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Russia Asked To Dock A Warship Heading For Venezuela In The Mediterranean. Then Things Got Weird.

Russian diplomats were trying to acquire tear gas canisters and riot gear in Malta. Officials suspect Russia planned to load the equipment onto the warship, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

Alberto Nardelli • 2 days ago

Russia Is Trying To Fly Military Planes Into Venezuela Via Syria Again

But Malta has denied Russia permission to use its airspace for the flights, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Alberto Nardelli • 5 days ago

EU Leaders Have Agreed To Delay Brexit To October 31

Theresa May had requested an extension until June, but at a summit in Brussels the leaders rejected both that and a longer delay to the end of the year many had argued for.

Alberto Nardelli • 10 days ago

Emmanuel Macron Doesn’t Want Brexit Delayed Beyond December 2019 At The Latest

The French president also wants checkpoints every three months to ensure the UK is not disrupting EU business, according to European diplomats privately briefed on his thinking.

Alberto Nardelli • 11 days ago

The EU Wants The UK To Approve The Brexit Deal This Week Or Face A Long Delay

A draft memo prepared ahead of this week’s EU summit says the UK would be held to enhanced “sincere cooperation” terms in the event of a 9- or 12-month extension.

Alberto Nardelli • 12 days ago

The EU Thinks That Theresa May’s Request For A Short Delay To Brexit Is “Very Risky”

Several EU governments have doubts about a long extension too, according to a diplomatic note of an EU27 ambassadors meeting seen by BuzzFeed News.

Alberto Nardelli • 15 days ago

Theresa May Has Asked For Article 50 To Be Extended To June 30

The move means Britain could have to participate in elections to the European Parliament.

Alberto Nardelli • 15 days ago

The UK Might Have To Withdraw Troops From A Military Operation In Bosnia In The Event Of A No-Deal Brexit

Command of the operation has already been transferred to a French lieutenant general.

Alberto Nardelli • 16 days ago

Theresa May And Jeremy Corbyn Could Give Scotland, Wales, And Northern Ireland A Veto On Future Changes To A Brexit Deal

The plan would place a significant hurdle on a Brexit-supporting future prime minister to rip up a customs union deal.

Alex Wickham • 16 days ago

EU Leaders Are Unlikely To Allow A Short Extension If British MPs Don’t Approve The Brexit Deal By Next Week

In the event of a long extension, negotiations would likely be frozen until the end of the year, giving the UK's bitterly divided parliament time to approve the withdrawal agreement.

Alberto Nardelli • 17 days ago

Parliament Has Once Again Rejected Theresa May's Brexit Deal

On the day that Britain had initially been scheduled to leave the European Union, the deal was voted down by 58 votes, deepening Britain's political crisis.

Alex Spence • 22 days ago

The European Union Thinks The UK Is Left With Two Choices After The Last 24 Hours Of Brexit Chaos

BuzzFeed News has seen a diplomatic note of an EU27 ambassadors meeting on Thursday that states that the UK’s remaining options are no-deal or a long delay to Brexit.

Alberto Nardelli • 23 days ago

The EU Has Set Britain A Deadline Of April 12 If MPs Don't Back May's Brexit Deal

Article 50 can be extended until May 22 but only if MPs approve the deal. If they don't, the UK has until April 12 to come up with a plan or crash out without a deal.

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago

Donald Tusk Has Said A Short Brexit Delay Can Only Happen If Parliament Backs May's Deal

A leaked European Commission memo seen by BuzzFeed News also cast doubts on May's plan for an Article 50 extension until June 30.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Theresa May Will Ask The EU To Delay Brexit After MPs Voted To Support An Extension

Brexit will be delayed until June 30 if MPs can agree a deal by the end of March, or potentially for much longer if they can't.

Alex Spence • One month ago

Theresa May Says Brexit Will Be Delayed After MPs Voted To Reject No-Deal Under Any Circumstances

The prime minister suffered two more humiliating defeats in the House of Commons, but no-deal remains the legal default option until Parliament backs an alternative.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

The EU Is Telling European Leaders There Are Only Three Reasons They Should Allow Brexit To Be Delayed

BuzzFeed News has seen a memo laying out the thinking at the highest level of the European Commission, and interviewed multiple officials and diplomats about extending Article 50.

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago

Theresa May's Brexit Deal Has Suffered A Crushing Defeat For The Second Time

MPs voted 391-242 against the prime minister's new deal, a margin of 149.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

The Attorney General Says There's Still A Risk The UK Could End Up Stuck In The Brexit Backstop

"The legal risk remains unchanged," Geoffrey Cox concluded in his legal advice published on Tuesday morning, just hours after Theresa May claimed to have resolved the issue.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

EU Officials Say Theresa May Will Lose Credibility If She Asks MPs To Vote On Ideas The EU Has Already Rejected

“[May] will lose more credibility by playing this game,” an EU27 leader told BuzzFeed News.

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago