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Thousands Of People March For Equality In The Last Part Of The UK Where Gay Marriage Is Illegal

"These are our streets, these are our homes, these are our communities. That building behind us is ours, and we're getting married in it."

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

The DUP Has Controversially Secured Preferential Treatment For British Soldiers

The military covenant entitles former army personnel and their families priority access to healthcare, but some feel it could breach equality legislation by giving Protestants an unfair advantage.

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

A DUP MP Has Been Accused Of Allowing Paramilitaries To Intimidate Locals With Illegal Flags

Emma Little Pengelly's stance on the flags has been described by local politicians as “outrageous” and “almost beyond belief”.

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

Sinn Féin MP Says It's "Pure Fantasy" His Party Would Take Its Seats To Support Labour

One of the Irish republican party's MPs told BuzzFeed News it was wrong to suggest he and his colleagues would take their seats but said Sinn Féin would be increasing its presence in Westminster.

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

Northern Irish Politicians Fear A "Dodgy Deal" Between The DUP And Tories On Marching Rights

Fears were sparked after the Orange Order called on the DUP to use its position of influence to reduce restrictions on the Order's marches.

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

Murder Witness Says Theresa May's Reliance On The DUP Is "Utterly Horrifying"

A witness to an Ulster Defence Association killing told BuzzFeed News: "The Conservative party should be ashamed at themselves."

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

Here's What The DUP Might Demand From The Tories To Keep Them In Power

The DUP and Tories are working towards a "confidence and supply" deal – but what will it cost the latter?

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

Northern Ireland Politicians Say Theresa May's Dependence On The DUP Could Damage The Peace Process

Nationalist leaders warned that the British government couldn't be an "honest broker" if the PM was relying on the Democratic Unionists to stay in Downing Street.

Siobhan Fenton • One year ago

The Women Whose Abortion Rights Could Suffer As A Result Of Brexit

“What will happen after Gibraltar leaves the EU too? We just don’t know. Will women still be able to get in to Spain to get abortions there, or will they need long border queues or a visa? No one knows.”

Siobhan Fenton • 2 years ago