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Here's A Mind-Blowing Theory About Parallels Between "Game Of Thrones" And "Gangs Of Wasseypur"

Seems pretty legit, tbh.

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Now, you might think it's a random connection to make, but aside from the overarching themes of war, violence and power struggles, the storylines match up pretty well. Let's begin.


Betrayal isn't just a background theme, it's very integral and kicks off the major action in both plots.

All of GoW started off with Shahid Khan potentially betraying Ramadhir Singh, while the Starks were betrayed at the Red Wedding in GOT.

The women characters face a multitude of hardships, but are eventually positioned as unfuckwithable badasses.

Nagma held her own when her entire family was going to shit, as well as took control of her cheating husband. Durga got her husband killed when he was being an asshole. Faizal's wife, Mohsina, schooled him on consent.

While in GOT, Daenerys has literally been conquering entire kingdoms and mobilising people with her dragons and sheer grit. Arya has been on a killing crusade even as a smol. And Cersei has burned down everyone who scorned her, even if it meant ruining everything she was building towards.

Although both franchises have massive body counts, a majority of the deaths that occur are due to the fault of that character, and that's made pretty apparent in both.

Let's be fair: both Ehsaan Qureshi and Ramsay Bolton had it coming, those sneks.


This post was inspired by this Quora thread.