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How The Latest Brexit Drama Breathed Some Life Back Into Scottish Independence Campaigners

An SNP MP told BuzzFeed News the Scottish independence movement has had a shot in the arm because the government's handling of Brexit was a "clusterfuck". But Scottish Conservatives accused the SNP of naked opportunism.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

David Davis Won't Be Formally Criticised Over The Lack Of Brexit Impact Assessments

The SNP's shadow leader of the House of Commons had told BuzzFeed News he had written to the speaker urging contempt proceedings against the Brexit secretary.

Alex Spence • One year ago

Pro-Remain Tories Think The Irish Border Question Might Just Have Changed The Terms Of Brexit

The Irish border question has emboldened the party's pro-Remain faction, threatening a brutal internal row over the terms of Brexit.

Jim Waterson • One year ago

The Scottish Government Is Demanding The Same Brexit Concessions As Northern Ireland

"Why should Scotland have a terrible deal and Ireland a good deal?" asked one SNP MP.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

Edinburgh's Hogmanay Events Have Been Criticised For Advertising Hundreds Of Unpaid Roles

MSPs have told BuzzFeed News that the use of unpaid volunteers will tarnish the world-famous New Year celebrations.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

The Scottish Youth Parliament Has Called In Police Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

The charity called in police after BuzzFeed News raised questions about its handling of harassment and bullying complaints.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

Scottish Police Have Been Praised For This Open Letter To A Woman At Risk Of Domestic Abuse

"We know you follow this account and want you to see this."

Jamie Ross • One year ago

The New Leader Of Scottish Labour Says Kezia Dugdale May Be Suspended For Going On "I'm A Celebrity"

Richard Leonard's election has been slightly overshadowed by reports that former leader Kezia Dugdale is heading to the Australian jungle to take part in ITV's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

Scottish Labour's Interim Leader Has Quit After Claims Of "Abusive" Messages

A former partner of Alex Rowley's said he had "destroyed [her] life" with abuse. Rowley denies the allegations and said he would "take all steps necessary" to clear his name.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

A Welsh Assembly Member Facing Misconduct Allegations Has Been Found Dead

Carl Sargeant was suspended from the Labour party after an investigation was launched against him.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

This Tory MP Is Missing The Universal Credit Debate To Referee The Champions League

The chair of Douglas Ross's local food bank told BuzzFeed News she felt "let down" after the MP chose to referee Barcelona v Olympiakos rather than attend the universal credit debate.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

Scotland's Next Big Hip-Hop Artist Also Runs His Local Food Bank

"It's a great time for music and activism – I just hope we can all pull together and really make a change," award-winning artist Ryan McGeady told BuzzFeed News.

Jamie Ross • One year ago

SNP Activists Are Patiently Waiting For Brexit To Go Wrong Before IndyRef2

"We have to live in the real world," one activist told BuzzFeed News. "A referendum will happen. When? Who knows."

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago

Nicola Sturgeon Has Criticised The EU For Its Silence Over Catalonia Violence

The pro-EU leader said that it had failed to live up to its founding values of "human dignity, freedom, democracy, and equality".

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago

The Youngest MP In Parliament Just Completely Rinsed Jeremy Corbyn At The SNP Conference

"I am so disappointed with Jeremy Corbyn," Mhairi Black said in a piercing attack on the Labour leader.

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago

These SNP Politicians Want Scotland To Recognise A Catalan Declaration Of Independence

"My real worry is that Westminster could do the same to us," one MSP told BuzzFeed News.

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago

This Scottish Politician Is Looking For Your Support On Tinder

"I was just tremendously confused," said one Tinder user who saw Richard Leonard MSP pop up while she was searching for a date.

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago

Theresa May Is Going To Introduce "Lifesaving" Opt-Out Organ Donation In England

The move means people will no longer have to register to become organ donors.

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago

David Mundell Says No Brexit Deal Between Sturgeon And May Would "Wreck Scotland"

The secretary of state for Scotland said that if the UK and Scottish governments fail to come to an agreement over Brexit it will significantly damage the country.

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago

Fracking Is Going To Be Banned In Scotland

"Fracking cannot and will not take place in Scotland," said a Scottish government minister.

Jamie Ross • 2 years ago