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June 27, 2017

Trump Keeps Trying To Link MS-13 Gang Violence To Immigrants. The Data Show Otherwise.

Less than 1% of unaccompanied children detained at the border since 2012 have been identified as gang members, contradicting White House claims that they are a major source of membership for the violent gang.

Can You Become Emo In Just A Day?

What's the worst that I can say? You'll be emo in a day.

300 Groups Say The Senate Health Care Bill Would Hurt Rape And Child Abuse Victims

Viral claims about rape becoming a preexisting condition may have been debunked, but advocates still warn that changes to national health care law could make insurance unaffordable for sexual assault survivors.

Let's Discuss: Is It Weird That Kris Jenner Totally Photoshopped This SponCon Ad?

These are the ethical quandaries we face in the year 2017.

The UK Is Shifting To The Left On Economic And Social Issues – But Not Law And Order

Britain's landmark social research survey reveals the UK is shifting to the left on tax and spend, redistribution, and LGBT rights – but hardening on immigration and law and order.

Here's The Sneaky Way Marriage Equality Could Pass Without Government Support

The PM says same-sex marriage will stay off the table. Is this a decree, or a hope?

22 Things You Never Knew About "RHOBH" Star Erika Jayne

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dishes on who throws the best parties, crazy fan stories, and the fact that reunions aren't that bad.

How Well Do You Remember "The Office"?

This is hard. That's what she said.

How Normal Are Your Opinions On PDA?

Let's get naughty...maybe.

Here’s Just Who Got Hit By The Latest Massive Cyberattack

Hospitals, state-run infrastructure, and even supermarkets were hit hard by the latest wave of ransomware based on NSA-developed exploits.

Flash Briefing For June 28, 2017

Here's what's in the news today.

This All-Female “Julius Caesar” Is More About Blair Waldorf Than Donald Trump

In the wake of the Public Theater's highly controversial production, another iteration has moved the action to an all-girls high school, with nary a Trump mention in sight. "It’s a play about so many things and so many universal truths that we’ll keep contemplating," said Alyssa May Gold, who conceived the new version.

The EPA Just Announced That It Plans To Repeal The Clean Water Rule

About 117 million people, or about one in three Americans, get at least some of their drinking water from the waterways that would have been protected by the rule.

Which Disney Sidekick Are You Most Like?

Everyone's a winner with these results!

Only A True Language Nerd Can Guess These Untranslatable Words

There are lots of words from around the world that don't have direct analogs in the English language. Let's see if you can guess what some of them mean!

This Fake Time Magazine Cover Was Found Hanging Inside Trump's Golf Resorts

A photo shows Trump standing in front of the fake framed copy in his Manhattan Trump Tower office.

15 Razones por las que "RuPaul's Drag Race" es el mejor show de la historia

Las pelucas, el lip sync cardíaco, las historias conmovedoras y todo lo demás. <3

Netflix Says Its Prices Are Going Up IMMEDIATELY

Here's how much it'll cost you.

This 1921 Letter Shows How Canada Tried To Destroy First Nations Culture

"It wears on a person's spirit to constantly have to educate people."

A Reporter Had A Heated Clash With A White House Press Secretary Over Fake News

"You're inflaming everybody right here, right now with those words."

The White House’s Warning To Syria Was Kept Close — But Not From Russia

The Trump administration has yet to make clear whether the late night warning to Damascus was part of a new policy on chemical weapons use.

12 bichos que também não sabem como Deus os colocou lá

Uma frase do discurso de Michel Temer inspirou muita gente no Twitter.

Freezer-Prep Breakfast Burritos

Easy to go breakfast... I think so.

A Teacher Is Suing Breitbart And James O'Keefe's Project Veritas For Defamation

The teacher's attorney alleges that an undercover video shot by a disguised reporter was "creatively edited ... to make him appear violent and dangerous."

La Procuraduría de la CDMX intentó acusar de homicidio a una menor que se defendió de su violador

Itzel fue violada por un sujeto en las inmediaciones de Taxqueña y se abrió una carpeta por el delito de homicidio en la que ella era la acusada.

These Hollywood Movies Were Saved By The Chinese Box Office

Chinese audiences really love American movies that have big car chases, adorable dogs, Vin Diesel — and, possibly, Ruby Rose.

¿Puedes identificar de qué país es este dinero?

¿Conoces todas las monedas en el mundo?

25 Memes que reconocerás si te has puesto a dieta

Si la cerveza contiene lúpulo, y el lúpulo es una planta entonces, ¿la cerveza es ensalada?

Não, o avião da cocaína não tem nada a ver com a fazenda do ministro

PF diz que GPS da aeronave apontou a decolagem na Bolívia, não no Mato Grosso, onde fica a fazenda administrada pela família do ministro Blairo Maggi. Preso, o piloto disse que apresentou um plano de voo falso para a FAB.

あなたのイメージはどれ? 実はこんなにある「東京」という名前の曲






Javier Duarte, ex gobernador de Veracruz, acepta ser extraditado a México para enfrentar a la justicia

Las acusaciones en su contra son "infundadas, ligeras, vagas e imprecisas", dijo el político, preso en Guatemala

This Guy Had A Photo Shoot For His Gardener After He Noticed Him Watching In The Background

"This how ready you gotta be when opportunity come knocking."

25 Razones por las que todo el mundo ama odiar a la Ciudad de México

Seamos honestos, esta ciudad es la mejor pero vivir aquí es lo peor.

Bill Cosby Said He Is Not Actually Going To Host A "Sexual Assault Tour"

The comedian, who has been accused by dozens of women of sexual assault, said on Twitter that he has no plans to conduct town hall meetings, days after his two spokespeople said he was.

This Website Stopped Labeling Some Nonprofits As Hate Groups After A Public Backlash labeled 46 nonprofits as hate groups. But after its employees were harassed online, the website got rid of the labels.

I Tried A Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA And Couldn't Believe The Results

"I think I was so surprised because nothing else has ever worked for me in the past."

These Guys Renovated Their Apartment To Host Underground Dinners For Strangers

"We get a lot of positive feedback about this space."

O que você pode fazer por alguém que acabou de ter um bebê

Um texto que viralizou no Facebook mostra que um presente em forma de ajuda pode ser prático e singelo.

El vestido de sandía es la nueva moda de Instagram y está muy divertida

Una forma de tener fotos cool sin gastar ni un centavo.

Three Chicago Cops Have Been Indicted On Felony Charges Related To Laquan McDonald's Fatal Shooting

Three Chicago Police Department officers have been indicted on conspiracy, obstruction, and misconduct over the shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald in 2014.

Acuado, Temer ataca Janot, mas não explica evidências de corrupção

Denunciado por corrupção passiva, Michel Temer diz ser alvo de ilações e acusa Janot de receber dinheiro em esquema entre um ex-procurador e escritório de advocacia. Temer voltou a atacar áudio que a PF diz que não sofreu edição.

13 Same-Sex Weddings That Prove Happily-Ever-Afters Exist, And OMG I'm Crying

"It really just made our wedding day that much sweeter to know that we were standing there because love won."

O ranking definitivo dos planetas organizado pelo seus níveis de dramaticidade

Mercúrio retrógrado. Júpiter só nas tempestades. Urano de ladinho. UMA LOUCURA.

¿Qué tanto conoces el mundo?

El aeropuerto no cuenta.

Twitter Suspended The Fader And Other Music Site Accounts Over Copyright Violations

The suspensions came after the sites posted tweets using copyrighted material from Viacom's BET Awards, according to one of the suspended publications.

Facebook Just Hit 2 Billion Users. Here's How Big That Number Is.

Another milestone for the social giant — in context.

10 Times When Tompkins Square Bagels Beat All NYC Bagels

Sampling cream cheeses like it was gelato.

Read An Excerpt From Zinzi Clemmons' Debut Novel

For Thandi, the protagonist in Clemmons' highly anticipated What We Lose, being a light-skinned black woman means feeling like an outsider everywhere she goes.

México no ha pedido ayuda a EU para que el FBI investigue el espionaje en contra de periodistas #GobiernoEspía

La Embajada estadounidense informó que no ha recibido ninguna solicitud oficial.

Este quiz de comida te revelará tu verdadera edad mental

Tu gusto en papitas y helado dice más de lo que crees.

Trump Allies Worry The White House's Off-Camera Briefings Are Damaging His Message

"'We don’t have a great camera person so let’s not go on camera as much' is only OK in the short term."

Men: What's It Like Having An Eating Disorder?

Let's break the stereotype that only women deal with these problems.

O que acontece agora que Janot acusou Temer de corrupção ao STF

Spoiler: apoio político no Congresso é que vai determinar se ele fica ou não no cargo, não provas.

Lena Waithe Is What The Future Of Hollywood Looks Like

The Master of None star has sold a drama to Showtime, will be acting in a Steven Spielberg movie, and cowrote one of the best episodes of television this season. And she's just getting started.

Senate Republicans Can't Get Enough Backing For Their Health Bill So They Delayed The Vote

Nine Republican senators have now said publicly that they cannot support the health care bill as written, while others are on the fence. Republicans went to the White House on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the issue.

Diga se essas coisas são nojentas ou gostosinhas e diremos uma verdade sobre você

Melhor não fazer este teste durante seu intervalo de almoço.

These Tattoo Experts Critiqued A Bunch Of Celebs' Tattoos And It's Pretty Hilarious

"Justin Bieber's tats — we call this littered with garbage."

The Trump Tower In Toronto Is Dropping The Trump Name

Property owners in Toronto and Vancouver have been under pressure to cut ties with Trump's company.

25 Products To Make Your Bed Impossibly Cozy

::shrieks Aerosmith's "Dream On" into a pile of pillows:: The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Holy OMG, This Baby Koala Is The Best Thing You'll Ever See


After Denouncing Milo, Breitbart’s Editor Helped Him With New Venture

An early editorial budget for Milo Yiannopoulos's post-Breitbart company listed Alexander Marlow as “Executive Producer.”

How Dateable Are You Actually?

Is the glass half full, or is the glass half empty?

British Nationals Living In The EU Are Not Happy With Theresa May's Proposals

Many think the UK government is not listening to their concerns and worry they could become the "sacrificial lambs" of the Brexit negotiations.

People Are Obsessed With This Dog Who Brings Water To Umpires During Baseball Games

Can we make a rule that all baseball games must involve dogs?

Pro-Trump Group Pulls Ad Against Nevada Republican Over Health Care Bill

Update: The Senate majority leader's political team voiced its displeasure about America First Policies' plan of attack against Sen. Dean Heller, perhaps the GOP's most vulnerable lawmaker up for re-election in 2018. But the Trump-aligned group plowed ahead anyway — only to pull the ad later Tuesday.

Answer Five Random Questions And We'll Reveal What Video Game You're From

Because isn't that what we've all been wondering?

Democratic Senators Slam Betsy DeVos For Civil Rights Enforcement Cuts

Cuts to the civil rights staff, the rollback of protections for transgender students, and streamlined investigations have made the senators "extraordinarily disappointed and alarmed," they wrote in a letter on Tuesday.

27 vezes em que "Pretty Little Liars" forçou a barra

Como as mães saíram do porão?!

Solo si creciste viendo High School Musical podrás sacar más de 10 en este quiz

Pon la mente en el juego y demuestra tu conocimiento.

A CNN Producer Was Recorded Calling The Network's Coverage Of Russia "Mostly Bullshit"

“The sense internally is it’s not that big of a deal. He's a health producer," a CNN source told BuzzFeed News.

CNN On Edge After Russia Resignations

CNN President Jeff Zucker sought to rally employees on Tuesday morning after three staffers resigned over the network’s retracted Russia story.

Qual garota de "GLOW" é você?

Todas maravilhosas, sem exceção.

Two Of The Buildings That Have Failed Fire Safety Tests Are Owned By Private Landlords

The Department for Communities and Local Government confirmed to BuzzFeed News that cladding on two private buildings had failed the combustibility tests.

People Are Roasting This Manspready Justin Trudeau Magazine Cover

"Please, Mr. Trudeau was my father. Call me Justin."

Can You Score 14/16 On This First Edition Book Cover Quiz?

Please do judge these books by their covers.

This Is Why You Should Always Wear Sunscreen When Running Outside

Warning: These blisters are pretty graphic, tbh.

28 Of The Most Iconic Makeup Tweets Of All Time

"so i've been seeing this challenge circulating where you use a family members' cremated ashes to set your face."

23 trucs normaux en Belgique mais qui paraissent super bizarres aux yeux des Français

«Septante», «nonante», mais surtout pas «huitante».

28 Songs That Shouldn't Have Flopped But Straight People Exist

This isn't necessarily an attack on straight people, this is an all-out war on heterosexuality.

Which Weird National Day Falls On Your Birthday?

Find out what else you should be celebrating this year.

Kris Jenner Shuts Down "Offensive" Rumors About Kim's Sex Tape Once And For All

"One of the most horrific things that we, as a family, went through..."

16 Razones por las que ya te estás tardando en ver 'GLOW'

La nueva serie de luchadoras de Netflix es tu próximo crush televisivo.

These Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies Are What Dreams Are Made Of

They have oatmeal so it's an acceptable breakfast, right?

Companies In Europe Are Being Hit By A Massive Ransomware Attack

Companies in the UK, France, Denmark, and Ukraine said Tuesday that they had come under cyber attack.

Which Shawn Mendes Song Should You Listen To Right Now?

It's impossible to get a bad result.

64 Thoughts Everyone Who's Gone Running Has Definitely Had

The best part about running is that when you've done it you have the most time in front of you where you don't have to run.

51 Thoughts You Have At Work Before You Go On Holiday

"Hello I'm not actually out of the office yet but I might as well be because I give zero shits right now."

How Much Will Your Dream Wedding Actually Cost?

You best get that credit card out.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a cookware set, maternity support belt, wine carafe, and more!

A Bar Cancelled A Grenfell Fundraiser Event To Avoid A "Poor-Quality Demographic"

In a statement, the owners of Trapeze Bar said: "Following a full investigation, the employee involved has had his contract terminated with immediate effect."

These Trendsetters Are Challenging The Stereotypes Of Black Masculinity

"Masculinity exists on a spectrum, and dandyism is only one of many forms of masculinity."

Politiker aller Parteien im Bundestag fordern jetzt auf Twitter die #EheFuerAlle

„Das tritt nach meiner Kenntnis … ist das sofort, unverzüglich.“

Voici un horoscope cynique et honnête qui change de d'habitude

Ça fait du bien de ne pas se sentir berné-e.

12 motivos que explicam por que eu nunca terei filhos

Eu mal consigo cuidar de mim mesmo(a) :-(

Can You Get A Kiss In This Dating Simulator?

Just get a smooch and you win!

12 Summer Airfare Deals For Your Next Epic Travel Adventure

No matter where you live, it's time to get outta town.

What Are The Best Tricks, Tips, Hacks, Or Products For Beach Lovers?

Give us some advice before we head out on our next trip to the beach.

Plan A Date And We'll Guess How Lonely You Are

How deep is your love and/or loneliness?

Solo un experto en comida china puede sacar 8/10 en este quiz

¿Te gusta la comida china tanto como dices? Demuéstralo.

11 Historias sobre salir del clóset que te van a devolver la fe en la humanidad

"Mi mamá vio mi seguridad en mis palabras y comenzó a llorar."

Flash Briefing For June 27, 2017

Here are today's top tech stories.

19 Things You're Too Scared To Ask But Really Want To Know About Giving Birth

Sometimes you tear vagina to asshole, sometimes you don't.

O elenco de "Dawson's Creek" antes x hoje em dia

Já se passaram 14 anos desde que a série acabou.

Hattie Soykan • 10 hours ago

Here's What We Wish We Could Say To Our Favourite Harry Potter Characters

"Loving your stories strengthened me when I needed you the most."

Grenfell Tower Campaigners Are So Angry With The Police They Are Creating Their Own Database Of Victims

The Met police have said 79 people are missing and presumed dead, but Justice 4 Grenfell campaigners have rejected the figure and say they're now doing their own investigation.

Kim Kardashian West a recours à une mère porteuse car une troisième grossesse pourrait être dangereuse

Non, ce n'est pas par vanité ni par volonté de «préserver son corps»: une troisième grossesse pourrait lui coûter la vie.

19 Books That Everyone With A Vagina Should Read

Because we all need more cliterature in our lives.

26 Shoes That People With Wide Feet Actually Swear By

Because your toes deserve happiness. The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

Emma McAnaw • 8 hours ago

27 Of The Biggest Offences Committed To Toast

Nothing will offend your eyes more than ramen on toast. H/T r/shittyfoodporn.

What Are Your Best Hacks For Eating Lower-Carb?

Because tbh, it's hard to do without becoming murderous.

«Twin Peaks» a complètement pété un câble et les gens ne s'en remettent pas

«Cette scène où le mec balaie le sol pendant 2 minutes était vraiment bizarre.» David Lynch: «MDR».

President Trump Is On A Twitter Screed About "Fake News" And CNN

Trump and his administration's top officials regularly lie and make false statements.

Nicola Sturgeon Has Delayed Her Plans For IndyRef2

The first minister said she would "reset" her case for another independence referendum – but insisted it would still happen "at the end of the Brexit process".

Parents: What Helped You While You Were Breastfeeding?

Tell us all the products, hacks, tips, dance moves, or... whatever you did to make breastfeeding easier.

People Are Angry At This YouTuber's Recommendations For A Healthy Diet

The YouTuber appears to have been paid to talk about certain products.

Order Some Avocado Toast And We'll Show You Which House You Can't Afford

Because millennials will never afford a house with all their frivolous spending.

Tienes todas estas cosas en casa y está bien que sepas para qué sirven

O 'Cosas que habría querido saber cuando se me rompió el jodido bote sifónico'.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Missguided, Free People, ApolloBox, and more!

It's Time To Acknowledge The Privilege That Makes Your Art Possible

The freedom to chase your dreams has been built on several generations' worth of curtailed ambitions. Wield it well.

【激ムズ】ザクマニアしか答えられないザククイズ #gandam


29 Of The Most Impossibly Beautiful Places In The UK

Pack your bags, you're gonna want to visit these.

Wenn der Rechtsausschuss morgen ja sagt, könnte die Ehe für alle diese Woche noch kommen

Angela Merkel lässt CDU/CSU-Abgeordnete nach ihrem Gewissen entscheiden. BuzzFeed News hat alle 38 CDU/CSU-Politiker im Rechtsausschusses angefragt.

52 photos trop bizarres même pour un article de BuzzFeed

Mais elles valent le détour quand même.

The EU Just Fined Google $2.7 Billion For Giving A Leg Up To Its Own Shopping Service

It's the EU's largest penalty against any company to date — but Google says it will appeal it.



One Of The Youngest Victims Of The Grenfell Tower Fire Has Been Named

Five-year-old Isaac Paulos has been confirmed dead by the Metropolitan police.

Solo un verdadero amante de la pizza sacará más de 9/13 en este test

Pon a prueba tus conocimientos sobre la pizza, a ver si eres un true fan.

This Is Why The SNP Thinks It Lost So Many Seats In The General Election

Independence, Jeremy Corbyn, and activist complacency all had a part to play, according to MPs who lost their seats.



Angela Merkel Has Opened The Door To Same-Sex Marriage In Germany

The German chancellor said she advocated a free vote on the issue. A parliamentary vote could now take place by the end of this week.

フライパンひとつで簡単! うま辛ソースのぷりぷりえびチリ


そもそも、お産はどれくらい「痛い」? 医師に聞く「痛みの正体」


À quel point êtes-vous homo?

Enfin, la réponse que vous cherchez depuis toutes ces années.

室温40度で3時間もつ 原宿に登場、溶けないアイス店


Do You Eat These Different Kinds Of Potatoes With Ketchup?

Sorry, sweet potatoes aren't real potatoes.

18 Hilarious Tweets About Narendra Modi Meeting Donald Trump

"Find someone who will hug you like PM Modi hugged President Trump."

An Award-Winning Novelist Is Lifting Viral Tweets

Author and commentator Helen Dale, who was once sacked for plagiarism, has her second novel coming out in October.

Here's Who Could Potentially Be "A.D." On "Pretty Little Liars"

A.D. definitely stands for "Aria's Dad".

Only Someone Who Had Every Crayola Crayon As A Kid Can Name 13/18 Of These Colors

Let's be honest, you weren't cool if your crayon box didn't include a sharpener.

A 23-Year-Old Woman Shut Down Her Real Estate Blog After Zillow Threatened Her

McMansion Hell chronicled the many failings of gigantic American houses. Its author, Kate Wagner, shut down the blog Monday after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Zillow.

18 Reasons Why Adelaide Is Way More Liveable Than Any Other City

It wasn't voted Australia’s most liveable city for ‘nuffin.

乳がんと闘ったお母さん 18歳の娘が撮った写真に勇気づけられる。


Prospective Jurors In Martin Shkreli's Trial Think He's "Evil" And Want To Choke Him

"I know he's the most hated man in America," one prospective juror said.

DeMario Jackson Says Corinne Olympios Was The "Aggressor"

In his first sit-down interview about Bachelor in Paradise, Jackson told his side of what happened during filming — and said a producer tried to pressure him into quitting. (Updated with Part 2 of the interview Tuesday night.)

White House Says Syria May Be Preparing Another Chemical Attack, Warns Assad Will "Pay A Heavy Price"

On Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesperson said that there was evidence the regime was possibly preparing to use chemical weapons. But many in the department were left in the dark ahead of the White House statement.





This Teen Is The Reason Why Her Peers Are Being Taught About Domestic Violence

"When I was younger I didn't understand the concept of domestic violence."



Janot quer que Temer pague R$ 10 milhões para reparar danos por corrupção

Além dele, PGR também quer que Rocha Loures desembolse R$ 2 milhões pelos prejuízos causados ao país por seus atos.

"No Religion" Is Now Australia's Number One Religion

In 1966 just 0.8% of Australians ticked the "no religion" box.

A Lawyer Who Worked For Rod Rosenstein Has Joined The Special Counsel Team Investigating Russia

There’s been a steady stream of lawyers traveling south this year from the US attorney’s office in Maryland — Rod Rosenstein's old office — to the Justice Department in Washington. Aaron Zelinsky, who worked under Rosenstein, has joined special counsel Robert Mueller III’s team.

There Are At Least 47,000 Gay Couples In Australia Who Can't Get Married

Census data is out...and so are a lot of Aussies.

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