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Timmies Is Having A Canada 150 Roll Up The Rim And People Are So Hyped


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Amid all the ~hoopla~ around Canada's 150th birthday, Tim Hortons has announced something of actual use: SURPRISE ROLL UP THE RIM!

Tim Hortons

Normally we'd have to wait all the way until next winter for the thrill of finding a free coffee coupon nestled in a rim. But, blessed be, we can relive that magic from now until July 21.


And Canadians are very hyped.

Timmies is bringing back roll up the rim for Canada's 150th RT to save a life #RollUp150

People on their morning coffee run were very happily surprised today.

Warning! Don't toss your @TimHortons coffee cups. They've brought back #RollUp150 in honour of #Canada150 !

Days are being made.

Ahhhhhhhh Suprise Roll Up for #Canada150! You seriously are the best @TimHortons #RollUp150

Now you can experience the thrill of losing a dozen times in a row in the summer.

Zero of 1 let's get this losing streak started! #secondtimesacharm #RollUp150 #rrrolluptherimtowin #canada150…

Bless up, Canada.

Roll up the rim is back bless up even though I'm never lucky #RollUp150

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