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June 2, 2017

Prepara estos rollos de camarón con un toque oriental

¡Fáciles, frescos y deliciosos!

The 19 Greatest "Yes The Fuck She Did" Movies Of All Time

They may not all be heroes, but one thing's for sure: Revenge is a dish best served... by a lady. Some spoilers ahead.

Another Immigrant Has Died In ICE Custody And Critics Worry It's Just The Beginning

Vicente Caceres-Maradiaga, who died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital, is the ninth person to die in federal custody since October.

Este es el quiz más difícil de la Champions League que harás en mucho tiempo

¿Sabes mucho de fut? Rífate y saca más de 15 en este quiz.

Baltimore Archdiocese Responds To "The Keepers" Director's Comment On "Sickening" PR Strategy

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the archdiocese told BuzzFeed News it exercised some “bad judgment” in trying to discredit the Netflix documentary series, which tells the story of an alleged serial rapist priest and a murdered nun who’s said to have known about the abuse.

Dale un twist al pollo teriyaki con esta nueva receta

Una deliciosa y saludable opción

18 Decisiones estúpidas que todos los borrachos hemos tomado

Pagar las chelas de desconocidos y marcarle "accidentalmente" a tu ex, ¿te suena?

23 Veces en las que Pinterest te hizo querer sacarte los ojos

Hazlo tú misma, o mejor tíralo a la basura.

Este quiz visual te dirá si eres más barrio o más fresa

Dime qué ves y te diré quién eres.

14 Razones por las que 'Huye' podría ser la mejor película del año

Muchos críticos creen que podría ser la primera cinta de horror nominada al Óscar en mucho tiempo.

Theresa May Went On Question Time And Was Called A Liar Within Seconds

The two leaders faced tough questions as the audience vented frustrations at both the Tories and Labour in the final big TV showdown of the campaign.

We Spent 11 Hours With Mark Sanford And Crashed His ATV

BuzzFeed News talked to Sanford about his life in and out of Washington, the scandal that almost ended his career, and got a tour of his farm.

8 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

31 Books You Won't Be Able To Stop Thinking About

~I just can't get you out of my head~

PGR envia ao Supremo denúncia Aécio Neves por corrupção no caso JBS

Senador teve conversa com Joesley Batista, da JBS, gravada. O político pediu R$ 2 milhões para ajudar a pagar advogados, mas dinheiro acabou indo parar numa empresa do filho do também senador Zezé Perrela.

Republicans And Trump Are Reviving George Bush's Climate Politics

Never mind the climate science, Republicans are back to hoping technology can save the planet.

When You Use Uber Once

Who doesn’t love Uber?!

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

A história esquecida das "radium girls", cujas mortes salvaram as vidas de milhares de trabalhadores

Durante a Primeira Guerra Mundial, centenas de norte-americanas trabalharam em fábricas de relógios, pintando mostradores com tinta luminosa feita à base do elemento químico rádio. Após as mulheres apresentarem efeitos colaterais terríveis provocados pela radiação, teve início uma luta que mudou para sempre as leis trabalhistas dos Estados Unidos.

17 Kick-Ass Vegan Desserts That Will Make You Feel Like A Champion

Warning: High concentration of deliciousness.

We Need To Talk About Justin Bieber's 31 Instagram Posts From The Past Two Days

The boy has 87.7 million followers and zero chill.

Can You Go 7 For 7 On This Keyboard Memory Quiz?

How well do you actually know the QWERTY keyboard?

Leia os principais trechos da entrevista em que Temer admite que pode mudar diretor da PF

Sobre Rocha Loures, o ex-assessor filmado com uma mala de R$ 500 mil, Temer isentou-se: "Não me senti traído porque não tenho nada a ver com isso."

14 Recetas que puedes hacer con una sola charola para hielos

Tu nueva herramienta favorita de cocina.

Este es el 'qué prefieres' de la Champions más difícil que harás

Una final, dos equipos, veintidós jugadores sin playeras, muchas decisiones.

Here's What The Twins From Disney's "Double Teamed" Look Like Now

Is there a Disney youth serum I don't know about?

Este '¿qué prefieres?' definirá si eres más 90s o 00s

Tus gustos lo decidirán de una vez por todas.

23 Ridiculous And Terrifying Health Questions People Have Actually Googled

"If I sneeze with my eyes open, will they fall out?"

Aparentemente a nova moda nos EUA é tirar selfies de divórcio

Algumas são bem esquisitas, mas outras são até bonitinhas.

Watch All These Trump Aides Dodge Questions On His Climate Change Views

Five top Trump aides have dodged questions this week as to whether the president still believes climate change is a hoax.

Walmart Workers Want A Racial Breakdown Of Who Gets Full-Time Hours

A proposal for the retailer to disclose racial data about who gets full-time hours was voted down at Walmart's shareholder meeting on Friday.

This Woman Can't Contact A Republican Congressman After A Road Rage Incident

Wendi Wright can't have any contact with Republican Rep. David Kustoff for a year after she chased after him for his vote on Obamacare last month.

Monte um assassinato do jogo "Detetive" e diremos qual é o seu maior crime

Teria sido o coronel Mostarda, na sala de jantar com o candelabro?

WTF Is A Panzerotto?

The panzerotto is like a gourmet Italian Hot Pocket, and it's made its way to the US.

21 Memes que evitaron todo el drama innecesario de la vida

Qué aburrida sería la vida si nunca nos equivocáramos.

Do You Think Those Color Block Facebook Posts Are Awesome Or Awful?

Help settle this debate between BuzzFeed tech editors.

Você está de que lado quando o assunto é Ross Geller?

Para alguns, ele foi o pior de "Friends", para outros, o melhor.

Obama Defends The Paris Climate Deal After Trump Withdraws

Immediately after President Trump announced he will pull the US out of the Paris climate accord, Barack Obama spoke his mind — and he’s not happy.

This Model Is Raising Eyebrows

This model was bullied for her body hair and now she’s proving that beauty standards are nonsense.

These "RoboBees" Could Help Pollinate Crops

Researchers are building "RoboBees" that can work together to do super important work, like help save the world.

This Is Why Employers Can Legally Pay Women Less

"What was your previous salary?" The answer women give might mean they get paid less than their male coworkers.

22 Cosas que definitivamente te pasan al ver 'Mujer Maravilla'

¡Claire Underwood pero en GUERRERA AMAZONA!

20 Memes sobre hermanas que son graciosos porque son 100% reales

Como cuando se pone tu ropa... sin avisarte.

Spectrophobia Is A Thing And You Definitely Have It, Sorry

Don't even say the words "Bloody Mary" around me unless we're at brunch.

18 fotos de cosas tan incorrectas que hacen daño

Si puedes llegar hasta el final es que tienes problemas.

Kathy Griffin Says Trump And His Family Are Trying To Ruin Her Life Forever

"This president, of all people, is going to come after me? He picked the wrong redhead."

Tu gusto en reggaetón te dirá una verdad oculta sobre ti

¿Qué canción te levanta de la silla cuando ya no das una?

Larisa Oleynik Is Here To Prove She's More Than Alex Mack

The former child star is working harder than ever in the off-Broadway musical Baghdaddy.

Priyanka Chopra's Advice For Young Women Is All You'll Ever Need

We talked to the Bollywood icon about everything from puppies to her "absurdly fabulous" Baywatch role.

The Gap Between Rich And Poor Could Be Even Wider Than We Think

Two giant leaks of banking and financial data suggest that the global mega-rich hold an even larger slice of the economic pie, according to a new study.

17 Design Fails Guaranteed To Make You Feel Uncomfortable

But really who gave these the green light? H/T UglyDesign

17 Food Pictures That Will Make Every Caribbean Person Wince

How many ways can you butcher rice and peas?

A Top Establishment Republican Group Is Embracing Its Role In Trump's Victory

It's a quick, but notable line in a fundraising email from America Rising: “Our early planning and research helped hand Hillary Clinton the most surprising political upset of all-time and elect Donald Trump President of the United States.”

Grampos indicam que TV Record negociou entrevista com Temer em troca de patrocínio na Caixa

Conversas interceptadas mostram Aécio Neves e o ministro Moreira Franco falando em “entrar no circuito” em favor da Record dentro do banco estatal, com anuência do presidente.

23 Adorable Products That Support Elephant Conservation

Support your favorite animal while also treating yourself.

These Dads Tearing Up The Dance Floor At Their 30th High School Reunion Will Make You Smile

"The minute we hit that dance floor it was like we went back in time."

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Reese Witherspoon ate some donuts, Chrissy Teigen had some thoughts about nachos, and more!

19 Fashion Trends That Took It Way Too Far

I guess being extra is in style.

How Terrible Are Your Gym Habits?

Do you take selfies in the gym mirror?

This Giant BBQ Sandwich Is Everything You've Ever Wanted In Life

Perfect for a crowd or if you just REALLY like bbq...

16 Deliciosas y sencillas recetas que puedes preparar con una lata de maíz

Platillos sabrosos, baratos y rapídisimo de preparar.

Si no sacas por lo menos 10 en este quiz, lamentamos informarte que eres un fresa

Las preguntas están fáciles... si has vivido, carnal.

Would You Choose To Wear These Bridesmaid Dresses?

In reality you don't have a choice, but lets just pretend you do.

All Of The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Featuring deals on a pet bed, an eyelash curler, and an A-line dress.

You're Totally One Of These Kardashian Moms — But Which One?

Are you keeping up with Kris, Kim, or Kourtney?

27 coisas que pensamos vendo o filme "Mulher Maravilha"

"Meu Deus, não acredito que a Mulher Maravilha inventou o lacre".

70 idées géniales que tous les parents devraient connaître

Vous y trouverez forcément de quoi enchanter votre petite famille.

14 tuítes de pessoas que já estão doidas por festa junina


Tillerson And Exxon Misled Investors On Climate Change, New York AG Says

In court filings Friday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman claims that Exxon used a "sham" process to mislead its shareholders about the cost of green house gas emission regulations on the company while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was CEO.

You're Going To Talk To All Your Gadgets. And They're Going To Talk Back.

Amazon's Echo speaker made chatty, at-home bots mainstream — and now Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung are all in on the battle for your voice.

Do I Have To Choose Between A Good Life And Good Teeth?

After growing up poor in West Virginia, I thought I had made it out and built a better life for myself. But my teeth are only getting worse.

Why You MUST See The Mona Lisa If You're In Paris

If you didn't see the Mona Lisa, did you even go to France?

16 tweets sur Thomas Pesquet qui lui feront regretter d'être revenu sur Terre

Merci de nous avoir fait rêver –et aussi bien rigoler.

27 Expensive Purses That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Worth every cent that you'll never get to actually put in them. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

18 Orgasms You've Probably Had If You Have A Vagina

"Was that pee or did I squirt?" —you, after an orgasm

What's Your Favorite '90s Country Song?

Dixie Chicks or Tim McGraw?

Scotland Is Full Of Evil People, And These 19 Photos Prove It

Our once fine land is now a dark and hopeless place.

A Man Stole The Wedding Ring And Backpack Of One Of The Portland Train Stabbing Attack Victims

Police apprehended a suspect who stole the items from Ricky Best after he was killed while trying to stop a white supremacist's racist vitriol against two women on a train.

15 Cool Products Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

This week: Coffee vaults, shell purses, and corgi butt pillows!

Let Us Guess Your "Tekken" Animal Fighter

We're all animals when Tekken 7 drops.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About What Political Parties Are Promising Ethnic Minorities

The Tory manifesto includes a promise to tackle "burning injustice", Labour has pledged to "unlock the talent of BAME people", and the Lib Dems say they "oppose all discrimination" – but how do they measure up on policy?

The Tories Are Buying Google Ads To Squeeze The Lib Dems In Key Marginal Battles

Tim Farron's party is at only 7% in the polls – but the Conservatives are trying to eat away at that support with paid-for online ads warning of a "coalition of chaos".

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently trending. This week: a mini barbecue, an avocado knife and a book on modern romance.

Prefeito que pegou oxigênio de hospital para fazer festa vai a júri popular porque paciente morreu

O cilindro foi usado para bombear chope na festa de ano novo de 2013, último dia do mandato de José Cláudio Pol. Ex-prefeito diz que não teve participação.

This "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theory About Davos Is Weirdly Convincing

By the old gods and the new, this is an excellent fan theory. Via FollowTheBeard.

24 Pieces Of Candy That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

As a wise man named Aaron Carter once said, "I want candy."

Armed Officers From Across The UK Will Police The One Love Manchester Concert

With a football match taking place at Manchester United's nearby ground on Sunday afternoon, 130,000 people are expected to be in the same area of the city on the same day.

Men In Japan Think There Should Be Men-Only Trains So Women Can't Accuse Them Of Sexual Assault

Japanese Twitter trolls have kickstarted a massive debate about rape culture on public transportation after two men died trying to run from authorities after being accused of molesting women on trains.

Here Are Just Some Of The Questions Theresa May Has Not Answered This Week

Question: "I hear you tell excellent cricket jokes..." / Answer: "Ha ha!"

All The Best Deals On The Internet This Weekend

Deals at Target, Abercrombie & Fitch, Paper Source, and more!

31 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Bubble tea sleeping packs, flattering high-waisted bikinis, air-purifying shoe inserts, and 28 other favorite products from our recent posts.

「飲食店」や「家庭」は受動喫煙ゼロに! 次期がん対策推進基本計画の数値目標


Young Voters Say They Will Turn Up At This Election, And They're Backing Corbyn

"I didn’t vote in the last election – it just seemed futile. But I’m just more engaged now. Most of my friends are staying here to vote and I’d say most of them will vote Labour."

I Voted For You, So Give Me A Unicorn Right Now

The millennial's guide to going beyond the Nayak model of governance and engaging with Indian democracy.

Le porno en 2007 VS le porno en 2017

Spoiler: on aime ça de plus en plus.

17 Things That All Serial Nappers Know

You and your bed are in a happy and loving relationship.

Would You Rather: Academia Edition

If you had to choose one, would you rather give up caffeine or alcohol while writing your thesis?

Priya Malik Has Been Clinically Shutting Down Trolls After She Posted A #FreeTheNipple Photo

"My areola brings all the boys to the yard and they're like 'Damn girl, shush'."



25 Memes That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Terrible At Sleeping

"My greatest sexual fantasy is eight hours of sleep."

Estos son algunos datos sobre cómo ven porno las mujeres que podrían sorprenderte

¿Qué buscan las mujeres y cuál es su opinión sobre el porno en general?

China May Have To Pick Up The Slack After Trump’s Climate Decision — Whether It Wants To Or Not

Despite China’s commitment to curbing its own emissions, doubts remain over whether it’s really poised to take on a global leadership role as the US steps back.

What's Going On In The News Today?

A coalition of states and mayors across the US are vowing to honor the Paris climate agreement despite Trump's withdrawal. At least 37 people were found dead from smoke inhalation in a Philippines resort after a gunman set fires while trying to rob a casino. And we’ve got your weekend reads covered.

A Tory Candidate, His Aide, And An Official Have Been Charged Over 2015 Election Expenses

Craig Mackinlay, 50, Nathan Gray, 28, and Marion Little, 62, were all charged today, the Crown Prosecution Service has announced.

Theresa May And David Davis Don't Seem To Know When They Can Hit Their Immigration Target

Are they planning to cut it to tens of thousands by 2022, or is that just an aim?

27 fotos increíbles de la primera película de "Star Wars"

Para celebrar el 40 aniversario de Star Wars: Episodio IV — Una nueva esperanza, hemos reunido algunas de las mejores fotografías de Star Wars de finales de los años 70.

Nicola Sturgeon Says The SNP Would Help Jeremy Corbyn Become Prime Minister

Sturgeon said she'd expect "all sorts of talks" between her and Corbyn in the event of a hung parliament, but Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale told BuzzFeed News there will be no negotiations between the parties.



If Newspapers Reported On My Life: 32 Important News Stories

#Breaking: Woman cancels all plans; wonders why she has no friends

食卓が華やぐ♪ お花の飾り寿司




18 choses qu'il vous arrive de faire même si vous êtes féministe

Avoir un tableau Pinterest consacré au mariage de vos rêves ne vous rend pas moins féministe.

17 trucs que tous ceux qui ont un gros pénis comprendront

Ce n'est pas toujours une partie de plaisir.

18 Indians Who Tried, They Really Tried

It's not a fail if you try really, really hard.

22 Tweets Women Will Find True For No Damn Good Reason

I don't know how, but they're all true.

13 Places To Get Bomb-Ass Doughnuts In Brisbane

Every day is International Doughnut Day in my heart.

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 5月に最も見られた動画は…


Why "Looking For Alibrandi" Is So Damn Important

Eight writers share what the story means to them.

AppleのCEOが従業員に緊急のメッセージ トランプ大統領の表明を受けて




Pick A Summer Outfit And We'll Reveal Which Ice Cream Flavor You Are

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

How "Cracking Open A Cold One With The Boys" Became A Huge Meme

It's the overnight sensation two years in the making.

18 Things You'll Relate To If Your Air Conditioner Is Your Soulmate

Can't talk back, always there for you, and makes you feel good.

Which "Riverdale" Mom Are You?

They're all savage queens!

More Than 200 Cities And A Dozen States Are Vowing To Honor The Paris Climate Deal After Trump’s Withdrawal

State lawmakers, along with a large coalition of mayors, are promising to remain committed to the climate deal even as Trump pulls the US out of it.

Read Apple CEO Tim Cook's Email To Employees About Trump Pulling Out Of The Paris Accord

"I spoke with President Trump on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to keep the U.S. in the agreement. But it wasn’t enough."

26 Photos That’ll Just Piss Off Every Aussie

"Paleo" and "vegan" just don't belong in the same sentence as "sausage sizzle".

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