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    21 Slightly Strange Things Everyone On Weight Watchers Has Eaten

    If you squint really hard it might just look like the real thing.

    1. Cauliflower pizza.

    2. Spring rolls in a tortilla wrap.

    3. Diet sweets, even if they may have a laxative effect.

    4. Courgetti, butternut noodles, and carrot spaghetti.

    5. Banana pancakes.

    Flickr: stevecoutts / Creative Commons

    They're alright if you like eggy tasting banana.

    6. Choc shot.

    7. Fake versions of desserts.

    8. Rice cakes.

    9. A LOT of fruit.

    Flickr: yewenyi / Creative Commons

    Eating only fruit for lunch means more points for wine later.

    10. Squaffles… Yes, squaffles.

    11. Baked oats.

    12. Egg muffins.

    Flickr: jabb / Creative Commons

    No, not the McDonald's breakfast glory, but a tiny omelette parading as a muffin.

    13. Whatever these are.

    14. Sandwich thins.

    15. Lettuce as a wrap.

    Flickr: jimmiehomeschoolmom / Creative Commons

    It's just so green.

    16. Low fat sausages.

    17. Mixes of weird food combinations.

    18. Fake chips.

    19. Food arranged in patterns or rainbows.

    20. Weight Watchers ready meals.

    21. And tiny ice creams.

    But it's all worth it when you see the results!