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This Curvy Canadian Model Is Breaking Down Barriers In The Fashion World

"We have to be reminded that beautiful isn’t just one box."

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Even when Karyn Inder was just a kid growing up in Newfoundland, she knew she wanted to be a model.

Instagram: @karynindermodel

"I remember being 10 and watching Jeanne Beker and watching Fashion Television and reading Vogue and trying to remember the names of designers," she told BuzzFeed Canada.

Her mom would try and get her to go play outside, but Inder was on a mission.

"No, I have to learn these names because I’m going to need them some day," she'd tell her mom.

Now, that kid memorizing Vogue can be seen in a Vogue Italia piece about #BeBodyAware, a project celebrating diverse bodies.

Tia Duffy/#BeBodyAware

The project is led by fellow curvy model Tia Duffy. Inder was featured in a gorgeous beach shoot wearing a black bodysuit.

Duffy told Vogue Italia she wanted to demonstrate “that the plus size model is capable of a high fashion editorial just as much as two straight size models.”

"I want to keep going until I have most if not all world designers and brands on board."

The project "is about showcasing bodies at every shape and size and giving them a place in fashion where they deserve to be," said Inder.

Molly Ilse Photography / Via

"For me, any way that I can contribute to this movement of more diversity, more representation, I’m all over it. I love it," she added.

For Inder, who also does motivational speaking, being part of a movement to open the fashion world to all body types is a cause close to her heart.

Instagram: @lisaaviva

She recently got to walk the runway with two other curvy models for designer Lisa Aviva, "and we killed it."

"The reaction of people to these images, of three of us on the runway, all curvy women, different shapes and sizes, was just so overwhelmingly positive," said Inder.

"Everyone deserves to be represented in fashion because fashion is so powerful. It’s like a representation of how you feel, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and that applies to everyone."

"We’re all amazing, but we’re all so different. We have to be reminded that beautiful isn’t just one box. Once you can get past that, it’s like your mind can be blown with the beauty you can see."

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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