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An analysis by the University of Sheffield and BuzzFeed News of over 800,000 tweets offers a snapshot of the abuse sent to politicians.

Ipsos released data showing that the turnout figure among young registered voters at the general election was 64%.

The DUP leader, Arlene Foster, is in talks with Theresa May to allow May to continue as prime minister.

The Sun and the Daily Mail sell 3 million copies a day between them. But their decades-long claim to dominating public opinion may have finally come to an end.

BuzzFeed News spoke to young Conservative supporters who were critical of Theresa May's campaign, were worried about a DUP partnership, and said many of them only air their views in private online.

Diana Johnson, who boosted her majority in Hull North in last week's election, told BuzzFeed News there's an appetite to decriminalise abortion in the UK.

One Tory MP told BuzzFeed News the pro-Brexit MPs are using May "like a glove puppet" until they can replace her with Johnson. A member of the WhatsApp group denied the claims, however.

"We’re in unchartered territory. Our manifesto is popular, our vision for Britain is right. They have no idea of what they’re doing. We are waiting in the wings," said shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry.

"I am so here for how smug Jeremy looks on Marr."

"It's just how long she's going to remain on death row," the former chancellor told the BBC.

The DUP and Tories are working towards a "confidence and supply" deal – but what will it cost the latter?

"If you want a pictorial representation of the impact of the general election on the UK political world then this is hard to beat."

"There's a generation who do not understand how toxic it is," one Conservative MP told BuzzFeed News. "I'm not going to go down with this ship."

Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who were known for carefully controlling access to Theresa May and for shaping the prime minister's politics, have quit as joint chiefs of staff after being blamed for the general election result.

Sources close to the Scottish Conservative leader told BuzzFeed News she now has unprecedented influence over the prime minister.

Nationalist leaders warned that the British government couldn't be an "honest broker" if the PM was relying on the Democratic Unionists to stay in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd and David Davis will stay in their posts, after weeks of speculation that the PM was planning big changes after the election.

“They’re a xenophobic, homophobic, sexist party with 1% of the vote.”

Labour MP Chris Matheson won in Chester against all the odds, with his majority increased almost a hundredfold. And it appears the student vote had plenty to do with it.

Theresa May said she plans to work with the anti-gay and anti-abortion DUP, and America's far-right trolls are thrilled.

A BuzzFeed News analysis of 100 seats with a large UKIP vote shows how one of the Conservative party's key election strategies failed miserably.

The Democratic Unionist Party, which is in talks with the Tories to form a government after the general election, has consistently opposed the reform of abortion law in Northern Ireland, where the procedure is currently strictly prohibited.

Theresa May has said she will govern with help from her party's "friends and allies" in the DUP. But Northern Ireland's largest party has a controversial record on many issues.

"The Merkel/Macron/Trudeau group text thread must be pretty great."

The new parliament has more ethnic-minority and women MPs than ever before, the first turbaned Sikh, women from science backgrounds, and two new disabled members.

Speaking outside Number 10 after visiting the Queen at Buckingham Palace, the prime minister said she would form a new government but made no mention of last night's general election result.

BuzzFeed News previously revealed that Kristy Adams in Hove and Caroline Ansell in Eastbourne had associations with "pray away the gay" groups.

Including the MP who won by just *two* votes.

European Council president Donald Tusk has warned the UK that the pressure's on to strike a deal: "We don't know when Brexit talks start. We know when they must end."

Seventy constituencies have been won away from their previous party in the 2017 general election. Here's a comprehensive list.

"Would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids..."

There's a figure of 72% being circulated, but no one seems to know where it's from.

The Conservatives failed to gain any of their top targets, and ended up losing several seats to Labour.

A lot of people are waking up feeling very surprised.

The SNP's dominance of Scottish politics is under threat, another independence referendum is now far from certain, and Scottish Labour came back from the dead.


After taking her party from a 17-seat working majority to a hung parliament, May is being urged by some Conservatives to consider her position.

The Conservative prime minister confidently called an election she didn't have to call – and has lost seat after seat to Labour, leaving the Tories short of a majority.

Theresa May called an election to strengthen her hand. That hasn't happened. So…what will?

The SNP leader said she was "disappointed" after losing her deputy leader Angus Robertson and former first minister Alex Salmond.

UPDATE: It was initially believed that Davies, who has repeatedly tried to block a law that would help prevent violence against women, had lost his seat, but in actual fact he held it.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and Angus Robertson, the SNP's leader in Westminster, are the first major figures to lose their seats – but more are expected to follow.

"You can't leave the EU if you can't form a government."

A day of voting, a night of counting and a morning of results.

An exit poll predicting Conservative losses and Labour gains led many papers to change their tune somewhat.

It's early days, people. It's early days.

The BuzzFeed News Social Barometer shows viral stories included content about Jeremy Corbyn, the NHS, and fox hunting – but almost nothing about how the parties would approach Brexit.

Novelist and screenwriter John Niven told BuzzFeed News that he didn't want the average reader to be subjected to the newspaper's "nonsense", but others say it's akin to censorship.

Another year, another vote, another chance for Twitter to come into its own.

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