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23 Things Everyone Who Has Grown Up With An Older Sister Will Know To Be True

Only your big sister can bully you till the end of time.

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1. They come through and sort your "permission scene" after your parents have turned you down.

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2. And they stand up for you in such situations because you've carefully manipulated them.

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3. You've also been a dick to them by stirring shit and exiting the scene.

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4. You love to annoy the shit out of them.

5. You always look better in their clothes and makeup...

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6. But you always have to be sneaky about it because you'll never get their go-ahead easily.

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7. You have the same taste so you can trust their opinions on clothes when you're out shopping.

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8. You can never trust them to divide food equally.

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9. You savour every bite of your food because your sis is gon' come sniffing and you need to relish the little amount of power you have over her.

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10. You've often been attacked for not handing over the remote or fetching water from the fridge immediately.

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11. You fake-cry as loud as possible every time you're hit.

12. They've set the bar too high by exhibiting model sibling behaviour and you'll never be good enough for your folks.

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13. And you're sick of being compared to them.

"Ma, I can't live in didi's shadow please let me be my own person."
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"Ma, I can't live in didi's shadow please let me be my own person."

14. They save your ass when you're caught stirring shit and sometimes get slapped in the crossfire.

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15. You have inside jokes and dirt on every other extended family member that you can only cherish with them.

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16. After the World Parents Bank denies you, the Sister Charity Fund is where you take your urgent financial aid requests to.

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17. Sometimes they say the realest shit to you in an argument and you have no better comeback than mocking their laugh.

18. If someone else tries to push you around, you know you can bank on them to protect you.

19. Every time your parents yell at you, they know how to make you feel a little better.

20. Even though you thought that you'll enjoy your free reign at home, you still vividly remember feeling crushed on the day they left for college.

21. When you grow older, they love spoiling you with gifts, probably to make up for all the times they kicked you around as a kid.

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22. Nobody celebrates your achievements like they do.

23. And even if you don't admit it too often, you love the crap out of them.

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