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24 Easy Little Things Dudes Can Do To Instantly Become Hotter

Yes, you can be hotter overnight.

1. Iron or steam your clothes.

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There's a huge difference between wrinkled clothes and their ironed or steamed counterparts. This simple step can transform a sloppy look into a pulled-together one. T-shirts aren't an exception either: A few swipes with an iron can upgrade your look almost instantly.

2. Ditch the boxers.

Boxer briefs are more stylish and offer your junk support, unlike boxers. Opt for a classier boxer brief, or if you're really feeling free, try a brief. Boxer briefs tend to not bunch up as much as regular boxers — and you won't get the dreaded "moose knuckle."

3. Find a good tailor.

Finding a tailor for suits, jeans, jackets, and other garments is crucial and will help you look super sharp. You don't need to get everything tailored, but if you grab a suit off the rack, you'll probably want to get it fine-tuned.

4. Make sure all your clothes fit.

If you have a smaller frame but you've been wearing medium all your life, give the small size a try and see if you look better in it. The same advice applies for all body types.

5. Slim down your jeans.

Your jeans don't have to be skintight, or even remotely skinny. But at least try to slim them down a bit. If you normally wear a boot-cut or wider/baggy style, start by trying out straight-cut jeans. People will definitely notice. Don't underestimate the power of a damn good pair of jeans.

6. Wear the right socks with the right shoes.

Please stop wearing white socks with everything. Having a general idea of what colors go with which shoes can help you look and feel more confident.

Don't be afraid to get colorful, either. Your socks are one item of clothing where it's OK to get a little playful.

7. Clean your shoes and get them polished.

Often, the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. Make a good impression by taking care of them. Keep your shoes polished and neat by giving them a good cleaning every once in a while. You can buy shoe polish almost anywhere, and it's a simple way to elevate your look.

8. Cut your damn nails!


You've been cutting your nails basically your entire life, but it can be an afterthought before a date or important event. Remember to always keep them trimmed. Having clean nails is something that's super easy to do, and it'll definitely get noticed.

9. Get your hair cut regularly.

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Getting a haircut is one way to automatically make you feel better — and figuring out which cut works best for you is easy. You should aim to get your hair cut regularly, not once or twice a year.

10. Don't be afraid to pluck awkward hairs.

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Hairs in awkward places are a problem for everyone, but they don't have to be. A simple body groomer, like the Philips Norelco OneBlade, will take care of most of these issues. It's available from Amazon for $34.95 and can trim your beard and pretty much anything else.

11. Shave your neck.

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12. And if you can't grow a beard, then don't.

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If it's patchy, let it go and stick with a clean-shaven look.

13. Moisturize everywhere.


Moisturize your face. I can't say this enough. It prevents fine lines and will help to maintain a youthful look. While you're at it, pay attention to your elbows, knees, feet, and ankles. If you have cracked skin anywhere on your body, slather on some moisturize and watch the magic happen.

14. Invest in Chapstick.

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Nobody wants busted lips, so moisturize those too. You can grab something as simple as Chapstick or a product that's a little more luxurious. Whatever you do, don't forget to take care of your lips.

And if you do have dry, cracked lips, this handy guide will help you get rid of them.

15. Find a scent that works for you.

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Finding a scent that works for you is crucial: It'll make people notice you before they even see you.

There isn't a specific fragrance that works for everybody, so go to your local mall or Sephora and try on some different scents to figure out which ones best match with your body chemistry. Spritz a bit on your neck and wrists, and you'll be winning in no time. Just make sure you don't overdo it.

16. Take charge — sometimes.

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Whether you like to be the assertive one in a relationship or not, taking charge sometimes is important, and it shows the other person that you're actually putting in an effort. One party shouldn't be responsible for always planning dates or outings.

17. Don't answer texts while you're on a date with somebody.


This is more important when you first start dating someone, but giving your full attention is crucial. You don't want to seem distracted and uninterested, so put the phone down while you're with your date and you'll earn major points.

18. Up your communication skills.


Small talk is invaluable. Being able to fill in quiet moments with questions, thoughtful opinions, or even just a joke can kick off a date well or bring you back from a lull. Jump-starting the conversation could mean the difference between a next date and not hearing back at all.

Here's a handy-dandy guide to help you get the conversation moving.

Another thing to note is how important it is to know your grammar and spelling rules. This is especially relevant in the online dating world; friends of mine have told me that they sometimes won't respond to online messages from potential suitors because they used improper grammar. At the very least, know your "you're" from your "your."

Above all else: If you like someone, tell them. Don't get into the habit of playing games.

19. Share your feelings.


Being honest about your feelings is important because communication is the key to any successful relationship. Only you know how you feel inside, and sometimes it's hard for others to pick things up based on body language alone. The only way for them to know exactly how you're feeling is to tell them. And no, it won't make you "soft" — if anything the other person will appreciate you so much more for being up front.

20. Stay caught up on the news.

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Being informed about current events is important, and it’ll give you plenty of conversation topics. You don't have to be a news junkie, but a basic understanding of what's going on will help you to give off the vibe that you care about what's going on in our country and our world.

21. Know how to cook.


Nobody is asking you to be Bobby Flay, but knowing how to cook a signature dish or two can be fulfilling for you and sexy to others. There's nothing like a home-cooked meal — even if it's as simple as grilling something — to impress people.

Here are a few recipes to get you started: 25 Dinners That Are Basically Impossible To Mess Up.

22. If someone cooks for you, make sure you do the dishes.


Whether it's your mom, date, or roommate who cooks for you, show them you care by doing the dishes after. After they slaved in the kitchen to make you a meal, the least you can do is wash the dishes. This small step will definitely be noticed and get you some brownie points.

23. Keep your room clean.

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Your room doesn't necessarily have to be spotless, but it should be tidy. You never know when you'll unexpectedly have someone back at your place, and you don't want to entertain in a pigsty. A tidy room could mean the difference between someone spending the night and bolting out of there.

24. And change your sheets.

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Change your sheets weekly (and more often if you're having sex regularly). I know it's annoying, I know it sucks, but it's important — especially because dirty sheets can lead to illness. See, it's not just for other people — it's for your sake too.