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Maddened Masses Are Sharing Momo Memes After A BJP Politician Said No More Momos

"Momo is a killer" – legislator Ramesh Arora, 2017.

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Over the past few years, us Indians have become pretty accustomed to random people in power trying to fuck with our favourite foods.

From chowmein to Maggi, the number of edibles that joyless politicians have asked to be banned grows every single year.

According to a National Herald report, Arora has been asking for momos to be banned due to the presence of ajinomoto – a type of salt that some consider harmful for consumption*.

*The United States Food and Drug Administration, however, has stated that it is "generally recognised as safe".

He might've miscalculated just how much devotion people have towards the dumpling, though, because a swell of momo memes has taken over the Indian internet today.

BJP legislators want momos to be banned. And we really want to ban bans!


Momo lovers from across the country have united to call out the government's hypocrisy and focus on petty issues.

This govt be like..Ye wala nahi ye wala cancer lo. #MOMOs

While some have just decided to vocalise just how much the humble momo means to them.

Ramesh Arora is right. This is me with momos.

I absolutely agree. #Momos are the worst. I'm not thinking of them right now at all.


If momos become illegal , i ll go breaking bad..😎 #momos

And being one of the country's most popular street foods – because yum – none of this should come as a surprise to anyone.

Sahil Rizwan is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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