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23 Tweets That'll Make You Shake Your Head And Go "Damn, That's Me"

"I enjoy long romantic scrolls on my phone."

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1. You completely understand and respect the truth in this statement:

Smartphones are pacifiers for adults.

2. And while that may be true, THIS is you:

I enjoy long romantic scrolls on my phone. 😄

3. Sure, you've tested yourself, but in the end:

After a few days without my phone, I've learned what's really important in life. My phone.

4. You change habits to make your phone happier.

“what’s your favorite position in bed?” near the wall so I can use my phone while it’s charging

5. And in fact, the addiction is real.

i got in bed to go to sleep at 10:30 and it's now almost 1 i am way too addicted to my phone SOS

6. So is the irony of this statement:

I have to plug my phone into the charger so much throughout the day that I basically have a landline again.

7. Your real life friends get jealous.

"I wish you looked at me the way you look at your phone"

8. You get distracted even when doing normal things.

you know youre addicted to your phone when you put your lock code instead of the time on the microwave 📱

9. You can't let it go.

you know youre addicted to your phone, when you fall asleep with it in your hand...

10. It forces you to live on the edge.

Using my phone after the low battery warning comes on is as close as I'll get to dismantling a bomb.

11. Everyone knows THIS feeling:

The moment when you forget your phone at home ;

12. You can't even go to the bathroom without the damn thing!

When you forget to bring your phone in the bathroom

13. There's a lot of fear caused by your device.

You know you're addicted to your phone when you have 3 dreams in 2 weeks about it breaking after getting it fixed

14. And second-hand fear, too.

someone just dropped their iPhone and I'm heart stopped

15. I mean, c'mon, who hasn't experienced this feeling:

16. Because you rely on the damn thing, for EVERYTHING.

me: wait, is it raining? me: *checks weather on phone instead of moving two feet to look out the window*

17. You check it incessantly.

You know youre addicted to your phone when its never on vibrate or ringer and you hardly ever miss a call.

18. You want to get rid of it.

one of these days imma get rid of my phone and cop a Nokia or sumn. I'm way too addicted to this shit

19. You want this to be a real thing:

I think after taking ten selfies your phone should shut down until you read a book.

(Haha, sike, no you don't.)

20. It causes you to judge others.

Anytime someone gives me their # and the message stays green and doesn't become blue for iMessage, I question if they gave me the wrong #.

21. Hi, it me.

*wakes up from 2 year coma surrounded by friends & family Where's my phone?

22. But at the end of the day, you simply can't imagine life without it.

Dear phone, I drop you. I say I hate you. I throw you. I lose you. I forget about you but I cant live without you. Sincerely Me.

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