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Here Are Some Unsettling Stories About Witches And Their Pets From English History

Witches have associated with cats for centuries. The man behind @Witchcourt explains why.

Patrick Smith One year ago

7 Princesses Who Deserve More Attention

Use "princess" as an insult? Yeah, maybe not.

Mariam Ansar 2 years ago

Two Funerals And A Funeral

It's said that life comes at you in threes. Sometimes death does too.

Rebecca Hendin 2 years ago

People Have Been Having Weird Election Dreams So We Decided To Draw Them

Here's to the ones who dream, crazy as they may seem.

Rebecca Hendin 2 years ago

If Hogwarts Were A Crap British School

Things would be a bit less whimsical.

Hannah Jewell 2 years ago

33 First Times Every Woman Has Experienced

Do you remember your first kiss? How about the first time someone catcalled you while you were walking down the street?

Bibiñe Barud 2 years ago
Susie Armitage 2 years ago

Behind The Stunning Art And Animation Of "Kubo And The Two Strings"

Director Travis Knight reveals how Laika Studios created its latest stop-motion animated masterpiece.

Rebecca Hendin 3 years ago
Victor Stepanov 3 years ago

10 Very Important Questions Answered By Philomena Cunk

"I don’t really know any politicians. I used to like that grey man who was always in the news. Major John. He was funny. I think he should have been prime minister."

Scott Bryan 3 years ago

11 Skills You Need To Learn To Master Adulthood

Unlock the adulting achievement.

Maritsa Patrinos 3 years ago
Tolani Shoneye 3 years ago

All The "Star Wars" Fan Art You Didn't Know You Needed

You have the feels, we have the art.

Will Varner 3 years ago

How Taylor Swift Reversed Female Opinion To Become The Most Famous Pop Star In The World

In 2013 Swift was a regular fixture on "Most Hated Celebrities" lists. Then came a carefully strategised comeback in 2014 – and with it, a transformation in public opinion beyond all recognition.

Ellie Woodward 3 years ago

If "Friends" Was Set In The USSR

Firstly, the series would be called Comrades. From BuzzFeed Russia.

Victor Stepanov 3 years ago

Cartoonists Are Continuing To Share Heartbreaking Responses To The Paris Terror Attacks

In the days following the Paris terror attacks, there has been an outpouring of creative expression through cartoons and illustrations. BuzzFeed rounded up cartoonists' early reactions after Friday's tragic events. Here is a look at how cartoonists have responded since.

Rebecca Hendin 3 years ago

UK Landmarks Light Up To Honour Paris Terror Victims

Prominent buildings and monuments across the UK were illuminated in blue, white, and red in honour of the victims of Friday's attack.

Jim Waterson 3 years ago

16 Photos Of Jeremy Corbyn Leaving His House This Morning

It turns out he lives in a house with a door and uses both legs to walk.

Rebecca Hendin 3 years ago

22 Intensely Pleasurable Old Words We Need To Bring Back

Come on swill-bellies, let's get tossicated. Compiled by @HaggardHawks.

Luke Lewis 4 years ago

I Gave Up Sugar For Two Months And Here's What Happened

TL;DR, there's sugar in everything and I basically spent two months craving apples.

Chelsey Pippin 4 years ago

How The Kardashians Manipulated The Media To Become The Most Famous Family In The World

The family's activities over the last eight years have been a masterclass in gaming the media to keep viewers hooked on Keeping Up With the Kardashians – and themselves firmly in the public eye.

Ellie Woodward 4 years ago
Andre Borges 4 years ago

15 Insane Confessions Of A Buckingham Palace Guard

A trusted royal guard spills the secrets of a decade of misbehaviour inside Buckingham Palace. "The Queen," he says, "is going to be mightily pissed off."

Michael Gillard 4 years ago

We Illustrated Your Incredibly Weird Dreams About Jeremy Corbyn

People can't stop thinking about the Labour MP.

Rebecca Hendin 4 years ago