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The Only Photo Resources Guide BuzzFeed Community Users Need

A helpful guide from the Community team!

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Hey there, BuzzFeeders! So you've signed up for an account but need a little photo help. No problem, we are here for you!

Before we get started, please have a look at our Guidelines!

Also, BuzzFeed is no longer supporting new posts from Community Brand Publisher accounts, which include any accounts with a political, commercial, or self-promotional agenda. You can learn more about our new guidelines for brands and Community accounts here:

The first and most important thing to remember is this:

Bravo / Via

Please respect other creators' intellectual property rights; you may post only content that you have either created yourself or have gotten permission to run. And always make sure to provide proper credit to the creator.


Embeds are the

Jiff agrees. We recommend embedding content as a way to include copyrighted materials into your posts. Remember to only embed images from users who shared content they’ve created or have rights to share.




All I want is to dip every inch of Matt Bomer's body in whole fat cream cheese & devour him between 2 toasty slices of cinnamon raisin bagel



OK, next. Want beautiful, hi-res images for travel posts, motivational posters, or something alike? Flickr Commons is a great resource!

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Via Flickr: gsfc

This is a great resource for images of all varieties taken by amateur, semipro and professional photographers who have elected to have their images be shared as long as we adhere to the terms stated within in the license.

Before searching take into account your post and what rights you’ll require (what kind of license). Currently Creative Commons offers many options. Make sure the CC license works for what you’d like to do. It always helps to check the profile of the Flickr user to see how they’d like their images shared/credited/etc.


The credit should look like this:


The TV/film studio goes in the Image Credit, and the place where you found it goes in the Via section. This goes for TV/movie stills as well.

And that's it! We hope this helps. If you have any other questions about posting, please check out our guides below!

Maycie J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

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