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19 People On British TV Who Were 100% Born To Do Their Jobs

Nominative determinism, or just a massive coincidence?

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1. The environmentally friendly Lord.

2. And he's far from the only green-fingered peer.

3. This very appropriate salad pusher.

Sky News / Via Twitter: @weetabixface

4. The coolest weather presenter in town.

5. Dr Dockter, who is undoubtedly sick of your jokes.

Sky News / Via Twitter: @nishant_shastry

6. This engineer that doesn't scream "I'm really great at my job".

7. This active youth, who is quite happy to brag on national television.

Sky News / Via Twitter: @jazmasta

8. The guy who was almost certainly pissing about when the reporter asked for his name.

9. The guy who turned up on the BBC to talk about weight loss.

BBC / Via Twitter: @stokel

10. The ITV reporter who was probably sent on this job by a producer who thought they were being funny.

11. The woman who is, in some ways, everything she hates.

BBC / Via Twitter: @rhayter

12. Luke, who is as titley as they come.

13. This guy you can't afford to be friends with.

14. And this lovely man who will probably make you feel like a terrible person.

15. Though even he is rivalled by the friendliest superhero there's every been...

BBC / Via

16. The chef who's lucky he wasn't called Tom Toilet.

17. Pam, who just bloody loves graves.

18. These Masterchef crewmembers who were destined to be best friends.

19. And finally, the footballer that probably had a cameraman following him round for the whole game waiting for the planets to align.

Then, of course, there are those people that you desperately hope have names that are NOTHING to do with how they spend their time...

Finally seen an election flyer in the wild and it's from the candidate with the greatest name in UK politics.