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13 Engrossing Longreads You Need In Your Life Right Now

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.

1. Here's Why This Election Is Making People Give Up On Politics – Emily Dugan

2. Working-Class Muslim Men Speak Honestly About Life In Britain Today – Louise Ridley

3. These Are The Secrets Ballerinas Won't Tell You – Laura Gallant and Emma Cooke

4. How A Small Group Of Pro-Corbyn Websites Built Enormous Audiences On Facebook – Jim Waterson

5. The Lib Dems Want To Replace Labour – But Can They Even Win Back Their Old Supporters? Laura Silver

6. How Theresa May's "Presidential" Election Campaign Has Sidelined Some Of The Tories' Biggest Names – Alex Spence

7. This Is What Life Is Like For The Forgotten Children Of Calais – Aisha Gani

8. This Is Why The Experts Say You Should Trust The Polls – Alberto Nardelli

9. We Followed Theresa May On The Campaign Trail And She Was Robotic, Relentless, And Repetitive. But It's Working – Alex Spence

10. Here Is How The Somali Diaspora Is Using Photography To Challenge Perceptions – Ikran Dahir

11. This Town Has Been Labour Since 1919. It's About To Switch To The Tories – Emily Dugan

12. 9 Things I Thought I'd Be By 37 – Lisa Williamson

13. Doubts Over Policy, Questions On National Security, Worries About The Polls. Where Does The Tory Campaign Go From Here? – Alex Spence