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24 Times Tobias From "Arrested Development" Made You Literally Laugh Out Loud

"I just blue myself."

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1. When all he wanted was a new start:

2. When he was just trying to be poetic:

3. When he was just wanted to do some shopping:

4. When he tried to reminisce with his wife:

5. When he sweet-talked Lindsey:

6. When he tried to mind his own business:

7. When he was getting bad reception:

8. When he was an analyst/therapist:

9. When he tried to give advice:

10. When he tried to impress Maeby:

11. When he left this note:

12. When he got too close to Michael:

13. When he tried to help his nephew:

14. When he just tried to be comforting:

15. When Michael tried to show him where it went wrong:

16. When he tried to get himself out of a jam:

17. When he tried to cook for everyone:

18. When he used all of his tricks:

19. When he couldn't help his "nevernude" condition:

20. When he was just trying to come up with a good name:

21. When he explained the economic struggle:

22. When he tried to look like a lead actor:

23. When he tried to bond with Gob:

24. And finally, when he nicknamed himself very poorly:

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