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Posted on May 31, 2017

Here's More Misinformation Being Shared About The 2017 General Election

Including a picture that isn't of Jeremy Corbyn with the IRA, the claim young people as a unit can swing the vote and a whole bunch more dodgy charts.

1. More people under the age of 25 voting won't swing the election result on their own.

Twitter: @diponte

Earlier this month, a viral tweet about a Guardian story suggested that the Tories would lose if the vote of 18-24 year olds went up by 30% compared to the last general election.

However, as BuzzFeed News pointed out, the truth is that in order to overturn the Tory lead in 2015, you'd need a turnout among under-25s of... 261%.

You'd actually need two and half times as many young people as actually exist in the country in order for them to change the result. So in a nutshell, young people as a unit won't swing the vote on their own.

2. This viral picture doesn't show Jeremy Corbyn standing alongside the IRA.

Twitter: @ViveCharlieMag

This is a picture of the funeral of a prominent IRA member called Bobby Sands, who died during a hunger strike at Maze prison. There is no evidence to suggest Corbyn attended the funeral. A Labour source has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that Corbyn is not the man pictured in the photo.

3. A Tory councillor definitely doesn't think British soldiers should be killed.

Maria Gatland, a Conservative councillor for Croydon, WAS a former IRA member. However, she left the organisation in 1972 following a bomb attack in Belfast ("Bloody Friday"), and subsequently wrote a book about her time in the organisation called: "To Take Arms: A Year in the Provisional I.R.A.", in 1973.

In the book Gatland writes – in the past tense – about the beliefs she held when she was a member:

I agreed with the shooting of British soldiers and believed the more who were killed the better… we heard late at night that a British soldier had been shot and seriously wounded in Belfast or Derry and we would hope by the morning he would be dead… I accepted the bombing of Belfast and when civilians were accidentally blown to pieces dismissed this as one of the unfortunate effects of urban guerrilla warfare.

She resigned from the council over her past in 2008, but was later accepted back into the Tory fold. When contacted, Gatland said: "The story of my past emerged in December 2008/2009 [and] many national papers like the Times and Sunday Times ran articles. I don't intend to add any further comment about a year in my life 45 years ago."

4. There are more deeply dubious graphs going around on election leaflets.

Stewart Bremner / Scottish Conservatives / Via Twitter: @stewartbremner

Here's one where 6 x 8.7 ≈ 27.6 and 17 is less than half of 25.9.

And here's what it should look like:

Stewart Bremner / Scottish Conservatives / Via Twitter: @stewartbremner

5. The Tories have not been rewriting their manifesto at the last minute.

Twitter: @campbellclaret

Many people think that the Conservative party is "altering" their manifesto but a Conservative spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that this isn't the case.

“As our website makes abundantly clear, this page is to register to receive an accessible version of the manifesto - in large print, Easy Read, Braille or audio. It is not being altered," the spokesperson said.

There has, however, been a controversy over the length of time it took the party to deliver on these "alternative" manifestoes. Just ten days before polling, the Tories had failed to publish their manifesto in a single accessible format.

6. Theresa May is not planning to "shut down the internet as we know it".

Twitter: @indytech

The reality is more nuanced. In the Conservative manifesto, it says that "everyone would have the right to wipe material that was posted when they were under 18."

The party also wants "new rules requiring companies to make it ever harder for people to access pornography and violent images, with all content creators forced to justify their policies to the government."

7. The Tories are not six seats away from losing the election.

Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

Over the weekend Theresa May said the Tories were six seats away from defeat in the election on 8 June. It is true that if the Tories’ share of seats falls from 330 to 324, they would no longer have a majority in the Commons – but this is a very simplistic reading of the situation. Labour would have to enter into coalition with EVERY other party, which just isn't going to happen.

According to calculations by Dr Nicholas Allen this is "technically and politically wrong".

8. The UK general election will not span across two days.

#BreakingNews #GE2017 #GeneralElection #Parody #BattleForNumber10 RETWEET so nobody does this wrong..... 😬🤔

Just in case anyone has fallen for this one, the snap general election is going to take place on 8 June.

Victoria Sanusi is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

Contact Victoria Sanusi at victoria.sanusi@buzzfeed.com.

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