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    13 Products That Will Make Your Summer Parties So Lit

    Come on in, barbecuties—the water's full of watermelon floaties.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Have you met Jet? It's an online shop that sells everything from beauty products to furniture and household supplies to fresh groceries and snacks.

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    Jet offers free shipping on orders over $35, and some pretty great discounts.

    They'll give you a lower price if you pay with a debit card, opt out of free returns, or pay by debit card AND opt out of free returns.

    AND all new customers get 15% off their first three orders.

    So... you got that?

    Don't worry—Jet has humans available 24/7 to guide you through its labyrinth of savings!

    Right now, Jet has a bunch of seriously extra summer party supplies...

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    And everything over $35 in the Jet x Domino Shop is 20% off with the promo code DOMINO20.

    1. You can live like the heir to the Dole fortune with this pineapple cocktail shaker...

    Get it for $50.12 with promo code DOMINO20 at Jet or for $80 at Urban Outfitters.

    2. Actually, why not fully commit to this "pineapple social" theme with these adorable shot glasses.


    Get it for $26.50 at Jet.

    3. Don't worry! Even if you're not a fruit magnate with a palatial estate, you can still host a BBQ! This hibachi charcoal grill is just the right size for a balcony cook-out.

    Definitely check with your landlord before you fire it up, though!

    Get it for $31.56 with promo code DOMINO20 at Jet.

    4. Or live your most 'gram-worthy life with this brilliant pop-up grill, for portable barbecues and campfires.

    Instagram: @popupgrill_official

    It collapses into a disk about the depth of a frying pan.

    Get it for $39.03 with promo code DOMINO20 at Jet.

    5. Show the world how serious you are about melted cheese with this grill melting dome.

    Okay, it's not just for melting cheese. It also helps your food faster and retain more flavor!

    Get it for $5.87 at Jet.

    6. And keep all your shrimp and vegetables out of the coals with this handy grill basket.

    Man, when I think of all the good onions I've lost in my life... Don't make the same mistakes I did!

    Get it for $25.87 at Jet.

    7. After all those vegetables, you're probably going to want a sweet treat. So get some s'mores going with this set of ten (10!) marshmallow roasting forks.

    I bet that's s'more marshmallow roasting forks than you currently have.

    Get it for $17.95 at Jet.

    8. Host a high-stakes lawn games tournament with this ~professional~ cornhole set.

    Cornhole is a way of life, my friends.

    Get it for $107.33 with promo code DOMINO20 at Jet.

    9. Or maybe lawn bowling is a bit further up your alley?

    Get it for $31.42 with promo code DOMINO20 at Jet.

    10. Three words: sack race barbecue. Yes. I will be there. This is my formal RSVP. Thank you for the invitation. I will bring potato salad.

    This is a set of four sacks. With handles. For racing! Now I'm overexcited. I better go work off some of this energy with a quick sack race.

    Get it for $16.81 at Jet or for $17.95 at Pacific Play Tents.

    11. If you're less of a "games and physical competition" person and more of a "more hammock than person" person, might I suggest this lovely person-sized hammock chair?

    Get it for $47.98 with promo code DOMINO20 at Jet.

    12. Or take your lounging to the high seas (er, high pools) with this roomy watermelon pool float.

    Get it for $26.56 at Jet.

    13. The best thing about this YOLO pool float is that it brilliantly justifies its own purchase.

    You: "Should I buy this float?"

    This Float: #YOLO

    Get it for $11.99 at Jet.

    This party's gonna be lit, y'all.