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Here’s Even More Misinformation Being Shared About The 2017 General Election

Including a Tory MP who doesn't exist, Jeremy Corbyn's head on David Beckham's body, and a fake local newspaper.

1. Lincolnshire Conservatives did not post these tweets about Jeremy Corbyn and people who claim income support.

Everyone who wants to get #ToriesOut please RT this screengrab of Lincs Conservatives #VoteLabour #BBCDebate… https://t.co/XE8aHhtq2X

The tweets were posted from the now-suspended account @LincsCons, which was pretending to be the official Lincolnshire branch of the Conservatives.

The official Lincolnshire Conservatives account tweeted about the fake.

Hi All, just to confirm @LincsTories is the official account for the Lincolnshire County Council Conservative Group.

And alerted its followers to the suspension.

Thanks to everyone who notified us about the fake account impersonating us, Twitter support have acted brilliantly and suspended it.

2. There's no evidence of Theresa May having said: "Curbing the promotion of lesbianism in Merton's schools starts with girls having male role models in their lives."

May did serve as a councillor in Merton between 1986 and 1994, but there's no proven source for this quote. Some Twitter accounts have attributed it to the local Wimbledon Guardian newspaper, but there's no evidence of these words appearing in the paper since its archive has been destroyed and local libraries only have partial editions of it.

A Conservative campaign spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the quote was false. "Not going to dignify people making up lies like this with a comment," the spokesperson said.

3. A man didn't hold a sign behind May saying: "She's lying to you" during this campaign speech. This is an edited clip and a trend you may have seen before.

He was in fact holding a sign that said "A secure nation".

4. A Labour candidate accused the Tories of including a "fake poll" on this leaflet.

@RuthDavidsonMSP can you publish the date, detailed fieldwork & all data from Edinburgh South that makes you claim… https://t.co/MIDtARlRLC

The poll is accurate – however, as BuzzFeed News has shown, it shows the national situation, not the situation locally.

The Panelbase poll from April is actually based on responses from people across Scotland and not just in the constituencies named on the leaflets, which gives the impression the Tories are second locally and Labour is lagging behind in third.

The Labour candidate defending the Edinburgh South seat, Ian Murray, told BuzzFeed News that Ruth Davidson's party was "taking voters for complete fools".

5. James Conwyn did not tweet "#VoteConservative if you want a strong and stable leadershit." In fact, Conwyn is not a real MP, or even a real person. @MP_JamesConwyn appears to be a troll account.

@MP_JamesConwyn Good to finally see an honest Tory MP telling it how it is @hrtbps #GE2017

The account has been suspended. Twitter told BuzzFeed News that it will not comment on individual accounts.

The only thing that appears on a Google search for James Conwyn is a LinkedIn page that claims he is a MP for Earlington Abbey – a place that doesn't exist.

6. This is not a real newspaper.

LibDems subvert democracy in Leyton by dressing up election propaganda as newspaper. #fakenews #libdems @blakeyblogs

Almost every party has been producing these for decades. The ones in these tweets have been produced by the Lib Dems and posted through voters' mailboxes.

The @LibDems appear to have produced a faux-newspaper in a bid to sway the electorate. Seems a little underhand, di… https://t.co/O0W51CdHEM

Rob Meiklejohn from Hornsey and Wood Green, who tweeted the picture of the paper, told BuzzFeed News: "I haven't seen the paper ever before it came through the door. Clearly not a real paper but not marked as advertising except on the back in tiny letters."

Strange. Got an actual Fake News paper through the door from @LibDemPress not clearly marked as advertising in any… https://t.co/r02apztiKW

He went on to say: "[I am] not sure what the rules are for door drops but it just seemed an almost hilariously bad attempt to imitate a local newspaper."

Meiklejohn said the newspaper was really thin. "It was two large newspaper sheets – 8 pages" in total.

In response, a Lib Dem spokesperson told BuzzFeed News: "The Liberal Democrats take pride in our hilariously bad attempts to imitate local newspapers."

7. Finally: You won't BELIEVE this, but this picture of Jeremy Corbyn has been photoshopped.

My MCM every day @jeremycorbyn 😍😍😍 via @angelcakephotos 😭😭

It's actually David Beckham posing for an H&M advert in 2015. Enjoy!