And What They're Trying To Do About It

TL;DR: It was designed 150 years ago for steam trains.

Today's Country Stars Play A Hilarious Game Of Never Have I Ever

"Never have I ever... written a song about an ex that did me wrong."

Il faut absolument qu'on parle du short au bureau

Le port du short au bureau en été est un droit fondamental des travailleurs qui DOIT être inscrit dans le Code du travail.

26 astuces faciles qui simplifieront la vie des feignasses

Feignasse, mais sans en avoir l'air.

Homeland Security Official Confirms Russian Hackers Targeted Election Systems In 21 States

DHS cybersecurity official Jeanette Manfra also told the Senate Intelligence committee there is no evidence the votes themselves were changed.

Does The Awesomeness Of Nature Stress You The Hell Out Or Calm You Down?

FYI, a blue whale's arteries are so big you could swim through them.

This British Ice Cream Quiz Will Reveal Your Age And Location In The UK

You can tell a lot about a person by their taste in lollies.

La standardiste du MoDem, payée à mi-temps par Bruxelles, ne «travaillait que pour le parti»

La standardiste du MoDem Sophie Bessa était rémunérée à temps partiel comme assistante parlementaire de l'eurodéputé Nathalie Griesbeck. Mais les anciens élus et cadres du parti interrogés par BuzzFeed assurent qu'elle n'était que standardiste. Les avocats du MoDem n'ont trouvé aucun élément pour prouver son deuxième job.

Did Tyra Banks Hint That Lindsay Lohan Is Returning To The "Life-Size" Sequel?

Banks may have dropped a big hint about the upcoming sequel to the 2000 Disney classic.

17 Insanely Adorable Photos Of The "Descendants 2" Cast

Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, and China Anne McClain came to BuzzFeed to SLAY.

18 expériences que vous avez vécues si vous utilisez une coupe menstruelle

Non, cette casserole n'est pas faite pour cuisiner. Elle est sortie pour que je puisse faire bouillir ma coupe menstruelle.

Mach dieses Mango-Sorbet aus 3 Zutaten und bleib cool

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

21 Things That'll Help You Stay Cool All Summer Long

Beat the heat before you turn into a puddle. The products in this post were updated in June 2018.

The Prisons Inspector Has Criticised The Government For Leaving Prison Reform Out Of The Queen's Speech

Peter Clarke, the chief prison inspector, said he was disappointed that prison reform wasn't mentioned once in the speech.

These Are The 11 Most Important Cats In Japan Right Now

Japanese cats are so far ahead of what cats are doing in the West. In this dispatch from Tokyo, we are bringing you the cutting edge of the Japanese cat scene.

Maisa Silva fez um textão lembrando a todos que ela não é obrigada a nada

"Vivemos em uma sociedade onde a mulher muitas vezes não tem voz e precisa lutar com situações constrangedoras e brincadeirinhas todos os dias" – Maisa Silva, 15 anos

How Bratty And Entitled Are You?

Are you a regular Veruca Salt?

17 palavras e expressões que têm outro sentido para garotas com alma de velho

"Sextas à noite" têm um significado completamente diferente.

17 Havana Bars To Drink In Before The Tourists Arrive

Drink up before the crowds descend.

We Tried The Washable Flats You're Seeing All Over Pinterest

How legit are they? We wanted to find out.

Dennis Skinner Told Other MPs To Get Their Skates On So The Queen Wouldn't Miss Ascot

Dennis Skinner has been heckling Black Rod during the opening of parliament since the 1980s.

Andreessen Horowitz Is Digging Deeper Into Biotech

The Silicon Valley venture capital firm is bringing on biotech executive Jorge Conde to invest $200 million in software and biology startups.

Voici comment les lesbiennes font l'amour

Parce que le sexe entre lesbiennes dans les pornos est trop bizarre.

O Ken finalmente ganhou sua versão hipster

Sim, ele vem com um coque!

The Grenfell Tower Victims Will Be Rehoused In A Luxury Apartment Complex

Communities secretary Sajid Javid announced that the government has acquired 68 flats in a luxury apartment complex in Kensington to permanently house the Grenfell Tower fire survivors.

People Keep Questioning Chrissy Teigen's Decision To Have IVF And She's Not Here For It

Can we stop criticising women for what they choose to do with their own bodies?

Before Pride: 13 People Talk About Being LGBTQ In The 1960s

"They would tell us to go across the street, and we would follow the police orders; and there would be another cop across the street waiting to give us a ticket for jaywalking.”

19 Weird, Quirky Kinks That Only Scottish People Have

"Scotch pie and beans. Wo-o-oah scotch pie and beans."

How The Guardian Lost America

The Guardian’s US newsroom didn’t become the voice of the Bernie left during the election. It didn’t break huge campaign scoops. Years after winning a Pulitzer for the Edward Snowden story, Guardian US has slashed costs, leaving employees stewing about mismanagement, infighting, a sexual harassment allegation, and unrealistic business expectations.

23 Geheimnisse, die Bundeswehrsoldaten nicht verraten

Schuhwichse + Hartkekse = Feueranzünder (viele, viele neue Fotos)

27 plats à manger au suhur qui libèrent de l'énergie tout au long de la journée durant le ramadan

Même si vous prenez votre petit-déjeuner avant l'aube, ça reste le repas le plus important de votre journée. Buvez deux verres d'eau au suhur et suivez les conseils suivants.

Here Are All The Bills That Were Announced In The Queen's Speech

The legislation announced by the Queen on Wednesday at the state opening of parliament includes the so-called great repeal bill, which seeks to move EU legislation into UK law.

In Pictures: The Queen’s Speech 2017

The Queen's crown was driven in its very own car.

Back diese leckeren Fidget-Spinner-Kekse

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch:

Así han cambiado los presentadores de los programas infantiles que veías hace años

No te quiero asustar, pero posiblemente te parezcas más a ellos que a ti por aquel entonces.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals from Urban Outfitters, Lane Bryant, Asos, and more!

What Shoes Are Best For Wide Feet?

Tell us what sandal, sneaker, heel, or even flip-flop will offer relief for our demanding toes.

People Camped Out For More Than 24 Hours For Trump's Iowa Rally

The night before President Donald Trump was set to arrive in eastern Iowa for a rally, his most fervent supporters were already lining up to celebrate his return to the campaign trail.

Theresa May Apologised For The Government's Response To The Grenfell Fire Tragedy

The prime minister, Theresa May, has apologised for the government's response to the Grenfell fire tragedy, and said "it was not good enough."

13 Things You've Gotta Know About The Man Modi Wants To Be Our Next President

Ram Nath Kovind has been selected as the Centre's presidential nominee.

Write A Book And We'll Reveal If It Will Sell Well Or Not

A book is a dream you hold in your hands!

Here Are The Tory Election Promises That Were Missing From The Queen's Speech

No votes on grammar schools, the so-called dementia tax, or fox hunting, among others.

People Think The Queen Dressed Up As The European Union Flag

She wins the award for "Best Trolling Using a Hat".

19 Insanely Satisfying Slime Porn Videos That'll Make You Feel Strange

It's the most satisfying thing you'll ever see.

The Queen's Speech Didn't Mention A State Visit To The UK By Donald Trump

By custom, the British monarch announces visits at the state opening of parliament. The king and queen of Spain were mentioned in this year's speech, but the US president didn't feature.

Virginie Despentes: «C’est un grand soulagement pour moi de ne plus être dans l'hétérosexualité»

On a parlé musique, politique, débats féministes et marche des fiertés avec Virginie Despentes.

The Queen's Speech Reveals Brexit Will Dominate Parliament Over The Next Two Years

To deliver its plans for Brexit, the government has proposed a “repeal bill” that will transfer all EU law onto the UK statute book.

La «petite amie» du co-pilote du vol de la Germanwings a tout inventé

Info BuzzFeed News - «Maria W.» avait raconté à la presse allemande qu'elle était la petite amie d'Andreas Lubitz, le co-pilote responsable du crash du vol Germanwings qui s'est écrasé dans les Alpes en 2015. Son témoignage avait été massivement repris par la presse française. Tout était faux.



What's Going On In The News Today?

Republican Karen Handel won Georgia's special election Tuesday night, serving a big blow to Democrats hoping to capitalize on anti-Trump energy. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned after months of scrutiny following allegations of sexual harassment at the company. And a secret report reveals Chelsea Manning leaks didn’t harm US national security.

コンビニで買える背徳と贅沢…! アイスに足すと運命的なおいしさになるお菓子


Can You Do The 12 Times Table?

If you can make it to 10 x 12 you'll be able to get 100%.

Dozens Of Celebs Have Recorded A Charity Single For The Victims Of The Grenfell Tower Fire

Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams, Stormzy, and a choir of 300 schoolchildren are among those who have recorded a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water", to raise money for those affected by the fire in Kensington last Wednesday.

Theresa May's Head Of Policy Is Leaving Downing Street

Exclusive: A Downing Street source confirmed the departure, which will mean almost all of Theresa May's key pre-election policy staff have left Number 10.

This Woman Makes Sculptures Out Of Her Hair And They Are Incredible

"I want people to see me not just as the girl who just uses her hair, but as a creative and versatile person — because I am," Laetitia KY told BuzzFeed News.

Labour Rebels Want Jeremy Corbyn To Push For Britain To Stay In The Single Market

Labour rebels have called on Jeremy Corbyn to do more to defend the UK's membership of the single market.

自民党は大敗するのか 党幹部の発言から垣間見える危機感

BuzzFeed Newsは、自民党の下村博文都連会長に単独インタビューした。

20 idées de tatouages à porter fièrement

C'est ce qui s'appelle avoir ses convictions chevillées au corps.



Grenfell Tower Victims Are Afraid They'll Be Targeted By Immigration Officers

A Home Office spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the government will not be pursuing immigration enforcement action over people who have been displaced by the fire.

藤井四段、28連勝 歴代最多タイ 「彼は人生何周目?」プロ棋士も驚愕




This Is How The New Scottish Tories Will Assert Themselves In Westminster

"Ruth's trying to give it a warmer look than the chilling, slimy, cold hand of May has managed to offer so far."

Bac: des lycéennes voilées disent avoir dû montrer ce qu'il y avait «sous leur robe»

Deux lycéennes ont décrit des contrôles très poussés visant uniquement les jeunes femmes voilées dans un lycée parisien. «Elles ont subi un traitement inadmissible» selon leur cheffe d'établissement. Mais l'académie dément tout abus et parle de «vérification conforme».

The Grenfell Tower Response Team Says Survivors Are Not Being Rehoused Hundreds Of Miles Away

A spokesperson for the newly formed Grenfell Response Team told BuzzFeed News that claims of people being rehoused miles away from their homes are untrue.

The Woman Who Said The Germanwings Pilot Crashed The Plane On Purpose Actually Made Up That Story

"Maria W." told a German newspaper she was the lover of Andreas Lubitz, who copiloted the Germanwings flight that killed 150 people in 2015.

85.000 Deutsche mit Behinderung dürfen nicht wählen – das soll sich jetzt schnell ändern

Alle Parteien im Bundestag wollen Menschen mit Behinderung das Wahlrecht geben. Trotzdem ist nicht sicher, ob das vor der Bundestagswahl noch klappt.

Potentiell giftige Kabinenluft wird offenbar in vielen Fällen nicht detailliert untersucht

“Muss es erst zum Crash kommen, bevor die Behörde untersucht?”

It's Time To Find Out Which Disney Leading Lady You Are

There's no better time to find out!

Women Wore Cow Masks To Question If Cows Are Safer Than Women In India

"If we can protect cows then why not women?"

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Just Resigned

Kalanick's resignation comes amid allegations of a hostile workplace culture at Uber and a heated intellectual property lawsuit from Waymo, Google's self-driving car company.

What Kind Of Democrat Will Be The Next Jon Ossoff?

A new political terrain where a "pragmatic moderate" can become the face of the anti-Trump movement and the grassroots isn't demanding a hard shift left.

Here's What You Should Know About The Three Ministers Facing Possible Contempt Of Court Charges

The ministers were asked to explain themselves in court on Friday.

This Guy Used A Waffle To Explain To His Girlfriend How His Brain Works

When I asked my boyfriend how he could be thinking absolutely NOTHING, he explained by using a waffle.

EPA Tells Science Advisers They Are Out Of A Job

It's the latest controversial shakeup to the agency's science advisory groups.

This Woman Found The Notebook Her Mexican Father Used When He Was Learning English And It's Touching

"I want to be able to help her do the homework and show her that the only way to make her dreams come true is through education."





前衛的すぎて着れない! やばいデザインのジーンズたち


Germanwings-Flugzeuge meldeten besonders häufig möglicherweise giftige Kabinenluft

Sogenannte “Fume Event”-Hinweise waren bei der Lufthansa-Tochter im Jahr 2016 fünfmal häufiger als bei anderen deutschen Fluglinien

「津田恒実記念館」設立へ 資金調達を達成


This Is What Some Ghost Ship Residents Saw When A Fatal Fire Began Tearing Through The Warehouse

The Oakland Fire Department released its report on the blaze that tore through a converted warehouse and left 36 people dead, saying the exact cause will never be known.

Here's Everything That Happened On Last Night's TV Show About Male Privilege

"I will admit more women are bashed by their male partners than men."

Republican Karen Handel Wins Closely Watched Congressional Election In Georgia

Handel's victory over Jon Ossoff is a huge blow to Democrats who hoped to capitalize on liberal energy in the wake of Donald Trump's election and use the race as evidence that they can pick up seats in November.







How Popular Are Your Disney Sidekick Opinions?

Time to separate the Baymaxes from the Bing-Bongs.

Tell Us Your Favorite Cheap Eats In NYC

Full stomachs, full wallets, can't lose.

Inside The Most Disturbing "Orange Is The New Black" Scene Ever

Kate Mulgrew and Brad William Henke tell BuzzFeed News what it was like to bring their onscreen feud to a shocking, upsetting, and bloody end. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.)

What’s In The Senate’s Health Bill? Here Are 6 Key Questions About The GOP Plan

Senate Republicans have been working behind closed doors to draft their health care bill, one several Republicans say even they haven't seen. Right now there are several key questions about what it will do.

This Color Quiz Will Reveal A Deep Truth About You

All you have to do is answer five simple questions.

Only A Jedi Master Can Get 12/12 On This "Star Wars" Quiz

You have to be one with the Force to make it through this one.