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The Far-Right Group Retweeted By Donald Trump Deleted A Bunch Of Pro-Putin Posts From Its Website

Deleted posts included "GO PUTIN! Russian president’s popularity on rise in Czech Republic!" and "VIDEO: Putin backs our Brexit".

James Ball • One year ago

Trump Retweeted Anti-Muslim Videos Posted By Far-Right Group Britain First

Trump's tweets drew criticism from UK Prime Minister Theresa May and rebukes from around the world. The White House vigorously defended the tweets, saying they spoke to a national security issue.

Jim Waterson • One year ago

London Officially Has The Worst Gender Pay Gap In The Whole Country

New analysis by the Office for National Statistics shows London has made no progress on the gender pay gap in 20 years.

James Ball • One year ago

The Chancellor Just Revealed The British Economy Is In Worse Shape Than Previously Thought

Philip Hammond announced downgrades to the UK economy – which means less government spending and lower wages – in his Budget speech.

James Ball • One year ago

Twitter Has Suspended Another 45 Suspected Propaganda Accounts After They Were Flagged By BuzzFeed News

The social media giant is facing serious questions over its efforts to deal with fake propaganda accounts after BuzzFeed News uncovered a network directly connected to the Russia-linked accounts Twitter submitted to Congress.

Tom Phillips • One year ago

11 Million People In The UK Are Not "Just About Managing" At All, New Research Shows

There are 18.9 million people in the UK living below the "minimum income standard", according to a new report, and government policies are hitting certain types of families harder.

James Ball • One year ago

There Are New Conflict-Of-Interest Questions Over One Of Priti Patel's Israel Meetings

The international development secretary met an Israeli charity that has showcased products of a company directly connected to the Tory peer who arranged the meeting.

James Ball • One year ago

A Highly Critical Report Says The NHS Was Hit By The WannaCry Cyberattack Because Of "Basic" Security Failings

The National Audit Office says the WannaCry attack caused at least 19,000 cancelled appointments and operations across England alone.

James Ball • One year ago

Here's Leave.EU's Foul-Mouthed Denial Of Using Twitter Bots To Influence The Brexit Vote

Leave.EU's expletive-filled response to BuzzFeed News comes as MPs ask social networks for information on bot activity during the referendum campaign.

James Ball • One year ago

A Suspected Network Of 13,000 Twitter Bots Pumped Out Pro-Brexit Messages In The Run-Up To The EU Vote

The social media giant has been urged by a senior MP to reveal what it knows about potential interference in the referendum after researchers discovered a bot network that vanished within weeks of the vote.

James Ball • One year ago

Official Figures Confirm Hate Crimes Surged After The Brexit Vote

New analysis from the Home Office shows a 29% increase in recorded crimes tied to racial, religious, disability, or LGBT discrimination – and suggests Brexit fuelled the rise.

James Ball • One year ago

Teetotal Students Are On The Rise But Unis Aren't Keeping Up

More and more students are choosing an alcohol-free university experience.

James Ball • 2 years ago

Top Universities Are Getting 10 Times As Many Applications From Well-Off Areas Than Poorer Ones

Students from areas that don’t traditionally send many people to university are even less likely to apply to the UK’s top institutions.

James Ball • 2 years ago

Amber Rudd's Plan To Jail People Who Repeatedly View Extremist Material Is Being Lambasted By Campaigners

Rudd's plan has provoked a wave of criticism from Liberty and the Open Rights Group, among others.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 years ago

This Former GCHQ Head Took A Private Sector Role Without Asking For Government Approval – And Got Away With It

"It’s like saying, ‘The rules are you’re not allowed a sweet without asking, but go on then, have another one,'" a transparency campaigner told BuzzFeed News.

James Ball • 2 years ago

Trump Calls London Attacker "A Loser" And Tells Scotland Yard To Be More Proactive

The president also seized upon the terrorist incident to call for support of a "larger, tougher" travel ban.

Jessica Simeone • 2 years ago

Here's Why Freddos Are Still Better Value Than Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons

May this bring an end to the great political Freddo wars.

James Ball • 2 years ago

Here's How Much Worse Off Public Sector Workers Are Thanks To The Government's Pay Cap

Police officers, firefighters, and nurses are up to £3,500 a year worse off than they were in 2010, thanks to years of below-inflation pay rises.

James Ball • 2 years ago

A Major UK Domestic Violence Organisation Faces Accusations Of Failing Victims And Taking Inappropriate Payments

Following reporting by BuzzFeed News, Labour's shadow policing minister has called for an immediate government investigation.

James Ball • 2 years ago

Campaigners Want Big PR Firms To Stop Working With Abusive Regimes After The Bell Pottinger Scandal

Campaigning groups are calling for action against firms working with regimes which abuse human rights.

James Ball • 2 years ago