This Scottish Politician Put A Flag Through A Balustrade And Accidentally Became A Meme

    Let me tell you the tale of Scotland's most inspirational man – Balustrade Lanyard.

    Last August, Scottish Conservative councillor David Meikle put an Israeli flag through a balustrade at Glasgow City Council's headquarters.

    Meikle was protesting against the Palestinian flag being raised over the building. After his protest, a couple of thousand people signed a petition calling for his resignation.

    With most people more concerned about Scotland's upcoming independence referendum, the petition – and the story – fizzled out. But the story of the photo had only begun.

    After Meikle posted the picture on his Twitter account, Scottish social media oddity @loveandgarbage noted that he had used his official council lanyard to storm the balustrade.

    My favourite thing about the protest poking a flag through a balustrade is the wearing of the lanyard to get through Council security

    He then suggested that the name "Balustrade Lanyard" sounded like it belonged to a character from a 1960s radio drama.

    I used to love Balustrade Lanyard in those 1960s radio dramas. his voice was full of character.

    One thing led to another, and "Balustrade Lanyard" became Meikle's online nickname – and a kind of alter-ego which he transformed himself into when he needed to express himself.

    my man of the year is balustrade lanyard, alter ego of conservative councillor david meikle. he's truly special.

    People started to enjoy imagining Balustrade Lanyard's adventures, like when he was included on the honours list.

    #FF @cllrdmeikle aka Briton of the Year, and now Knight of the Realm, Sir Balustrade Lanyard @BLanyard

    By the end of 2014, Balustrade Lanyard was an in-joke which amused about four people, but confused many more.

    Is there a support group to join for people who do not know who or what Balustrade Lanyard is?

    However, one person who was not amused was Meikle himself, who spent his days blocking anyone who mentioned the words "balustrade" or "lanyard".

    As an extra special Christmas present, it appears I have been blocked by Balustrade Lanyard.

    This was a definite blocking.

    .@cllrdmeikle Mr Meikle, what's all this about you being on a balustrade with a lanyard? @MichaelPDeacon @ronpaste

    As the new year began, Balustrade Lanyard became detached from David Meikle. He became an independent, inspirational character who could be whoever you wanted him to be.

    when balustrade lanyard kisses a woman, she stays kissed.

    Balustrade Lanyard could become Eleanor Rigby.

    Balustrade Lanyard/ Picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been/ Lives in a dream/ Waits at the window/ Wearing a face that/ etc

    Balustrade Lanyard could become a Big Brother contestant.

    Celeb BB 2015 housemates: Peter Hitchens, Wolf from Gladiators, Richard Blackwood, Anjem Choudary, Laurie Penny & Balustrade Lanyard

    Balustrade Lanyard could even be the successor to Vladimir Putin.

    "I am ready for Russia's call" - Balustrade Lanyard .@BLanyard #wheresPutin

    The inevitable @BLanyard Twitter account was set up, which sent inspiring messages – attached to the photo – to get us through our days. Messages such as:

    "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" – Balustrade Lanyard.

    "Anger is just sad's bodyguard" – Balustrade Lanyard.

    "I am always available to wave flags for people who are otherwise engaged" – Balustrade Lanyard.

    A highlight was when those of us in on the Balustrade Lanyard joke insisted that "Balustrade Lanyard" was the name of the new royal princess.

    And now Prince George will meet Princess Balustrade Lanyard. #RoyalBaby

    "One is delighted to welcome Princess Balustrade Lanyard into the family."

    Impressed that they went with Balustrade Lanyard as a name for the #RoyalBaby. Restored my faith in the monarchy.

    People who didn't know what Balustrade Lanyard was believed the royal princess was actually called Balustrade Lanyard.

    Hang on... Balustrade Lanyard?!? WTF? Is that TRUE? Is that not an item from the Ideal Homes Exhibition? #RoyalBaby

    Balustrade? Seriously? @JamieRoss7: And now Prince George will meet Princess Balustrade Lanyard. #RoyalBaby

    Princess Balustrade Lanyard was introduced to the world.

    Commemorative plates were made.

    A limited run of 250,000 commemorative Princess Balustrade Lanyard plates are available from the Spanner Mint.

    The Guardian reacted to the birth of Princess Balustrade Lanyard.

    Guardian got their take on the name of #royalbaby being Balustrade Lanyard up quickly.

    Even The Daily Telegraph got in on the action – really.

    Round up of Balustrade Lanyard's first day:

    Suddenly, Balustrade Lanyard became the name on everyone's lips.

    Beyond thrilled this is a suggested search these days.

    Soon after the royal baby, the election came – and Balustrade Lanyard won by a landslide.

    Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, I am not allowed to tell you who I voted for. Sorry. #balustradelanyard

    Wrote BALUSTRADE LANYARD across my ballot paper in marker pen. I hope it counts.

    I've just been speaking to people at my local polling booth, and let me be the first to say congratulations to Balustrade Lanyard MP.

    Scotland turned into a Balustrade Lanyard heartland.

    I'm honoured that @MartinBelam is creating content almost exclusively for my amusement.

    He replaced the Queen on bank-notes.

    Balustrade Lanyard must be the new face of the £20 note.

    Everything was truly coming up Lanyard. But then, something terrible happened.

    For reasons yet unknown, Twitter suspended the @blanyard account.

    Twitter has suspended Balustrade Lanyard. He must have been too inspirational.

    A nation cried out in anguish and anger.

    police now struggling to control the crowds in george square. "free balustrade lanyard," chant a defiant people.

    Balustrade Lanyard has been trending for ten minutes and yet the BBC refuses to cover the story.

    BREAKING: Scenes across the world as it is revealed Balustrade Lanyard has been suspended

    Tears were shed.

    'Light a candle for me, as I light one for you my people': Balustrade Lanyard.

    Diplomatic tensions reached fever pitch.

    International concern is growing over the suspended Balustrade Lanyard

    Although our self-interested parliamentarians didn't seem to care.

    Left: MPs debating giving themselves a pay rise. Right: MPs debating the suspension of Balustrade Lanyard. For shame

    But in death, Balustrade Lanyard became more popular than any of us could have imagined.

    Trend Alert: 'Balustrade Lanyard'. More trends at #trndnl

    And the memory – the power – of Balustrade Lanyard remained alive.

    'Do not stand by my balustrade and weep, my lanyard is not there, it does not sleep.'

    We all have our favourite Balustrade Lanyard moments.

    My favourite Balustrade Lanyard moment was when he flew that Israel flag through those balustrades while wearing a lanyard.

    But this is how Balustrade Lanyard would want to be remembered.

    God bless you, Balustrade Lanyard. We will not forget you.