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Tell Us Where You Live And We'll Give You Your Tactical Voting Options

Not sure if you should vote with your heart or vote tactically? Tell us who you like and who you don't, and we'll try to help.

Voting can be a bit confusing sometimes.

Because of the UK's electoral system, it can be hard to know whether voting for your preferred party has a real chance of making a difference, or if in your constituency it might just be a wasted vote. Worse: What if voting for a party who can't possibly win allows a party you really don't like to win instead?

And that's before the political parties in your area bombard you with leaflets full of dodgy graphs claiming that so-and-so "can't win here!".

So, let's try and help!

We've gone through every constituency in England, Scotland, and Wales to work out each party's chances in that seat, based on polling data, previous performance, and prediction models.

Unlike many other tactical voting tools out there, this one doesn't have a particular aim in mind (e.g. "keep out the Tories!" or "stop Brexit!"). Whichever parties you like or don't like, we'll try to give you an honest answer about your options.

Just tell us your postcode, and then tell us:

* Your first choice party – i.e. the one you'd ideally like to vote for (if any)

* Your second choice – i.e. a party you might consider voting for

* The party you most want to keep out

...and we'll tell you whether we think you can safely vote for your first choice, or if you should maybe consider switching.

Just a second...

Enter a postcode:

I'd like to vote for:

I'd consider voting for:

I'd like to keep out:

Here's what we think:

One thing to note: The polls in this election are all over the place. We've tried to take into account the range of possible outcomes shown by all the different polls, but it's always possible that something unexpected could happen – and seat-by-seat predictions are tricky even with consistent polls. This won't take into account things like, for example, particularly popular or unpopular local candidates. It could go wrong.

What we're saying is, use this as a guide only. This is your vote: Ultimately, you should listen to your heart. Or your head. Whichever you prefer.