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    23 Unavoidable Douchey Things You Do If You Went To An Ivy League

    It's so much more than a conference for awful sports teams.

    Before you read this, please understand:

    The Ivy League was originally founded as an athletic conference comprised of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Dartmouth, and Cornell. The prestigious status of the colleges has overtaken the Ivy League's reputation as an athletic conference, and indirectly lead to students accidentally acting like douches.

    1. You have been known to, on occasion, name drop your school.

    2. At one point or another, you have thrown some shade at state schools.

    why do the people going to university of Michigan act as if it's an Ivy League school please calm down

    3. You've probably shit on other ivies. It's okay, we all do it. It's in our nature.

    4. Without a doubt, you've shamed Cornell for being a state school...

    5. ...and said it's not an Ivy.

    6. But then again, you've probably also criticized Princeton for being in New Jersey...

    7. ...felt a passionate yet fairly irrational sense of hatred for Harvard...

    8. ...and laughed at Brown for being a hippie school.

    9. Being super petty about sport rivalries is in your DNA at this point...

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    10. ...and goes hand in hand with being extremely competitive at career fairs.

    11. Not a day goes by where you don't spew bullshit about something.

    12. Yet at one point or another, you're bound to call yourself an intellectual.

    13. The most important lesson you've learned is to complain a lot...

    14. ...about everything.

    15. You paid an arm, a leg, a head, and a sack of tears, and you definitely don't leave this out of the the nonstop complaining.

    16. Your alumni are the apple of your eye. You're so proud of them that you're pretty much their mother.

    17. Undoubtedly, you've pretended like life is just a breeze and you ended up where you are without batting an eye.

    18. The odds you applied to all eight and went to the best one you got into are pretty high.

    19. You've considered joining the dating app The League...

    20. ...actually joined The League...

    21. ...and were disappointed when you realized The League isn't just for Ivy League grads.

    22. Feeling pretentious whenever people ask you where you went to college but secretly kind of loving it is a daily occurence.

    23. And more than anything, you're endlessly loyal to your school.