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People Are Completely Losing Their Minds Over The 2017 General Election Exit Poll

It's early days, people. It's early days.

The exit poll is in and it projects that the Tories will end the night with 314 seats – 12 short of an overall majority. Exit polls aren't always totally trustworthy, but if the result's anything like this, we're looking at a HUGE upset.

Warning: TV exit polls in 1992 & 2015 showed Tories largest party but short of majority, but they ended up with small majorities both times

To lose one Prime Minister to a reckless gamble on a completely unnecessary vote may be regarded as misfortune; to lose two...

A lot of people are now on the edge of their seats:

Hung parliament?! Maybe I will stay up a little longer #ExitPoll #ElectionDay2017

People – and poll aggregators.

Labour supporters are absolutely buzzing:

Exit poll got me like #Election2017

It could mean Theresa May's decision to call an election was a big mistake, as Gary Lineker pointed out.

I think Theresa May has won own goal of the season.

Just a word of warning on exit polls. This was the RSVP list to my last birthday. ATTENDING: 106 MAYBE: 52 ACTUALLY TURNED UP: Dean.

Theresa May looking at these exit polls #GeneralElection

Others pointed out she perhaps hadn't thought some of her earlier arguments through.

Others found the opportunity for inappropriate jokes:

What it looks like to be left on 'read'.

A hung parliament and a six way split. Sounds like the worst porn film ever made. #GE2017

There's a lot of very premature talk of May resigning.


And a lot of predictions:

looks like it will be a coalition government..

Qs if this exit poll is accurate: * Cons leadership * Is left coalition possible * another election * how negotiate Brexit

But remember: The exit poll may not be right.

Remember though: the exit poll is one thing, we have to wait and see what happens as results come in. Yep, party pooper in chief 😘

So sit tight, everyone.

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