Alex Salmond Played A Ghost In A Pakistani Soap Opera And We Found The Video

    No, we don't know why this happened either.

    One day, for reasons we can no longer remember, we stumbled across this bizarre article in The Telegraph about Alex Salmond from 2000.

    It claimed that Salmond, then an MP, was due to star as a ghost in a Bollywood soap opera called The Castle, produced by SNP candidate Tasmina Sheikh.

    Immediately, we took to Google to find out exactly what happened to Alex Salmond's Bollywood career, but there was absolutely nothing to be found except for the lone Telegraph article.

    That was until we tracked down all 24 episodes of The Castle on a Pakistani equivalent of Youtube, and sat down to watch each and every one of them hoping to find a ghostly Alex Salmond.

    We sat through literally hours of scenes like this without a single clue as to what was going on, except that it's all set in a haunted Scottish castle.

    The Castle

    (Click on the icon in the bottom right to play the sound.)

    But then we saw this familiar-looking bust. Could it really be? Were we finally about to see the fabled Salmond ghost?

    Yes. Yes we were.

    Without further ado, here is Alex Salmond's entire role as a ghost in a 2001 Pakistani soap opera.

    The Castle

    (Click on the icon in the bottom right to play the sound.)

    In case you don't believe it's really him – and to be honest, we found it hard to believe too – he gets a credit at the end of every episode, as does Gordon Jackson MSP (who we're yet to find).

    We asked Alex Salmond if he'd like to comment on his acting career. He told BuzzFeed News:

    My Bollywood cameo as a ghostly spirit was filmed the last time I stood down as SNP leader. This time round I'm hoping to haunt the House of Commons, rather like Banquo's ghost.

    It was, it has to be said, a non-speaking role – not one I hope to assume in Westminster.

    As you would expect, I took some acting lessons from Sean Connery at the time to make sure the audience was both shaken and stirred.

    The Castle is a Pakistani soap opera and not a Bollywood production, as it was described in an earlier version of this story.