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June 28, 2017

This Woman Did Her Maternity Photo Shoot Underwater And It's So Extra

The photo honestly looks like a Renaissance painting.

Give God And Obama A Holy Hand Clap Of Praise

Another Round gets the beautiful Chi town welcome.

Ladylike Went To Their First Vidcon And Cool Swag Was Plentiful

Fidget spinners. Fidget spinners everywhere.

Can You Solve This Puppy Math Problem?

How well do you keep numbers in your head?

Senate Republicans Are Considering Leaving Some Obamacare Taxes In Place

The Republican plan has been to repeal hundreds of billions of dollars in Obamacare taxes, most of which benefit the richest Americans, while making major cuts to Medicaid. But now some Republican senators are pushing to leave some taxes in place.

Organised Crime Gangs Are Buying Up Billions Of Pounds Of UK Property

In its fourth annual public analysis of the nature and scale of serious and organised crime affecting the UK, the National Crime Agency warned that the purchase of property in the UK presents a significant money laundering risk.

A Prehistoric Square-Shaped Monument Has Been Discovered Beneath A Stone Circle In England

A new study of a 4,500-year-old stone circle has found the remains of even older constructions, shedding new light on the ancient site.

This Report Says It's "Highly Possible" Scotland Is About To Enter A Recession

Scotland's leading group of economists says the country is lagging behind the UK and whether or not it enters a recession will be a "close-run thing".

A Senate Panel Voted To Offer Free Birth Control To Members Of The Military And Their Dependents

Women in the military and dependents of service members could soon have free access to birth control, even when not on active duty, after a Senate panel included the provision in an annual defense bill.

21 Cosas que sólo entenderás si crees que 'Hércules' es la mejor película de Disney

Sabes que "bien dicho, bicho" es una frase que todo mundo necesita en su vocabulario.

The Story Behind the “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” Video From “The Hamilton Mixtape”

“It felt like a really unique opportunity to give a voice to the immigrant narrative,” director Tomás Whitmore told BuzzFeed News.

Blue Apron Goes Public On Thursday, But It's Not Looking Pretty

The meal-kit delivery service is selling its shares at a much lower valuation than it initially proposed, after investors took a closer look at its business.

Key Senate Panel Approves 4,000 New Visas For Afghan Interpreters

While the visas still need the approval of the full House and Senate, the committee's approval is a major step forward for a previously stalled program to help interpreters that have assisted the US military, which is facing a major backlog.

Sindicalistas fretaram ônibus para buscar Vaccari em Curitiba, mas ele continuou preso

Tesoureiro do PT foi absolvido pelo Tribunal Regional Federal em um dos processos pelo qual foi condenado pelo juiz Sergio Moro. Mas, por causa de outra ordem de prisão preventiva, ele foi mantido preso.

Coca-Cola celebra orgulho LGBT ironizando antiga piada homofóbica

Eram parte de uma ação interna e viralizou pelas redes sociais.

Why Does The Syrian Government Keep Looking To Use Chemical Weapons?

Deir Ezzor and the suburbs of Damascus are among the areas the Pentagon and outside observers believe would be prime targets should Assad defy the White House's warning.

Trump Is Trying To Clamp Down On This Tiny Group Of Immigrants Protected By Congress

“Every day we have fewer legal recourses to stay and fight our cases.”

FBI Agent Indicted In Fatal Shooting Of Rancher During Oregon Standoff

A member of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team allegedly lied about firing two shots during an Oregon operation that resulted in the death of Arizona rancher Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.

9 States And DC Are Standing Up For These Transgender Veterans In A Case Against The Feds

The states filed a friend-of-the-court brief on Wednesday saying transgender veterans should have gender reassignment covered in their government health care plans.

What It’s Like Leaving The YouTube Group That Made You Famous

“Through this whole process, I kept thinking, Oh god is this the right choice? Did I make a huge mistake?” Anthony Padilla told BuzzFeed News.



This Is What Gay Liberation Looked Like In The '70s

On June 28, 1969, NYPD raided a popular gay bar known as the Stonewall Inn. The ensuing riots were a watershed moment for the gay liberation movement and changed America forever.

Vice Has Retracted Two Stories Alleging Trump Drama At Disney's Hall Of Presidents

"Despite some media reports to the contrary, President Trump will have a speaking role in The Hall of Presidents, like every president since 1993," Disney said in a statement.

22 Etapas de luto por las que pasas cuando se termina tu serie favorita

¿Por qué las series no pueden durar para toda la vida?



「保育園落ちた」に本気で向き合う人はだれだ? 待機児童ゼロは約束できるのか。

東京都議選では何人の候補者が「待機児童を解消する」と言っている? 公約を確認してみました。

The Women Of "Star Wars" Are Starring In A New Animated Series

*Star Wars scroll* I'm not crying, you're crying.

Celine Dion Is A Fashun God And Swag Lord

If you didn't know, now you know.

Would You Swipe Right On These Pasta Dishes?

I'd swipe right on all of 'em.

Immigrants Don't Commit More Crime Than US-Born Citizens, The Top Immigration Enforcer Just Said

The statement came on the same day President Trump touted two bills pending in Congress that he said would help remove undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes from towns across the US.

27 testes para descobrir muita coisa sobre você e seus relacionamentos

A gente sabe mais sobre você do que você imagina.

You're Only Allowed To Drink Starbucks If You Can Pass This Quiz

All the lonely Starbucks lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane.

Uber Says Former Self-Driving Leader At Center Of Lawsuit Promised Not To Use Google Files

"Uber never used any Google trade secrets or patented technology in the development of the technology at issue in this case," the ride-hail giant's lawyers wrote in a court filing.

21 tatuagens deslumbrantes para amantes da natureza

Das mais delicadas e discretas às mais exuberantes.

31 coisas meio nojentinhas que a maioria dos casais faz

(Embora não comentem com ninguém).

16 Momente aus Bachelorette Folge 3, die dich zum Lachen bringen, auch wenn du es nicht schaust

Powered by "Comic Sans". Passt irgendwie zu den Typen - schräg halt.

New Security Screenings May Affect Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Flying To The US

The Department of Homeland Security announced new security measures for flights entering the US.

12 situações que te deixam suando frio mais que este ursinho

"Precisamos conversar", "pode falar", "tem que ser pessoalmente".

9 Types Of Street Harassment You've Probably Experienced If You're A Woman

"You're pretty, but you'd be prettier if you smiled!"

14 fatos sobre o pênis que os urologistas querem que você saiba

Por exemplo, que tentar tornar o seu pênis maior é uma batalha perdida..

There's A Fight Brewing Between The NYPD And Silicon Valley's Palantir

Big data helped New York's cops bust Bobby Shmurda. But as the NYPD's contract with tech giant Palantir comes to an end, things could get messy.

Este quiz de películas románticas te dirá si le gustas a tu crush o no

Llegó el momento de saber si debes animarte a hablarle, o seguir adelante.

The Great White Celebrity Vacuum

White women have long been the primary currency of the celebrity industry. But in our current political and cultural climate, investing in them feels increasingly ill-advised.

Identical Twins Learn Weird Twin Facts

Bet you don’t know what the word “blhrie” means.

What TV And Film Characters Do You Identify With As An Asexual Person?

Even if canon ace characters are few and far between, who do you relate to?

Women Try Kim Kardashian's 5-Minute Contour Challenge

"I know I can do SOMETHING in 5 Minutes, I don't know if I'll look like Kim."

PF avisou 10 vezes o governo de que ia faltar dinheiro para o passaporte

Governo sabia há um ano que ia faltar dinheiro do passaporte. Depois da suspensão do documento, Ministério do Planejamento mandou para o Congresso projeto de lei às pressas para cobrir os custos e retomar o serviço.

Mulheres têm mais vergonha que orgulho de serem brasileiras

Segundo o Datafolha, 51% das brasileiras dizem sentir mais vergonha que orgulho.

This Girl Held A Maternity Photo Shoot For Her Pregnant Dog

Time to make dog maternity shoots a thing.

Alicia Silverstone Is Confused By All The "Wonder Woman" Attention

World: Wonder Woman was amazing! Alicia Silverstone: As if!

A Teen Was Charged With Killing Her Boyfriend During A Failed YouTube Stunt

Monalisa Perez was charged with manslaughter after she accidentally shot Pedro Ruiz in the chest while making a YouTube video for the couple's vlog.

18 vantagens que só tem quem consegue estudar em Hogwarts

A Sala Precisa já viu cada coisa...

Here's Why I Could Never, Ever Be A Nurse

Poop, 18-hour shifts, and doctors' handwriting: It's literally the toughest job on Earth.

21 Ridiculously Clever Multi-Use Products You Totally Need In Your Life

You didn't know you wanted a hairclip that was also a screwdriver, but now you do.

¿Cuántas de estas 69 cosas sexuales has hecho con tu pareja?

Hora de experimentar con las que les falten ;)

This Sikh Politician Shared A Personal Story About Growing Up In Canada And People Can Really Relate

"I remember feeling like there was something wrong with me for just being me, and I wanted to belong."

23 Unavoidable Douchey Things You Do If You Went To An Ivy League

It's so much more than a conference for awful sports teams.

'Pink Slime' Lawsuit Cost Disney $177 Million

The broadcaster has settled a lawsuit with a meat processor that was seeking almost $2 billion in damages.

Abortion Rights Campaigners Have Welcomed A Vote By Doctors To Legalise The Procedure

Fifty years after the Abortion Act was passed, and against the backdrop of the Tory-DUP deal, the British Medical Association has backed calls for the full decriminalisation of abortion.

Universities Are Facing A “Passing The Trash” Scandal People Are Comparing To The Catholic Church

Erik Shapiro was accused of making unwanted sexual advances on a student, but when he went to a new university, the allegations were kept under wraps, exposing a major problem with how sexual harassment accusations get addressed in higher education.

16 Tattoo Horror Stories That Will Make You Permanently Cringe

"Her arm now looks like there are several vaginas on it."

This Florida Teen Is Suing For The Right To Use The Bathroom That Matches His Gender

Drew Adams, a 16-year-old trans boy, is suing the the St. Johns County School Board in St. Augustine, FL, because he's been denied access to the boys' bathroom.

This Guy Who Can't Drink Milk Just Put Starbucks On Blast For Getting His Order Wrong

"I don't order soy milk because I'm bored and want my drink order to sound fancy. I order soy milk so that my bottom doesn't blast fire for 4 hours."

A Guy Drove His Car Into A Ten Commandments Monument A Day After It Was Erected

The suspect, who destroyed a similar monument in Oklahoma two years ago, recorded a Facebook Live video of himself driving into the statue.

A Labour Peer Has Called For Investigations Into Russian Deaths On UK Soil After A BuzzFeed Investigation

"Either we no longer have the capacity to investigate such deaths or someone has told the police not to fully investigate them," the House of Lords was told following a report by BuzzFeed News.

These Videos Of Hilary Duff Doing Crazy Flips Have Got Me Shook


Sólo si odias a todo el mundo marcarás más de 60 en este quiz

Todos tenemos un poquito de misantropía.

20 Amazing Foundations That Won't Melt In The Heat

No one deserves to look like a Dalí painting... especially if you spent time and effort beating your face!

Tell Us Your Piercing Horror Story

The grosser the better.

8 Gründe, warum drei Jahre NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss nichts gebracht haben

Nicht nur hat der Ausschuss kaum etwas rausgefunden – es wird heute auch mehr überwacht als vorher.

Every Person From 23 Flats In Grenfell Tower Is Presumed Dead, Police Have Said

Police have been unable to speak to anyone from 23 of Grenfell's 129 flats. They also say the final death toll from the fire may not be known until the end of this year.

Solo las personas con percepción del color perfecta podrán leer estas palabras

No ajustes tu monitor (a menos que seas un tramposo).

This Celeb Spoke About The Realities Of IVF And It's Emotional

Izzy Judd spoke about her miscarriage and successful pregnancy, her mindful attitude during the process of IVF and offered advice to people experiencing fertility issues.

9 Forgotten TV Shows You'll Only Remember If You Used To Watch The N

Everybody remembers Degrassi: The Next Generation, but what about the other stuff?

Piers Morgan Just Got Beautifully Owned By His Morning Show Co-Host And It's Iconic

"I get annoyed when people can't stop banging on about politics on Facebook." O RLY?

55 Million US Latinos Are The World's 7th-Biggest Economy

The overwhelmingly white baby boomers will be supported in their retirement by an increasingly Latino workforce.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on flasks, a weekend bag, vintage swimsuit, and more!

15 petits détails stylés à repérer dans «Wonder Woman»

Comme cette référence à Rosie la riveteuse. (Attention, spoilers).

A Lawyer Who Helped Write The Patriot Act Is Trump’s Pick For A Top State Department Job

President Trump plans to nominate Jennifer Newstead to serve as the State Department’s top legal adviser, sources told BuzzFeed News. Newstead was credited with helping draft the Patriot Act after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

34 Tweets You Probably Won’t Want To Laugh At, But Definitely Will

"Yes, we are a highly diverse company. Susan in accounts is a goth."

17 Of The Best Coolers You Can Get On Amazon

They're the coldest in the game.

18 Pasteles que intentaron pero fallaron

Ellos solo quieren hacerte feliz.

¿Puedes pasar este dificilísimo examen de ríos del mundo?

¿Dónde está el río Nilo? (Y no, la respuesta no solo es Egipto).

Keeping up with Simone e Simaria

Elas têm quatro discos chamados "As Coleguinhas" e a Simaria, a Kim Kardashian brasileira, conheceu o marido no Orkut.

22 fatos sobre o corpo humano que você não vai conseguir mais esquecer

Por exemplo, 90% das células do nosso corpo não são nossas.

21 Jokes About "The Office" That Are Actually Hilarious

"My man Michael looking like CEO of Dunder Mifflin."

13 Products That Will Make Your Summer Parties So Lit

Come on in, barbecuties—the water's full of watermelon floaties.

Pack A Lunch Box And We'll Guess How Old You Are

The contents of your lunch box basically define your social status in the playground.

23 Powerful Photos From The #NotInMyName Protests Around The World

Indians gathered in cities across the globe to question the government's silence after a series of killings in recent months.

Este é o áudio em que o marqueteiro de Temer acerta emissão de uma nota fria para campanha no exterior

Em 2008, o publicitário Elsinho Mouco fazia campanha no Paraguai quando foi flagrado pela PF pedindo R$ 1,2 milhão a empresário

22 faits sur le corps humain que vous ne pourrez jamais oublier

Vous avez des mites dans les cils. Si si.

What's The Best Concert You've Ever Been To?

For those about to wait in the bathroom line, we salute you.

A Judge Allows The Gawker–Hulk Hogan Saga To Roll On

Gawker may be able to open legal discovery into how Silicon Valley billionaire bankrolled its demise.

These Emotional Stories Show How Harry Potter Has Changed Lives

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, eight people tell us how the series' magic affected their lives.

21 Of The Best Self-Tanners You Can Get On Amazon

So you never have to see the sun again.

As Yogurt Goes Post-Greek, Chobani Is Launching An Old-School Regular Yogurt

The great yogurt disrupter is now embracing regular old-school yogurt.

20 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied This Summer Rain Or Shine

Rain, rain do whatever you want cuz we're having fun no matter what.

People Are Eating Marmalade Sandwiches In Honour Of Paddington Bear Author Michael Bond

"Marmalade sandwiches for me this lunchtime. It's what Paddington would have wanted."

Katy Perry Just Got Real About Therapy

"There's nothing weird about taking care of your physical or mental health."

You're Only An Awkward Brit If You Do 27 Out Of These 43 Things

Honestly, social interactions are difficult for the British.

19 Things From Dundee That Will Make You Say "Fuck, Why Don't We Have Those?"

People who claim Dundee is shit have clearly never had a Helicopter Burger.

Seit fast 30 Jahren kämpft Volker Beck für die Ehe für alle – diese Woche ist er am Ziel

"Die richtige Freude setzt erst ein, wenn es verabschiedet ist."

Every Single Building Tested After Grenfell Tower Has Failed Cladding Safety Checks

Jeremy Corbyn blamed austerity measures for a lack of building inspections that helped lead to the disastrous fire at the tower block in London.

Chinese Activists Detained For Investigating Factories That Make Ivanka Trump Products Will Be Released

Hua Haifeng, Li Zhao, and Su Heng were granted bail in order to be released pending trial.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at H&M, Bath & Body Works, Alex and Ani, and more!

Tesco Has Confirmed It Will Slash 1,200 Jobs As Part Of A "Turnaround Plan"

The UK's biggest supermarket has announced it will cut 1,200 head office jobs, which is around 25% of its head office workforce.

Student Halls Across Britain Have Similar Cladding To Grenfell Tower

Cladding has been sent for testing at Nottingham Trent, Bournemouth, Newcastle, and Edinburgh Napier universities, and some students have been evacuated.

GLOW: mujeres y fuerza física, un combo ganador

La nueva serie de luchadoras de Netflix, GLOW, es un acercamiento a cómo las habilidades físicas pueden mejorar la salud corporal y mental de las mujeres.

Rechte Aktivisten haben sich Tricks von YouTubern abgeschaut – und das wird immer gefährlicher

Eine kleine Gruppe rechter Aktivisten hat herausgefunden, wie man die Medien mit viralen Aktionen manipuliert. Dazu gehört auch die Identitäre Bewegung.

Kim K Shut Down Claims She Left A Beauty Vlogger Untagged On Instagram Because Of A Bad Review

People suggested Kim deliberately failed to tag beauty vlogger Jackie Aina in a selfie on Instagram after she criticised the contour product Kim launched last week. But she says there was a simple explanation.

Six People Will Face Criminal Charges Over The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster

David Duckenfield, the police match commander, will be charged with manslaughter by gross negligence, while the then West Yorkshire chief constable has been charged with misconduct in public office.

21 Slightly Strange Things Everyone On Weight Watchers Has Eaten

If you squint really hard it might just look like the real thing.

43 Tricks People Who've Run A Half Marathon Want You To Know

Don't beat yourself up about missing a day of training.

29 grafitis que te harán llorar de la risa

"Caballero, explore su ano".

Sir Philip Green Sold BHS To Avoid Liability For Its Pension Scheme, Says The Pensions Regulator

The Top Shop owner sold BHS for £1 to a man with limited retail experience before it collapsed with a pension deficit of £571 million.

What's Going On In The News Today?

Over 300 rape victims' groups are urging the US Senate to craft a better health care bill. Venezuela's president said a stolen police helicopter fired on the Supreme Court as part of a conspiracy to overthrow his government. And Time asked the Trump Organization to remove fake magazine covers featuring the president from at least four of his resorts.

23 photos qui montrent que les règles de genre ont toujours été faites pour être enfreintes

Un regard en arrière sur les évolutions des normes de genre au début du 20e siècle, présenté par Getty Images.

McDonald's And KFC Will Be "Places Of Safety" From Knife Crime In London

Other measures include extending police stop-and-search powers, installing specialist youth workers in A&E departments, and tackling businesses selling knives to minors.

Here Are 17 Funny Tweets About "The Chase" I Thought You Might Like

"Imagine going through nine months of pregnancy and raising your child the best you could only for them to take the minus offer on The Chase."

「とにかく落ちない!」夏のメイク崩れを防ぐ #野球オタ現場コスメ が最強すぎる


People Have Gone All Out Captioning These Photos Of Narendra Modi On A Cycle

"When you want to cycle, but Delhi is too polluted."

13 bodas LGTB+ que demuestran que el "fueron felices y comieron perdices" existe

"La verdad es que lo que hizo nuestra boda tan especial fue saber que estábamos ahí porque ganó el amor".

Shit Stirrers: Meet The People Doing Poop Transplants The Government Doesn’t Want Them To

The FDA has banned doctors from performing poop transplants for most illnesses. But a Tampa clinic is teaching the procedure to desperate patients with a variety of gut troubles — even kids with autism.





「男子なら世界700位」と言われ物議 それでも差別と闘うテニスの女王、セリーナ・ウィリアムズ




Jetzt ist es sicher: Am Freitag stimmt der Bundestag über die Ehe für alle ab

Der Rechtsausschuss hat heute entschieden, dass über die Ehe für alle im Bundestag abgestimmt wird.

The Tories Have Narrowly Defeated Labour's Effort To Force Them To Increase Public Sector Pay

Theresa May has won her first parliamentary vote since the disastrous general election campaign thanks to the backing of the DUP.

Venezuela's President Says A Rogue Police Helicopter Attacked The Supreme Court With Grenades

President Nicolás Maduro claimed the aerial attack was part of a conspiracy to overthrow his government.

George Brandis Taps Fellow Liberals For High Paying, Independent Tribunal Jobs

The tribunal members are paid up to $360,000 per year.

46 Questions "Pretty Little Liars" Never Really Answered

"Everything will be answered." REALLY? I MEAN, REALLY? Oh yeah, you better believe there's spoilers here.

末期がんの人権活動家 獄中から愛の詩に託したもの

君に明るい朝をあげるのが 僕のねがいと義務なんだ

Go On A Shopping Spree And We'll Sort You Into A Hogwarts House

Find out which hoggy-warty house you're in.

Which "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Character Are You?

Sorry but Jacqueline's dog is not one of the results.

Let Us Know Your Birthday And We'll Give You A Tasty Recipe To Try

You're guaranteed a delicious recipe no matter what.



Victoria Will Spend $4.6 Million To Rehabilitate Dads Who Commit Domestic Violence

It's part of the Andrews government's $1.9 billion package to end domestic violence in Victoria.

Everybody Is Totally Baffled By This Woman’s Financial Advice

"Carry around the amount of cash you think a rich person would carry."

Literally Just 18 Little Things People Think Are Better Than Sex

My dude, you must not have heard about garlic bread before.

Trump Made A Female Reporter Come Over To His Desk So He Could Comment On Her Looks

"She has a nice smile on her face, so I bet she treats you well."

Sarah Palin Has Filed A Defamation Lawsuit Against The New York Times

A Times editorial incorrectly linked Palin's PAC to a mass shooting — something she alleges the newspaper did deliberately, or with "reckless disregard for the truth."

Answer Five Random Questions And We'll Tell You Which Color Represents You Best

Because you'll definitely need this information at some point.

Build A Frappuccino And We'll Tell You What People Like About You

Your drink order says everything about you.

How Normal Are Your Opinions About Death?

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

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