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24 Easy Little Things Dudes Can Do To Instantly Become Hotter

Yes, you can be hotter overnight.

1. Iron or steam your clothes.

2. Ditch the boxers.

3. Find a good tailor.

4. Make sure all your clothes fit.

5. Slim down your jeans.

6. Wear the right socks with the right shoes.

7. Clean your shoes and get them polished.

8. Cut your damn nails!

9. Get your hair cut regularly.

10. Don't be afraid to pluck awkward hairs.

11. Shave your neck.

12. And if you can't grow a beard, then don't.

13. Moisturize everywhere.

14. Invest in Chapstick.

15. Find a scent that works for you.

16. Take charge — sometimes.

17. Don't answer texts while you're on a date with somebody.

18. Up your communication skills.

19. Share your feelings.

20. Stay caught up on the news.

21. Know how to cook.

22. If someone cooks for you, make sure you do the dishes.

23. Keep your room clean.

24. And change your sheets.