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A Lot Of People Think The Blackpool Gazette Has Epically Trolled The Tories

The newspaper ran a front page advert for the Conservatives directly below a story about poverty-hit families turning to food banks.

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On Monday, the Blackpool Gazette ran a front page ad for the Conservatives that read: "On Thursday: Vote to get Brexit right."

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But directly above the advert it also ran a teaser to a special report with the headline: "Poverty-hit families are forced to rely on food bank handouts."

Alongside this headline, it also ran a picture of the page that lay behind the advert, which carries the words "No end in sight," teasing additional coverage of the issue on pages 3, 8, and 9.

Many people think this was a deliberate attempt by the paper to troll the Tories, who have been buying up front-page advertising space in local papers since the beginning of the campaign.

The front page was first tweeted by journalist Gareth Davies.

This is amazing. 1,000 people a week using Blackpool food banks. Oh, by the way, vote Tory

It led to some people describing the placement as "next level trolling".

Next level trolling from Blackpool Gazette here. "Half front page ad? No problem." "What will we run next to it? Oh…

Some people on Twitter suggested their own local papers should follow suit.

@PlymouthHerald you could have taken advice from Blackpool Gazette on how to arrange the front page advert :)

Hey @BathChron. This is what the Blackpool Gazette did when forced to run a political ad. #courage #imagination

Former Labour deputy prime minister John Prescott was among those praising the Gazette.

@stuartbruce Fair play to Blackpool Gazette. Lets Tories have front page ad but sneak in some interesting editorial…

And the newspaper was congratulated for "standing up beautifully for its readers".

Among the Tory parade of front pages today, the Blackpool Gazette stands up beautifully for its readers - big appla…

The Gazette's article says a local charity is now feeding 1,000 people every week, as families rely on food handouts amid government benefit sanctions and cuts.

When asked by BuzzFeed News whether the front page placement had been a deliberate attempt to troll the Tories, deputy editor Andy Sykes said: "You can make up your own mind as to how that was done, but we're not going to make a comment."

Hannah Al-Othman is a political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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