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These Celebrities Are Urging You To Go Out And Vote Today

"YOU are Simon Cowell, YOU have the deciding vote. Use it."

Today is the day. The United Kingdom is heading to the polls to vote after prime minister Theresa May called a snap election on 18 April.

And these celebrities are urging you to have your voice heard and make sure you go out and vote by 10pm tonight.

Vote vote vote. I know you don't want to, but please do. It's your vote that may bring change & a dash of hope & belief. So vote vote vote!

Whoever you vote for tomorrow, just make sure you vote. Especially young people. Every little decision you make aff… https://t.co/wZHKIYaW8S

Whatever you're doing today and whatever your opinion is... make time to make sure that opinion counts, by VOTING!

Including Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis, aka Neville Longbottom.

This time, in this election, it really is up to you. All young people, tomorrow, YOU are Simon Cowell, YOU have the deciding vote. Use it.

And if my use of a hip Pop Idol reference doesn’t get you voting then nothing will.

And fellow Harry Potter alumnus Jamie Campbell Bower.

Game of Thrones' Grey Worm also wants you to vote wisely.

I don't believe in telling people HOW to vote, but tomorrow, please consider not just yourself, but those who have less than you. ✌🏽❤️

In fact, a whole host of TV stars have flooded social media urging their fans to head to the polling stations.

Wouldn't dream of telling you who to vote for, but please do vote. Especially you youngsters. Don't let us old buggers decide your future.

No woman in my family before my great-grandma could vote & billions still can't! Democracy is precious. Please vote #VOTE

Like Doctor Who's Pearl Mackie.

VOTE. UK When you wake up. Go and vote.

Remember to vote tomorrow and bear in mind British values of tolerance, fair play, and caring for society's least advantaged.

And Outlander's Sam Heughan.

Good luck UK Let's stand for inclusion, equality for all, Europe and future generations. #ElectionDay

If I was on a radio show right now instead of standing in my kitchen alone making tea I'd be urging all those listening to #Vote today. ☕️

Today is the day!!! Selfies by the polling station time. Use your vote wisely.

The stars of Great British Bake Off also want you to use your right to vote.

Vote. Please vote X https://t.co/2dTfYpYdt7

Do your homework. Get the facts and vote! People fought for this right. Let's not let it go to waste. #VoteForChange

But it's not only TV stars. Celebrities from the world of music are spreading messages of how important it is too.


Please please please vote. It's mad quick. Just go and do it, I used to think nah fuck it it's long what's my one lil vote gonna do.

Please, make your vote count today! #Vote2017 xjadex

we have a real opportunity to make a difference for the greater good this election please vote for the good of everyone not just yourself

So it's Election Day!!! Make sure u all vote. As YOUR VOTES COUNT!

As well as YouTubers.

Don't forget to vote today peeps! It's super important that you use your voice & make a choice! (Poet and I didn't… https://t.co/nxDDBvoyjB

VOTE VOTE VOTE. Use your voice guys! #GE2017

And some stars have this message for those who don't vote by the end of the day.

Vote today, or surrender any right to squeal & throw your toys out of the pram if you don't get the result you want. #GE2017

Please go out & #VOTE tomorrow. If you don't you are forbidden to moan about the government for the next five years.

And it's not only British stars spreading the message.