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It's Time To Decide Once And For All Which Chris Is The Greatest Chris

Out of the four white guys dominating Hollywood right now, that is.

If you've seen a Hollywood movie in the past few years, you'll definitely be familiar with The Chrises.

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At least a couple, if not all of them.

It can get very confusing, because they're all white, generically handsome, generally charming, often shirtless, and the stars of huge blockbuster movies featuring superheroes.


But for anyone with a passing interest in hot white guys named Chris who also star in superhero movies, a fierce debate has been raging for a while now: Which Chris is the ultimate Chris?

Jezebel recently, and somewhat controversially, endorsed Chris Pine for president of the Chris Club.

I myself, after a long, torturous analysis, weighed up all the options and came to the decision that Hemsworth was the top hot white Chris who stars in superhero movies.

But look, I kinda love them all, I'm easily persuaded, and my actual ranking changes on a regular basis (although, full disclosure, Hemsworth typically comes out on top).


So I thought I'd throw it open to you, the people, to decide once and for all who is the greatest Chris, using the most scientific of tools: a BuzzFeed poll!


First, let's review our options, shall we?

Let's start with Chris Pine. Currently winning hearts thanks to his role as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman.

DC Entertainment Inc

Not to be confused with Chris Evans' Steve Rogers from Captain America.

He previously played James T. Kirk in the Star Trek movies.

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Not to be confused with Chris Hemsworth who played George Kirk in Star Trek.

Pine has also starred in notable movies like Into the Woods, Z for Zachariah, Just My Luck, and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Next we have Chris Pratt, who joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.


He also fought dinosaurs in Jurassic World and got kinda creepy in Passengers.

Pratt won a lot of hearts as loveable doofus Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation.


You know, the show in which he appeared alongside Jenny Slate, Chris Evans' ex-girlfriend.

Before that, he had notable roles on Everwood and The O.C.

Then there's Chris Evans, aka Captain America. He also plays a character by that name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Evans is really committed to superhero movies, having also played the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and its sequel, plus he appeared in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.

He previously played a loveable doofus in What's Your Number?.

20th Century Fox

You know, the movie in which he played the love interest of Anna Faris, Chris Pratt's current wife.

Evans has also starred in important films like Snowpiercer, The Nanny Diaries, and Not Another Teen Movie.

Finally, we have Chris Hemsworth, the god of thunder from Down Under, aka Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Hemsworth, as has already been mentioned, also appeared in Star Trek, playing Chris Pine's dad.

Plus he played a loveable doofus in Ghostbusters.


He also had a huge dong in Vacation and got his butt out in Rush.

Before making it big in Hollywood, Hemsworth had roles in important Australian TV shows like Home and Away, The Saddle Club, and Dancing With the Stars.

So, now that you've reviewed all the candidates, it's time to have your say.

  1. Who is the ultimate Chris?

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Who is the ultimate Chris?
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