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    This Girl Held A Maternity Photo Shoot For Her Pregnant Dog

    Time to make dog maternity shoots a thing.

    What do you do when you have an incredibly photogenic dog that's eight weeks pregnant? Well, if you're Elsa Veria-Means you throw your dog the cutest damn maternity photo shoot.

    Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

    Fusee, the two-year-old semi-professional dog model, is positively glowing in all the photos.

    Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

    "She is so photogenic, so I just figured something like this would be so perfect," Elsa told BuzzFeed. She's not wrong. Fusee rocks a flower crown better than any girl who has ever attended Coachella.

    Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

    The photos were taken by 19-year-old Clayton Foshaug who took some other quality dog pictures, too.

    @meet_clayton / Via Twitter: @meet_clayton

    Elsa posted the photos to her Twitter account on Tuesday, and the post blew up overnight.

    @cheydezz / Via Twitter: @cheydezz

    People could not get over how happy Fusee looked in all the photos.

    @elsa_means I made her my lock screen she looks so happy

    @lilcoffeemug / Via Twitter: @lilcoffeemug

    Can dog maternity shoots replace human maternity shoots?

    @elsa_means The only pregnancy shoot I've ever cared about

    @Em_Bot / Via Twitter: @Em_Bot

    As if all of these pictures weren't cute enough, as of this morning Fusee is now a mom to eight tiny little puppies. "The puppies are great. They are very healthy and she is a great mom to them," Elsa told BuzzFeed.

    Update: labor is completed. 8 puppies were made in the making.

    @elsa_means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

    Pics please!

    Happy belated Mother's Day, Fusee!

    Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

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