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What Products Do You Use To Deal With Summer Humidity?

How do you deal with frizzy hair? How???

So summer is officially here, and unless you live in Arizona, it's about to get really humid.

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Humidity means sweating, frizzy hair, and general misery.

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There's got to be some way to deal with the upcoming discomfort, so we need to know: What products do you use to beat the humidity?

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A tiny fan that hooks up to your iPhone?

The handy little gadget even bends for the best angle.

Maybe a certain hair product to keep those frizzy fly aways at bay?

Aloe and vitamin E in this serum promise to hydrate hair and protect it from the dreaded weather.

Or a super flowy dress that won't stick your body?

Tell us what life-saving products you use and where you got them in the comments below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!