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13 Products That Will Make Your Summer Parties So Lit

Come on in, barbecuties—the water's full of watermelon floaties.

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Have you met Jet? It's an online shop that sells everything from beauty products to furniture and household supplies to fresh groceries and snacks.

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Jet offers free shipping on orders over $35, and some pretty great discounts.

They'll give you a lower price if you pay with a debit card, opt out of free returns, or pay by debit card AND opt out of free returns.

AND all new customers get 15% off their first three orders.

So... you got that?

Don't worry—Jet has humans available 24/7 to guide you through its labyrinth of savings!


2. Actually, why not fully commit to this "pineapple social" theme with these adorable shot glasses.

3. Don't worry! Even if you're not a fruit magnate with a palatial estate, you can still host a BBQ! This hibachi charcoal grill is just the right size for a balcony cook-out.

Definitely check with your landlord before you fire it up, though!

Get it for $31.56 with promo code DOMINO20 at Jet.


7. After all those vegetables, you're probably going to want a sweet treat. So get some s'mores going with this set of ten (10!) marshmallow roasting forks.


10. Three words: sack race barbecue. Yes. I will be there. This is my formal RSVP. Thank you for the invitation. I will bring potato salad.

This is a set of four sacks. With handles. For racing! Now I'm overexcited. I better go work off some of this energy with a quick sack race.

Get it for $16.81 at Jet or for $17.95 at Pacific Play Tents.