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21 Slightly Strange Things Everyone On Weight Watchers Has Eaten

If you squint really hard it might just look like the real thing.

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1. Cauliflower pizza.

Smashed up cauliflower instead of a bread base does not a pizza make.

2. Spring rolls in a tortilla wrap.

Some people even use lasagne sheets.

3. Diet sweets, even if they may have a laxative effect.

4. Courgetti, butternut noodles, and carrot spaghetti.

Fake carbs, basically. Try as you might, spiraled courgette will never taste as good as the real thing.


6. Choc shot.

It's made out of fruit, but tastes of dark chocolate. If that's not witchcraft I don't know what is.

7. Fake versions of desserts.

Anyone for lemon meringue pie made out of pikelets, lemon curd, and marshmallow fluff?

8. Rice cakes. / Via

They have no business calling themselves cake at all.


10. Squaffles… Yes, squaffles.

They may sound like something from Harry Potter, but they're basically butternut squash cut into various shapes for those that are trying to cut down on potatoes.

11. Baked oats.

Bored of porridge? Stick it in the oven and pretend it's cake.


13. Whatever these are.

Any idea? Answers on a postcard!

14. Sandwich thins.

Love bread and want to convince yourself you can still have it? Try a sandwich thin!

16. Low fat sausages.

Some are better than others, generally they're a lot smaller and tougher than what you actually want though.


17. Mixes of weird food combinations.

You fill up your plate with salad even if it's with baked beans, so there's less space for chips.

18. Fake chips.

Cutting up carrots to look like chips and roasting them, doesn't make them taste like chips. Sad face.

19. Food arranged in patterns or rainbows.

It's still not chocolate though, is it.

20. Weight Watchers ready meals.

Sure, they're low in points but at first they seem kind of small.

21. And tiny ice creams.

What is this, an ice cream for ants?!