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Here Are All The Seats That Have Changed Hands In The Election

Seventy constituencies have been won away from their previous party in the 2017 general election. Here's a comprehensive list.

This map shows all the constituencies that have changed hands in the election, with the colour representing the party that they have switched to.

70 seats switched parties. Labour gained the most new seats, winning a total of 36 seats across the country, and losing only 6, for a total gain of 30. They held on in virtually every marginal where they'd been seen as being under threat, often by huge margins.

The Conservatives have lost the most, with 33, followed by the SNP, who have lost 21. However, the Tories made a lot of their losses back by winning seats elsewhere – they gained 20 seats over the night as well, for a net loss of 13. Among their more notable losses was Ben Gummer, one of the authors of the manifesto that many are blaming in part for the Tories' poor performance.

The SNP, meanwhile, didn't make any gains, ending the night with 35 seats, 21 down from their previous mark. That still makes them the largest party in Scotland, but it's a hugely disappointing result for the party that is significantly worse than the losses the polls had predicted – and includes losing their leader in Westminster, Angus Robertson, and former leader Alex Salmond.

The Liberal Democrats had a mixed night, but one they'll probably be pleased with on balance – they lost 4 of their 9 seats, but gained another 8, increasing their total overall. It means the Lib Dem parliamentary party makeup will be radically different to the last parliament, with former leader Nick Clegg among those losing his seat, although the return of former frontbenchers Vince Cable and Ed Davey will be seen as a success for them.

Elsewhere, Plaid Cymru gained a seat from the Lib Dems, while UKIP failed to win any seats – losing in Clacton, the one seat that it had held before its only MP Douglas Carswell quit the party back in March. The Greens comfortably held on to Caroline Lucas's seat in Brighton Pavilion.

In Northern Ireland's 17 constituencies there were some dramatic changes, with Sinn Féin and the DUP emerging the winners – gaining 3 and 2 seats respectively. The SDLP and the UUP were the losers in this case, also shedding 3 and 2 seats

(One note: It's standard to make these comparisons between general elections, as by-elections can be outliers – which is why Richmond Park, which the Lib Dems won in a by-election in 2016 but was won back by the Conservatives this time, does not appear here. However, Copeland, which the Tories won in a by-election earlier this year and retained in the general election, does appear.)

Here is a full list of all the seats that have changed hands.

Brighton, KemptownConLab
Bristol North WestConLab
Bury NorthConLab
Colne ValleyConLab
Crewe and NantwichConLab
Croydon CentralConLab
Derby NorthConLab
Enfield, SouthgateConLab
High PeakConLab
Kingston and SurbitonConLD
Oxford West and AbingdonConLD
Plymouth, Sutton and DevonportConLab
Portsmouth SouthConLab
Reading EastConLab
Stockton SouthConLab
Warrington SouthConLab
Warwick and LeamingtonConLab
Weaver ValeConLab
Cardiff NorthConLab
Vale of ClwydConLab
Middlesbrough South and East ClevelandLabCon
North East DerbyshireLabCon
Stoke-on-Trent SouthLabCon
Walsall NorthLabCon
Leeds North WestLDLab
Sheffield, HallamLDLab
Belfast SouthSDLPDUP
South DownSDLPSF
Aberdeen SouthSNPCon
Ayr, Carrick and CumnockSNPCon
Banff and BuchanSNPCon
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and SelkirkSNPCon
Caithness, Sutherland and Easter RossSNPLD
Coatbridge, Chryston and BellshillSNPLab
Dumfries and GallowaySNPCon
East DunbartonshireSNPLD
East LothianSNPLab
East RenfrewshireSNPCon
Edinburgh WestSNPLD
Glasgow North EastSNPLab
Kirkcaldy and CowdenbeathSNPLab
Ochil and South PerthshireSNPCon
Rutherglen and Hamilton WestSNPLab
West Aberdeenshire and KincardineSNPCon
Fermanagh And South TyroneUUPSF
South AntrimUUPDUP