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Here's How Much The Kardashians Have Changed Since Their Show Premiered

Can you believe we've been trying to keep up for 10 years?!

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October 14 2007 is a date that will live in perpetuity in history books as the day Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered. Ten years and thousands of Health Nut salads later, the world is truly a different place!

Kim Kardashian

What she was up to then: In the first episode, Kim was worried about going on Tyra Banks' talk show. First world problems!

What she's up to now: Breaking the internet, raising two adorable children with hubby Kanye West, ending pop star's careers via social media.

Kourtney Kardashian

What she was up to then: Trying to convince her mom that then-24-year-old Scott Disick wasn't too young for her. Time is a flat circle.

What she's up to now: Kourtney's got three kids with Scott, but the two are in an "off" phase of their off-again, on-again relationship. In her spare time, Kourtney likes to teach us how to eat Kit-Kats properly.


Khloé Kardashian

What she was up to then: She was the sassy Kardashian who kept everyone in their place — *AND* a savvy businesswoman from the get-go, running DASH and Smooch Boutique for Kids.

What she's up to now: She's still the sassy Kardashian who keeps everyone in their place. We really need her now more than ever!

Kendall Jenner

What she was up to then: She got in trouble with her sister Kylie for making cocktails for party guests at the Kardashian residence. Quaint!

What she's up to now: She's an incredibly successful model, but her skills as a music festival spokeswoman leave a lot to be desired.

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