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24 Unexplainable Things That Happened In Every British Secondary School

Was there anything wilder than a dog on the playground?

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1. Dark rumours were spread about the ingredients in ink erasers.

2. For some reason these really hot radiators still existed.

3. There was nothing more exciting than when a dog got loose on the playground.

4. Apart from walking down the corridor and seeing your friend in a different classroom.


5. There was always a rumour going around about a celebrity death – usually Kenan from Kenan & Kel for some reason.

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It was obviously never true.

6. A game that involved trying to make people look at this hand symbol was the hottest craze.

7. Another popular game was just called The Game, and it was a big deal.

8. An underground black market for sweets developed.

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9. Covering your hands in glue and peeling it off was the best feeling you could get.

10. News of a fight would spread faster than the speed of light.

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11. You went on at least one terrible school trip that seemed to serve no apparent purpose.

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12. Someone would write a massive spoiler on the opening page of a book.

13. Not tucking your shirt in and leaving your top button undone was seen as a sign of coolness.

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14. See also: wearing your backpack on one shoulder.

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15. Deodorant somehow made the already repulsive smell of the changing rooms even worse. / BuzzFeed

16. Dick drawings were basically the funniest thing in the world.

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17. Pretty much all of the carpets looked like this:

18. You felt the weird need to poke holes in the sleeves of your jumper so your thumb could fit through.

19. All teachers had the same story about a kid who swung back on their chair, fell, and cracked their head open.

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20. VHS as a format existed way longer at your school than it did in the outside world.

21. You'd never drink or eat food the way it was intended to be consumed.

22. You couldn't shake the urge to try to cause a gas leak.

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23. You got involved in a rivalry with the nearest private school for no apparent reason.

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24. And signed one another's shirts on the last day.

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