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36 Tiny Things That Really, Really Annoy Tidy People

Warning: This post contains intense passive aggression.

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1) When someone doesn’t wipe down the counters after washing up. What did those counters ever do to you?

2) When someone discards a lonely empty packet on the counter instead of reuniting it with its long-lost love: The Bin.

3) When someone leaves tea bags in the sink rather than putting them in the bin, as though the little bit of water left in them is going to cause a catastrophic bin flood.

4) When, god forbid, people sleep in a bed without sheets.

5) When someone leaves the sofa without making all the cushions look nice.

6) Dirty dishes being left in the sink, as though putting them in the sink is doing anything useful...when in fact you have to then take them out the sink and clean the sink before doing the washing-up.

7) People not putting the lid back on the toothpaste and it going all dry and crusty.

8) Crumbs. In. The. Butter.


9) When people treat the bin like a game of Jenga.

10) When food gets on the bin lid.

11) When someone is a kind angel and takes out the bin, but then becomes a sneaky devil because they didn’t put a new bin bag in.

12) When the big bag has slipped down, but people keep putting food in it, so the food goes all over the bin.

13) When people put empty containers back in the fridge, just in case you fancy a milk bottle full of crisp, cold air.

14) When people place the sticky eggshells back in the box with all the nice smooth eggs.

15) Inefficient stacking of dishwashers.

16) When people take their shoes off wherever and just leave them there in the middle of the floor, like their shoes don’t have a place to sleep at night.

17) When the microwave is covered in orange food splatter.

18) When chairs, which have done nothing wrong in their lives, don’t get pushed under tables.

19) When people leave their bed unmade.

20) When the grouting goes the wrong colour in the shower because of evil mould.

21) When there are little rings of grimes around all the shampoo bottles in the shower.

22) When someone says they’ve cleaned or tidied something, but it’s just not quite up to your standard.

23) When there are food bits in the sink and you have to touch them with your precious fingers.

24) When someone brushes their teeth and leaves toothpaste residue in the sink.

25) Or splatters on the mirror.

26) When someone takes a selfie in a dirty mirror, and even if they’re the most gorgeous person you’ve ever seen, all you can really see is the mirror.

27) People who treat the kitchen table like a shelf to store all their belongings.

28) When people don’t wash the outside of pans, so all your pans are covered in burnt splatters and drips.

29) People who *GASP* eat crumbly things in bed.

30) People who *GASP* leave dirty plates in their room overnight.

31) People who put things away at a wonky angle, so the wonky angle stares at you from the other side of the room, and you irrationally can’t stop looking at the wonky angle.

32) When people play Jenga with the drying rack, which will inevitably end in a glass getting smashed.

33) When people shave and then leave their little hairs everywhere.

34) When people leave poo smears, even though the toilet brush is right there and now you know they did a big poo.

35) When someone doesn’t replace the toilet roll, because they are obviously a very busy and important person.

36) When people replace the toilet roll but don’t put the old one in the bin. As though the old toilet roll needs a monument to its memory on the toilet cistern.