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This Is For Everyone Who Will Never Be Over Patrick's Death On "Offspring"

I'll be ugly crying for the rest of my life.

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Hi, welcome. I just really need a minute of your time, to talk about a TV moment I will 100% never, ever recover from.

Picture this. I'm on my death bed, and someone (probably a nurse let's be real) is leaning over me. "Go now," she says. "But I have some final words," I whisper. "Yes dear?" the nurse asks. "I WILL NEVER FORGIVE OFFSPRING FOR FUCKING KILLING OFF PATRICK FUCKING REID," I scream, before I finally die.

Oh yes sweetie, you better believe I am going there. It's been nearly FOUR years since the moment Australia had its collective heart viciously torn out, thrown out a window, run over by a car (TRIGGERED), and smudged on the road.


So you probably haven't even forgotten the most tragic moment in modern Australian TV, but let's go there. Patrick and Nina... they had a dramatic relationship, but things were looking up.

Nina found out she was pregnant, and the two were really making things work out.

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(Oh yeah, refresher for anyone new here, Nina and Patrick are doctors... well she's an obstetrician and he's a anesthetist.)


So, it was Nina's baby shower. Patrick was casually walking across a road in Melbourne, looking all handsome when he was knocked down by a car.

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But he was fine! He hit his head a little but he got up, checked out the little sore on his arm, and sat in the gutter to call Nina, his one true love!


By this stage, all of Australia was breathing into a brown paper bag. I know this for a fact.

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Nina sat there all pregnant and worried, and I lit candles around Patrick's framed picture, praying to the higher powers.

And then everything was sad and heartbreaking, and day-dreamer Nina imagined Patrick wherever she went. Like when she talked to him, right there, as he met baby Zoe.


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