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19 Times Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Made You Say "Hey, Maybe Love Does Exist"

Ugh, stop it, guys.

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1. When Anna joined Twitter and had no idea what was going on, but Chris assured her she was doing great.

2. When they had a night off from parenting but made this joke about their son, Jack.

3. When Chris demonstrated his braiding skills...

Instagram: @prattprattpratt

4. ...and further clarified it in an interview.


7. When they were the definition of disgustingly adorable on the way to an awards ceremony.

On the way!! I shaved my legs! #wetredcarpet


10. And when Anna shared this snap of her two boys.

Strong husband, small guitar, and pirate child. @prattprattpratt

12. When they looked just like another regular, slightly tipsy couple at a bar.

Look at my moves!! That's my subtly at work! Liquid courage (classy form) and half-open eyes! @prattprattpratt


14. And when they were the absolute definition of happiness.

15. When Anna shared on Twitter that potty-training wasn't going that well...

Potty training is going so great! I'm a natural! @prattprattpratt

16. ...but Chris was still proud.

Those are swim shorts. Put him in the pool and that's perfectly acceptable behavior. I'm proud of both of you.


17. When Chris appeared on SNL and still couldn't resist serenading Anna.

18. When they never took themselves too seriously during interviews.

19. And when Anna knew they were so bloody adorable, she even captioned the photo with "please don't vomit".

Going through photos again. This is chris kissing my freezing nose in Tokyo please don't vomit. I just did.