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14 Things You Should Never Ever Say To Someone From Chennai

Call me a Madrasi ONE. MORE. TIME.

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7. "A.R. Rahman may be from Chennai, but his best work is in Bollywood."

Let's not forget you have Roja, Bombay and Alaipayuthey because they were first super successful in Tamil. Maybe give a listen to the rest of his discography while you're at it.

8. "What do you guys even do for fun in Chennai?"

Shri Sai Raam Creations

Wellllll there's actually nothing to do, apart from partying till 4 a.m.; driving along the East Coast Road, heading to Mahabalipuram for breakfast, to Covelong for surfing or to Pondicherry for a day; attending plays and photowalks; eating masala kadlai, maanga molagapodi and molaga bajji at the beach; and watching movies for ₹120. Oh, and did I mention we have several beaches in the city where you can watch the sun rise?


10. "You guys have nothing interesting to eat apart from idli and dosa."

Your ignorance may just be the reason you will miss out on some amazing Chettinad food, Dindigul biryani, bajji, paniyaram...

14. "Wait, what? Chennai had a Hard Rock Cafe and they never served alcohol?"

Aravind SA

*Laughs nervously* Guys, let's just go to elite TASMAC, pick up booze and drink on my terrace?

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