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Britain Had A Chaotic Election And The World Is Loving It

"The Merkel/Macron/Trudeau group text thread must be pretty great."

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On Thursday, the UK went to the polls to elect a new government. Overnight, it became evident that no party had gained enough seats to form a majority government, leading to a hung parliament. Around the world, people watched the chaos ensue, and really enjoyed it.

when u Nuttall but ur party keep sucking


What an incredible tradition. Birthplace of our democracy. This is what the Magna Carta was all about.


some personal news because this medium allows it, tomorrow i will be an expert on british electoral and parliamentary politics

United States

Hung Parliament sounds like one of those 70s gay xxx films in the seedy movie theaters

The Merkel/Macron/Trudeau group text thread must be pretty great

If the exit polls are correct this is the new British PM


Не понимаю, за кого там русские хакеры были в британских выборах?

“With this British election, I don’t understand who Russian hackers were working for this time."

Краткий итог брит. выборов: русские хакеры почему-то решили, что подвешенный парламент для Кремля лучше. И решили сковырнуть Терезу Мэй )))

"The results of British election in short: Russian hackers for some reason decided that hung parliament for Kremlin will be better. And decided to overthrow Theresa May."

Русские хакеры проявили вопиющее пренебрежение к выборам в Англии, демонстративно ничего не взломав, как будто лимитроф США ничего не решает

“Russian hackers showed blatant disregard for the elections in England this time, demonstratively not hacking anything, as if they don’t really mean anything unlike in US.”


Die Tories verlieren, der Tag kann beginnen 🇬🇧

"The Tories lose, the day can begin."


So, the #UKElection2017 have led to a hung parliament? The PM will be whoever is the first to get the support of Sharad Pawar.



Britain, do not despair. From 'technocratic govt' to 'coalition with regional party' to 'wobbly grand coalition' Italy has options for you.


Well, Lordy Covfefe. On the other hand, there may not be a government in place when Trump plans on showing up. 🇬🇧

Costa Rica

No Iron Lady then. More like aluminium scrunched up.



"I wish our next election will become something like the U.K."


Ah, pues si me lo explicas así, pues sí.

"Ah, well, if you explain it to me like that, yes."


#GE2017 #Corbyn Probablement l'un des high 5 ratés les plus gênants que j'ai pu voir...

"Probably one of the most embarrassing high fives that I've ever seen."

Le dépouillement dans les bureaux de vote anglais les gens courent partout on dirait intervilles

"The counting process in British polling stations people are running everywhere looks like it's a knockout."

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