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    This Is How Will Ferrell Pranked A Professor Every Three Weeks In College

    I'd kill to be in that lecture.

    Last week, Will Ferrell was on Conan, and he talked about how he used to prank one particular professor in college.

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    Will said one day his friend encouraged him to crash his class.

    Obviously, Will was down. He would knock on the door, dressed as a janitor, every three weeks.

    Until one day, when the professor confronted him.

    But the professor wasn't pissed. He told Will to keep doing it.

    So Will would come as a janitor once a month. Sometimes with power drills:

    And sometimes he'd "fix" light sockets.

    Will said this professor and the experience allowed him to be himself.

    So thank you, literature professor. And thank you, Will, for being you.