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June 8, 2017

Accused NSA Leaker Wrote That She Wanted To “Burn The White House Down,” Prosecutors Say

A federal judge ordered 25-year-old Reality Winner remain in custody as court hearings proceed. She pleaded not guilty Thursday to leaking classified information.

Here Are The Newspaper Front Pages The Days Before And After The Shock 2017 Election Exit Poll

An exit poll predicting Conservative losses and Labour gains led many papers to change their tune somewhat.

21 Alt-Rock Songs From 2007 You've Probably Forgotten About

One, two, three, four, tell me how many of these were on your old iPod.

9 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week

Chrissy Teigen as a high school cheerleader kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday.

“The Mummy” Is A $125 Million Lesson About How Franchises Are Hard

It has a sexy member of the undead and it has Tom Cruise, but The Mummy never justifies its resurrection — much less the existence of the shared universe it’s supposed to be launching.

Is It On? Episode 13: The One Direction Of Anti-Islam

And, tequila shots with Neo-Nazis.

Tell Us The Simple Meals You Relied On During A Rough Time In Your Life

When your life is in shambles, preparing a decent meal for yourself can be a huge victory.

The Saudi Football Team Refused To Take Part In A Minute's Silence For London Victims

The team said the minute's silence was not in keeping with Saudi culture.

34 Horror Movie Facts You Probably Didn't Know

This includes spoilers for some films.

E o TSE que decidiu não julgar R$ 150 milhões de caixa dois da Odebrecht

"Ou seja, se eu entendi bem, aqui estamos no processo mais importante da história do TSE, para examinar caixa um e não caixa dois, invertendo a ordem absoluta de toda a nossa história", resumiu o relator Herman Benjamin.

27 Vintage Taylor Swift Tweets You Won't Believe She Actually Tweeted

"I just used a Sharpie as eye liner in the airplane bathroom."

19 Memes que necesitas en tu vida si te gusta el reggaetón

Perreo intenso + memes = la combinación perfecta para alguien como tú.

24 Secretos que Pixar nos contó sobre 'Coco'

El co-director y la productora presentaron la película en la CDMX y revelaron muchos detalles sobre la cinta inspirada en México.

People Are Sharing Their Worst "I Thought I Was Alone" Moments And They're Cringey And Great

What would you do if you walked in on your mom watching porn?

Well Well Well, Look Who Has A Fidget Spinner

Kendall Jenner, that's who.

Flash Briefing Test For Jun 8

This is only a test.

Emma Watson Has A Doppelgänger That'll Make You Do A Double-Take

What's better than one Emma Watson? Two, of course!

Ted Cruz Got Played Off The Stage At A Religious Conference And The Footage Is Everything

This is more brutal than when the orchestra plays at the Oscars.

19 Tampon Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe, Then Gag

"So I had to pull my used tampon out of my dog's butt."

23 Of The Oldest Color Photos Ever Taken

Here's what the world looked like in color, over 100 years ago.

People Actually Think “News” Is An Acronym — It’s Not, But This Mess Is Pretty Hilarious

"I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure out that NEWS stands for Numerous Evidence We're Stupid."

Amazing Science Tricks You Can Do At Home

Simple science for kids and adults.

This Former Race Car Driver Is The First Openly Trans Ballet Dancer To Pass A Royal Academy Of Dance Exam

This former race car driver is the first openly trans ballet dancer to pass a Royal Academy of Dance exam.

This Heartbreaking Video From The Teen Whose Girlfriend Demanded He Kill Himself Was Released Today

Eighteen-year-old Conrad Roy made a video one month before his 2014 suicide, saying, "I have a lot going for me." His girlfriend, Michelle Carter, is on trial for allegedly pressuring him — through text messages — to kill himself.

These Muslim Teens Stood Up For Themselves When A Man Berated Them In A Restaurant

A man harassed these Muslim girls at a restaurant and one of the girls filmed the whole interaction.



7 People You Meet At Every HBCU

The kind of people you've meet if you attended an HBCU.

Are You An Optimist Or A Pessimist?

Is the glass half full or is it COMPLETELY FILTHY?

【加計学園】今治市職員が決定前に官邸などを訪問? 政府は「確認できない」の一点張りで議論紛糾


This Young Boy Asked His Stepdad To Adopt Him On His Birthday

"So let's stop playing and make it official."

John McCain Lost Everyone While Questioning Comey And He Blamed It On Baseball

“Just tuning in but I thought John McCain made a really important point about eggplant octopus football cheeseburger television pancake.”

The Supreme Court Justices Reported Millions Of Dollars In Assets In 2016

The federal judiciary on Thursday released the latest financial reports filed by the US Supreme Court justices. Justice Neil Gorsuch received an extension to file, so his disclosure isn't available yet. Among the details: Justice Samuel Alito got a bronze hand as a gift.

O quanto você era emo?

Vamos relembrar seu passado.

Only A Real "Veronica Mars" Fan Can Ace This Quiz

Test your knowledge of Neptune's greatest heroine.

23 Tweets That'll Make You Shake Your Head And Go "Damn, That's Me"

"I enjoy long romantic scrolls on my phone."

¿Puedes irte de compras a Zara sin salirte de tu presupuesto?

Tienes $10,000 para irte de compras. ¿Lo lograrás?

Isto é o que a mudança climática está provocando ao redor do mundo

Icebergs estão derretendo, as secas ficaram mais severas e inundações repentinas estão se tornando cada vez mais frequentes.

20 coisas absurdas e ridículas sobre a menstruação que algumas pessoas realmente pensavam

"Minha irmã pensava que o o.b. era colocado entre os lábios da vulva, como uma salsicha em um cachorro-quente."

Estas fotos provam que o elenco de "Harry Potter" só melhorou com o tempo

Todos já eram lindos, mas ficaram AINDA mais lindos.

17 escolhas de design que podem te deixar um pouco desconfortável

Quem será que deu o aval para essas coisas? Agradecimentos à conta no Instagram UglyDesign

21 Ideas para decorar tu cuarto de forma fácil, lindísima y barata

Refresca tu habitación sin perder tiempo, ni dinero.

Ex-diretor do FBI diz que Trump o demitiu por não interferir em investigação sobre a Rússia

"Eu fui demitido por causa da investigação sobre a Rússia... Para mudar a forma como a investigação sobre a Rússia estava sendo conduzida. Isto é muito grave", afirmou James Comey em audiência no Senado americano.

Airbnb's Mega Hosts Are Turning It Into Just Another Travel Booking Site

With hundreds of listings and major corporate backers, a new breed of Airbnb host is changing the fundamentals of the service.

14 Problemas que sólo las personas con testículos entenderán

Ya sabes, testículos, joyas de la familia, huevos, cojones, etc.

Calmo e cerebral, Herman Benjamin virou o antagonista de Gilmar Mendes no TSE

Relator do processo tem usado muito um voto de Gilmar que, em 2015, permitiu o prosseguimento da ação que naquele momento poderia derrubar Dilma e hoje se voltou contra Michel Temer.

20 Pruebas de que el 'fidget spinner' ya se salió de control

"No es una moda... es un estilo de vida".

40 Cakes That I Really Hope Kanye West Likes

It's what he would have wanted.

14 situações que você entende se é sempre o primeiro a ficar bêbado

A expressão "queimar a largada" define bastante bem a sua vida social.

15 coisas que o escorpianos vão fazer com a grana do FGTS

"Oi, sumida, acabei de sacar o FGTS".

This Curvy Canadian Model Is Breaking Down Barriers In The Fashion World

"We have to be reminded that beautiful isn’t just one box."

Which Obscure Dog Breed Are You?

So many puppers, so little time.

16 homens héteros contam como foi ficar com outro homem

"Não tenho vontade de repetir, mas que foi bom, foi."

25 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts You Can Get On Sale Right Now

Let's not wait until the last minute this year...

This Grandma Is Finishing High School At 77 And She Couldn't Be More Excited

"They just classified me 'stupid.' I did finish Grade 5, and I decided that was enough of that because I just couldn't get anywhere."

Russian Ambassador To US: We Really, Really Want Our Compounds Back

The Trump administration says no deal has been made to return two compounds seized by the US after Moscow interfered in the 2016 election. But Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak tells BuzzFeed News he brings up the issue “each and every day."

People Try Sushi Tacos

"Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?"

17 Películas de Netflix que harán volar tu imaginación

Porque una buena serie o una buena película te hace pensar.

17 Moments That Make Every Short Mom Say, "Yep, This Is Awkward"

Though she be but little, she's fierce AF.

17 Moments Everyone With A Vagina Has Experienced While Masturbating

*Accomplishes one small task* TIME FOR A MASTURBATION BREAK.

Praise Zeus, "Wonder Woman" Is 2017's Most-Tweeted-About Movie In The US

It's not about "deserve," but yeah this is totally deserved.

18 Hilarious Tweets About The India-Sri Lanka Champions Trophy Match

"The Sri Lankan cricket team is making sure that Jacqueline Fernandez never gets a National Award in India."

18 Cosas que pasaron en Argentina durante 2007

Si, pasaron 10 años de todo esto...

This Sketch Went So Hilariously Wrong That Seth Meyers Broke Character

FACT: Any sketch is made 100% better when the actors break character.

32 Gorgeous Summer Dresses To Get At Nordstrom

Summer time = dress time = happy time. It's basic math, people.

Here's How Much The Kardashians Have Changed Since Their Show Premiered

Can you believe we've been trying to keep up for 10 years?!

16 Fotos de tiras limpia poros usadas que son asquerosas y fabulosas a la vez


Amal Bentounsi interpellée: des policiers inventent un délit pour ne pas être filmés

La fondatrice du collectif «Urgence notre police assassine» a été interpellée jeudi soir à Meaux parce qu'elle filmait une intervention policière. Mais la police nationale dit à BuzzFeed News que tout individu peut «parfaitement filmer des forces de l'ordre».

17 Cosas que seguramente no sabías sobre Gal Gadot

Ganó el premio de Miss Israel cuando todavía no cumplía ni 20 años.

These Roasted Chickpea Recipes Are A Dream Come True

Make these roasted chickpeas 4 ways for a tasty, high-protein snack

The 21 Most WTF Things That Have Happened In Scotland In 2017 So Far

So many hilariously weird things have happened already, and it's only June.

La publicación de esta mujer acerca de su cuerpo y su esposo se está viralizando y es asombroso

"A través de los años, este hombre ha amado cada curva, cada lonja, y cada estría en mi cuerpo".

Here Are Some Really Great Tweets From The Comey Hearing

"This hearing is a pathetic and transparent attempt to distract from Infrastructure Week."

Here's What The Cast Of "Knocked Up" Looks Like Exactly 10 Years Later

The Apatow girls have grown up — and Paul Rudd looks exactly the same.

Paul Ryan Defends Trump’s Interactions With Comey: “He’s New To This”

The Speaker of the House called Trump’s interactions inappropriate but implied the president likely didn’t realize that.

23 Vintage Chris Pratt Tweets That Belong In A Museum

"Hey The Situation. If you're reading this keep your head up bro."

Pelo que rolou até aqui, os ministros estão indicando uma vitória de Temer por 4 a 3 no TSE

Na longa discussão sobre o uso ou não de provas de Odebrecht (algo que ainda não foi decidido), ministros já deram grandes indicativos de como vão votar no julgamento.

Celebrating Ramadan In Black Muslim Communities

The glory of #BlackMuslimRamadan and #BlackoutEid

Gay Couples Will Soon Be Able To Marry In Some Scottish Churches

A historic vote by the Scottish Episcopal Church will mean same-sex unions could take place within a year – but a backlash is expected from the Anglican Communion.

Este vídeo sobre emos vai te lembrar como eram os rolezeiros de 2006

Lembra quando a moda entre os jovens era ser sensível?

This Neapolitan Ice Cream Brownie Bombe Is Gonna Blow Your Mind

You'll never want to eat ice cream in any other form.

16 Series en Netflix que te urge ver si odias la vida con todo tu ser

O si eres algo así como alérgico a las personas.

24 Photos That Sum Up The Difference Between Parents In America And Parents In Britain

American dads: "Love you, honey!" British dads: "I've just shagged your mum."

De principal articulador da ação para tirar Dilma, agora Gilmar Mendes pede para "moderar a sanha cassadora"

No mesmo julgamento, o ministro se vangloriou de ter sido decisivo para a investigação acontecer e, agora, defende uma estabilidade do mandato presidencial

14 Gay Porn Questions For Men

How does your browsing history compare?

Would You Share These Things Or Nah?

Would you let someone borrow your roll-on?

Sorry Generation Z Kids, But '90s Kids Had Better Shit Than You Guys

Catching Pokémon on a Game Boy > catching Pokémon on a phone.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a lavender facial mist, drill kit, bluetooth speaker, and more!

19 Sencillas recetas que querrás hacer si amas la pizza en todas sus presentaciones

Estúpida y sensual pizza en todas sus presentaciones.

People Everywhere Have Stopped Life to Watch The Comey Hearings

"Watching Comey Testimony as we walk the streets of London."

Holy Shit, Now Kendall Jenner Is Mad At Caitlyn

Caitlyn's book has caused so much drama that even Kendall Jenner is mad at her. Spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched Season 13, Episode 13 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Croquez dans ces petits pains à l'ail au poulet et au parmesan

Engloutissez toute la baguette pendant que personne ne vous regarde.

If You Do 10 Of These 15 Things, You're Officially A Hypochondriac

The Vaporub and your travel pillbox are your best friends.

People On Facebook Didn't Think This Was The "Brexit Election"

The BuzzFeed News Social Barometer shows viral stories included content about Jeremy Corbyn, the NHS, and fox hunting – but almost nothing about how the parties would approach Brexit.

31 Of The Funniest Memes About "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 9

"As I watched Valentina sashay away, I couldn't help but wonder...was I refusing to remove MY mask too?"

¿Qué tan bien te acuerdas del mapa de México?

¡A ver si es cierto que muy conocedor!

24 People Whose Gyms Are Full Of Assholes

"Good morning to everyone except people who curl in the squat rack."

The Cast Of "Orange Is The New Black" Answered Your Questions And They Were So Honest

Uzo Aduba (Suzanne), Taylor Schilling (Piper), Laverne Cox (Sophia), Natasha Lyonne (Nicky), and Danielle Brooks (Taystee) spoke to BuzzFeed about the show's flashbacks and how the Trump presidency will affect Litchfield.

28 Gorgeous Accessories That Are Actual Works Of Art

Everything you need to turn your jewelry box into a museum.

23 perguntas malucas sobre saúde que as pessoas já fizeram no Google

"Se eu espirrar com os olhos abertos, eles podem cair?"

What Is The Best Waterproof Makeup Out There?

Because summer = constant sweating.

Conheça as maravilhosas dançarinas plus size da Anitta

Elas não chegaram para lacrar pequeno!

Testamos a nova paleta de sombras Naked da Urban Decay

*esperando ansiosamente a versão das marcas baratinhas*

16 jeitos de usar aspas que vão te deixar um pouco "confuso"

Se elas entram no lugar errado você acaba dizendo o contrário do que queria.

What's The Best Baking Hack You Know Of?

Please share your secrets.

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis à BuzzFeed: «La question de Manuel Valls au PS ne se posera plus dans quelques semaines»

En pleine tempête, le PS aborde les prochaines législatives en serrant les dents. Chez BuzzFeed, le patron du parti Jean-Christophe Cambadelis évoque l'échec de la présidentielle, les trahisons des uns et des autres, et l'avenir de son parti à l'orée d'une déroute historique.

18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Secretly Love Drama

It's not your fault you find the human condition so interesting.

20 choses dégueulasses que certaines personnes adorent faire

Pourquoi les patchs anti points noirs sont-ils aussi addictifs?

24 Unexplainable Things That Happened In Every British Secondary School

Was there anything wilder than a dog on the playground?

23 Things Everyone Who Has Grown Up With An Older Sister Will Know To Be True

Only your big sister can bully you till the end of time.

The Women Who Took Us To Mars

How the glass ceiling between Earth and space was shattered, so India could reach for the stars.

Así reacciona la gente cuando le dices que eres bisexual

"No, no quiero hacer un trío contigo, de verdad".

Empresa de ex-governador do Ceará foi multada em R$ 6 milhões por construir em área ambiental

Cid Gomes (PDT) é sócio de empreendimento de luxo que estava em construção área de Mata Atlântica, segundo Ibama

Maddened Masses Are Sharing Momo Memes After A BJP Politician Said No More Momos

"Momo is a killer" – legislator Ramesh Arora, 2017.

People Are Buying Copies Of The Sun Just So They Can Bin Them

Novelist and screenwriter John Niven told BuzzFeed News that he didn't want the average reader to be subjected to the newspaper's "nonsense", but others say it's akin to censorship.

What Are Your Tips For Running A Half Marathon?

Please let us know what worked for you.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Bed Bath & Beyond, Asos, BoxLunch, and more!

39 Ways To Gently Remind Your Friends To Vote Today

Go for a Nando's with the lads and lightly suggest "wouldn’t it be banter if we all just voted after this haha".

Here's Everything You Need To Know About James Comey's Dramatic Testimony On Trump And Russia

Comey said he was fired over the Russia investigation. Trump’s lawyer fired back. Most people made jokes and drank.

52 Genuinely Funny Tweets That Made The Election Just About Bearable

Another year, another vote, another chance for Twitter to come into its own.

What Are Your Favorite Ways To Relax After A Stressful Day?

Tell us your tried and true methods for chilling out.

What Products Do You Use To Deal With Summer Humidity?

How do you deal with frizzy hair? How???

18 Orgasmen, die du wahrscheinlich schon kennst, wenn du eine Vagina hast

"Hab ich gepinkelt oder abgespritzt?" - du, nach einem Orgasmus

Here's What The Final 9 Opinion Polls Are Predicting For The General Election

While all the pollsters agree that a Tory majority is the likeliest outcome, ICM and BGM have Theresa May's party on 46%, while Survation has it on only 41% – but will they get it right this time?

These Celebrities Are Urging You To Go Out And Vote Today

"YOU are Simon Cowell, YOU have the deciding vote. Use it."

What's Going On In The News Today?

Fired FBI director James Comey will tell the Senate that Trump asked him for "loyalty" and to "lift the cloud" of the Russia probe. Britain is heading to the polls today to vote for its next prime minister. And Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t want to be a part of the “third wave” coffee trend.

嘘でしょ!? 雑貨ブランド「SWIMMER」終了 SNSにあふれる悲しみの声




14 Stages Of Your Period As Told By Mr. Uterus

You think you have it bad? He thinks he has it worse.

So sieht der weltweite Klimawandel wirklich aus

Eisberge schmelzen, Blitzfluten schießen empor und die Dürre wird vielerorts immer schlimmer.

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la "sexy" Shiba Inu que se ha hecho viral en Japón

Roco, una Shiba Inu de dos años tiene un número de seguidores que crece con rapidez.

【更新】タイトルと内容が違う…?大ヒット映画の邦題「私たちのアポロ計画」に批判 配給会社に聞く


「ALS患者だって電子音声で親子ゲンカする」 母でも、娘でも、妻でもある日常


21 Fakten, die zwar klein, aber trotzdem ein totaler Mindfuck sind

Du kannst dir keine neue Farbe vorstellen.

Tell Us Where You Live And We'll Give You Your Tactical Voting Options

Not sure if you should vote with your heart or vote tactically? Tell us who you like and who you don't, and we'll try to help.

17 der gehässigsten und bockigsten Personen des ganzen Planeten

"Da war noch ein anderes Mädchen im Bild, aber wir reden nicht mehr mit ihr."

15 Awful WhatsApp Forwards I've Received That'll Make You Throw YOUR Phone In The Dustbin

A definitive ranking of the 15 worst messages ever sent to me.

Anti-Abortion Protesters Will Get $180,000 In Defamation Damages From A Retired Obstetrician

The court case was between married anti-abortion protesters and a pro-choice doctor.

Ola, Uber's Largest Rival In India, Just Called The Company "Despicable" And "Low On Morality"

According to reports, Uber thought that a December 2014 incident in which an Uber driver raped a passenger in New Delhi was a conspiracy by Ola.

ハーゲンダッツ、異物混入で「ヨーグルト仕立て ピーチミルク」を自主回収


It's Time To Decide Once And For All Which Chris Is The Greatest Chris

Out of the four white guys dominating Hollywood right now, that is.



People Are Angry At This Cafe For Its "European Style" Nachos That "Showcase Corn Chips"

A customer was told the nachos were "not a soggier kind that you are accustomed to that has loads of sauce".

17 Times Tom Holland Had Our Hearts

Spider-Man never looked so good.

Montana Congressman Who Assaulted Reporter Apologizes, Donates $50,000 To Press Freedom Group

“My physical response to your legitimate question was unprofessional, unacceptable, and unlawful,” Greg Gianforte said.



あなたの音楽の好みは? 連想した曲を選ぶと年齢がバレる診断


「彼氏とデートなう。に使っていいよ」ブーム いちばん人気のデート相手はだれ?




Florida Woman Gets Prison Sentence For Threatening Parent Of A Sandy Hook Victim

Lucy Richards, 57, didn't believe 6-year-old Noah Pozner was killed in the mass shooting.

Trump Says Cutting Carbon Emissions Is A Job-Killer. California Just Proved Otherwise.

California grew its economy and population, all while significantly cutting the amount of greenhouse emissions it produces.

Pixar reveló más detalles para 'Coco' y estamos llorando de emoción

Tantos colores, tantos detalles, tanto México...¡Ya que sea noviembre 22 por favor!

Texas Just Passed One Of The Strictest Abortion Laws In The Country

The law includes burying or cremating a fetus, potentially jailing doctors, and banning some abortion procedures altogether.

White Supremacist Accused In Deadly Portland Stabbings Yells At Survivor In Court

"Not guilty of anything but defending myself against violent aggression by Micah Fletcher."

DiCaprio tuvo que venir a México para que Peña Nieto se comprometiera a salvar a la vaquita marina

El actor se reunió hoy en privado en Los Pinos con el presidente mexicano y el empresario Carlos Slim.

17 Photos You'll Recognize If You Ever Ate At McDonald's In The '80s Or '90s

Walking into the PlayPlace and seeing a Nintendo 64 setup...priceless.

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